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Visit Rinyu Morning Market in Otaru for your breakfast! Choose your favorite pieces and make it to sashimi set meal or sashimi rice bowl!

You can enjoy the fresh sashimi rice bowl, sashimi set meal, etc., from 4 am at the diner in Rinyu Morning Market in Otaru. 

Furthermore, the diner will cook the seafood you bought in the market into sashimi, grilled fish, or boiled fish if you bring those to the restaurant!


Table of Contents

- You can enjoy shopping and eat from 4 am at Rinyu Morning Market!
- The diner will cook seafood you bought in the market! 
- Let’s eat after preparation! 
- There are other recommended dishes!  

You can enjoy shopping and eat from 4 am at Rinyu Morning Market!

Rinyu Morning market is a market located at seven to eight minutes drive from JR Otaru Station. You can also reach by bus going to Temiya direction from Otaru Station if you are not driving. It is about two to three minutes walk from the Temiya bus stop. 

There are several markets in Otaru City which locals shop and Rinyu Morning Market is one of them. You can purchase fresh seafood from Otaru at reasonable prices. 

Rinyu Morning Market opens at 4 am. You can not only shop freshly caught seafood but also enjoy meals at the diner from early morning. 

The diner is pretty busy in spite of the time. People stop by here before they go to work, after drinking at the downtown to end the night, those who arrive at Otaru Port by ferry in the early morning, etc. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the freshest seafood from early morning. 

The diner will cook seafood you bought in the market! 

The unique characteristic of Rinyu Morning Market is that diner will cook seafood you purchased in the market when you bring them to the diner. 
You can ask them to make sashimi rice bowl, simple sashimi, and even grill or boil! 
They offer rice and miso soup so you can make a set meal, too. 



Of course, you can enjoy their regular dishes without bringing seafood. They offer various sashimi rice bowls, set meals, ramen, etc. 

Today, I will try to bring the seafood I bought in the market. 
Let’s first walk around the market to seek for my breakfast! 


There are several fish shops in the market. 
What kind of seafood is there? Let’s walk around the market and choose carefully! 

訪れた日はちょうど小樽でウニ漁が解禁になった直後。塩水ウニとともに小樽産生ウニも並んでいました!▲The day I visited was right after the start of sea urchin catching season in Otaru. There was fresh sea urchin from Otaru sold with soaked sea urchin. 

小樽といえばシャコ!春と秋が旬。春か秋に訪れるなら、これは食べないと!▲Otaru is famous for squillas! The best season is spring and autumn. Squillas are a must-try if you have a chance to visit Otaru in spring or autumn. 

Each shop offers seasonal seafood so you can find different fish each time. There is the difference in each shop’s specializations, too. 
There will be much fewer products in terms of variety and amounts when the weather is bad, and fishers can’t go fishing. Well, we can’t go against nature. However, that’s a proof that the market offers fresh seafood. 

小樽産の活ホタテを発見!イキよさそう~!▲I found live scallops from Otaru! Wow, it looks fresh! 

貝殻をパクパクさせて私を誘惑しているのかしら…!?食べちゃうぞぉ~!▲It was moving its shells as if it was seducing me… I am gonna eat you! 

「今ね、貝柱が肉厚なのがいっぱい入ってきたの!よさそうなの探してあげるね」▲“We just got many thick scallops! Let me look for some good ones.” 

The biggest difference between supermarkets, etc., is that you can talk with staffs while shopping. It is fun to buy as hearing to staffs’ recommendations and seasonal bests!

大きいツブも発見!よさそうなものを選んでもらいました▲I found some big whelks! Staffs picked good ones for me. 

You are allowed to get seafood from multiple shops when you bring them to the diner. You can shop at a place you found favorite seafood or a shop you enjoyed talking with staffs, etc., as many shops as you like! 

I looked around the morning market and bought two pieces of live scallops, two pieces of whelk, and three squillas. 
I bought quite a lot, but the total was 1,400 yen. 

Let’s bring them to the diner!
There are two diners in the morning market. I went to one of them called “Oshokuji Dokoro Non Non”.

Let’s eat after preparation! 

Oshokuji Dokoro Non Non continues from the early 1990s. Although the manager changed in 2017, the curtain, atmosphere, menu, and the taste has not changed. Locals love the restaurant for a long time, and they have many regular customers for over 20 years. 

お店の入口は2カ所あり、こちらは市場内からの入口。もう一つは建物外からの入口があります▲There are two entrances to the diner and this is the entrance from the market. The other entrance can be found outside of the building. 

カウンター席とテーブル席があります▲They have both counter seats and table seats. 

I asked the staff to cook the seafood that I bought!  




Tada~! Here it is! 

一人前にしてはかなりボリューミー!かなり豪華な刺身定食になりました♪▲The dish looks a lot for one person! It turned out to super luxurious sashimi set meal. 

The amount of sashimi looks like for two or three people… It seems like I bought too much seafood. 

Crunchy whelks, chewy scallops, and juicy squillas. 
It did not matter that I bought too much. It was too delicious that I could finish only by myself!

さっきまで貝殻をパクパクさせていたホタテちゃん、ありがたくいただきます!▲The scallops were alive until a minute ago. Thank you for your life! 

シャコは見た目がイマイチですが、噛むとじゅわ~っとうま味が染み出てきます!最高に美味しい!▲Squillas don’t look too nice, but it had great juice when I chewed! It was the best piece! 

The price is from 300 yen for the corkage fee (the price depends on the number of pieces) and 300 yen for making it a set meal (comes with rice, miso soup, and pickles). 
There were three pieces including shellfish, so the corkage fee was 500 yen. 

The total amount I spent today is below:
Shopping at the market 1,400 yen
Corkage fee 500 yen
Set meal fee 300 yen

Total 2,200 yen

There are other recommended dishes!

In the end, I would like to introduce two popular dishes from their regular menu at Oshokuji Dokoro Non Non.
Try these if you are not planning to bring what you bought! 

小樽丼(2200円)。ウニ、イクラ、ホタテなどをたっぷり盛った丼です▲Otaru-don (2,200 yen). The sashimi rice bowl with plenty of sea urchin, ikura, and scallops. 

のんのん定食(1000円)。本日の焼き魚or煮魚と本日のお刺身3点盛に、小鉢1品、ごはん、味噌汁、香の物がセットの定食▲Non Non Teishoku (1,000 yen). The set meal with a piece of grilled or boiled fish of the day, three pieces of sashimi of the day, a side dish, rice, miso soup, and pickles.

Otaru-don is extremely popular with tourists. On the other hand, Non Non Teishoku is popular among mainly local customers who visit the diner for a long time because the menu changes every day. 

What kind of seafood would you look for at Rinyu Morning Market and ask to cook?
It feels like a treasure hunting when you shop at the morning market! 
There is more than enjoy meals at this market. 

The next breakfast at Otaru must be at Rinyu Market! 
  • Visit Rinyu Morning Market in Otaru for your breakfast! Choose your favorite pieces and make it to sashimi set meal or sashimi rice bowl!