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Release | Yuki Konishi

Enjoy the freshly cut sashimi at “Hakodate Jiyu-ichiba Market” - Fresh! Reasonable! Delicious!


One of the things that most people look forward to enjoying in Hakodate is definitely seafood. 

If you visit one of the three biggest markets in Hakodate, “Hakodate Jiyu-ichiba Market”, you will find lots of seasonal fresh and dried seafood.

The market is also known as a market for professional chefs. I can understand the reputation from the quality of the products. 


Whenever you see delicious-looking seafood, you would not be able to resist your appetite. 

There is a “food court” with chopsticks and soy sauce in the market. You can enjoy packaged sashimi or freshly cut seafood bought in the market here. This is a great information for travelers! 
Another attraction of the market is that it’s easily accessible. It’s right next to tram “Shinkawa-cho” Station. 


What is Hakodate Jiyu-ichiba Market?


The market began with the black market which spontaneously started in 1945 - the year the World War II ended. 

The market was built in 1951 and rebuilt to today’s building in 1996. 
The market is clean and the comfortable temperature is kept all year around. 


The market is a kitchen for citizens as there are about 40 shops for seafood, vegetables, and dried food, and at the same time, the market is for professional chefs because there are many shops which sell specialized things. 

How is the food court like? 


There are two food courts in the market. 

Among them, the food court along Daikoku-Dori has soy sauce, chopsticks, and trash cans. 

People can enjoy sashimi bought in the market casually.  

はこだて自由市場のマップ▲The map of Hakodate Jiyu-ichiba Market from their website.  

By the way, there are other restaurants. “Ichibatei” has delicious sashimi rice bowls (Kaisen-don), “COFEE Marche” offers delicious seafood bought in the market, and “Menya Inase” is a ramen shop which customers are allowed to bring sashimi bought in the market. 


Our recommendation is “Takano Sengyo-ten”! 

The next thing probably in your mind is “where to buy sashimi”. 

There are many fresh seafood stores and some of them display packaged sashimi in front of shops. Among them, “Yamataka Takano Sengyo-ten” caught our heart. 


The reason is that they seem to have many products with a little work in it! 
They offer not only fresh seafood cut for sashimi but also something chopped after grilled a little or marinated with kelp. Isn’t it nice to taste many different flavors? 


Another attraction is delicacies cooked by Hiroshi Yasuda, the manager of the store. 

Above is “Whelk fried in garlic oil”. Oh, this makes me drinking nonstop! 


Takano Sengyo-ten established more than 60 years ago. They are one of the oldest shops in Jiyu-ichiba Market and has lots of reputations from professional chefs. 

They stock delicious seasonal seafood and offers varieties from fresh seafood to dried seafood. 


What kind of food can we enjoy in 2,500 yen? 


It’s fun to choose sashimi and delicacies from what is displayed but Takano Sengyo-ten can prepare their recommendations by telling them the budget and number of people. 
We ordered 2,500 yen for two people and this came out. 


On the day we visited the market (end of April), they provided tuna, wild-caught flounder, herrings, spear squid, and scallops. Then, delicacies were deep-water shrimp marinated with kelp and whelk fried in garlic oil. Oh, how filling!  
And sashimi came with freshly grated wasabi. I was impressed with their hospitality. 
* The content differs each day
* Beer is not included in the price


You can ship to anywhere in Japan from here


There is a Yamato Global Express counter in the market - another good point of the market. You can ship what you bought to anywhere in Japan with refrigerated box and by air.  
Also, every 8th and 18th of the month is “Jiyu-ichiba Market Day” and all the shops go on sale. 

I asked the office about the sale and they said every shop provide many great deals! Don’t miss it! 
  • Enjoy the freshly cut sashimi at “Hakodate Jiyu-ichiba Market” - Fresh! Reasonable! Delicious!

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Yuki Konishi