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Release | Akiko Miyanaga

“KOTORI JUICE STAND” is the perch in urban Sapporo to enjoy natural flavors of vegetables and fruits

「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のコールドプレスジュース

Fresh vegetables and fruits from Hokkaido turn into colorful juice!

I went to the fashionable juice stand with many repeaters wanting to gain power from Hokkaido’s natural ingredients: “KOTORI JUICE STAND” connected to metro Odori Station. 

I recommend this place to those who are delicious and healthy juice lovers! The shop is particular about natural sweetness and fresh aroma of vegetables and fruits from Hokkaido by squeezing them carefully.

They try to use ingredients from Hokkaido as much as they can, although it is sometimes difficult depending on the seasons. 

「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のスタッフ▲The name of the shop came from their philosophy to create a shop like a perch where people can stop and relax for a while. (KOTORI means “small bird” in Japanese) Another good point about this shop is that staffs are very kind with lots of smile

There are 10 choices of colorful and visually attractive juices all the time

“Premium Juice” is 100% purity juice made with carefully selected fruits, 

“Cold Pressed Juice” creates deep flavor by carefully pressing natural flavors, 

“Healthy Juice” is their house mixed juice using high nutritious ingredients, 

and “Smoothie and Parfait Smoothie” uses rice-malt using Hokkaido’s rice brand Yumepirika. All kinds are available, and there is the total of 10 choices. 

Not only takeaways but also you can relax and enjoy the juice as there are about three seats in the back. 

「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のパフェスムージー▲Above is their Parfait Smoothies. (From the left) fig and pineapple, two berries, dragon fruit and kiwi.


The juice stand started from will for dedication to the community

The CEO of Horimatsu Sansho Cooperation, which is a construction material company, Mr. Horimatsu came up with the idea when he was thinking how to dedicate to their local region Rumoi in a new way. 
The wife of Mr. Horimatsu told: 

“I heard there are many crops threw away and won’t go into the market because of scars. But flavors are the same. I thought it’s such a loss and maybe it can be used to make fresh juices.”
They use vegetables and fruits carefully grown by farmers of Hokkaido, mainly in Rumoi area. 
「KOTORI JUICE STAND」の素材の生産者▲The farmers. (From the left) JA Tomamae-Cho (Tomamae-Cho0, Haratani Fram (Kitami City), North Rumoi Fisheries Cooperative Association (Haboro-Cho), Kawagoe Farm (Uryu-Cho) (The picture is provided by KOTORI JUICE STAND) 

JA Tomamae-Cho is involved in growing healthy soil and reducing chemical fertilizers. They are known for brand vegetables such as “Tomamae Melon” and “Kuriaji Pumpkins”

Furthermore, carrots from Haratani Farm has been studies and grown for over 20 years and has become highly nutritious. It has incredibly high β-carotene content comparing to usual carrots.

They keep hard work on selecting ingredients not only flavors but also nutrition and activities to reduce chemicals. They do not limit the area now and visit farmers to check the quality.


No additives and artificial coloring! 

The wife of CEO Mr. Horimatsu is a licensed health care worker and particular about not using additives and artificial coloring at all. 

The only sweet content they use is honey picked in Sapporo. 

They want people to feel safe to drink their juice and become healthy by drinking the juice.

 「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のハスカップスムージーとにんじんジュース▲Haskap smoothie (left) and Haratani Farm’s carrot juice (right).

Kitami City Rubeshibe Haratani Farm’s carrot cold-pressed juice on the right in the picture above uses only carrots, apples, and lemons. I did not feel the strong smell of carrots, and it was a luxurious juice which I could feel the natural sweetness of carrot and apples. 

The house mixed juice Healthy Juice focuses on components but still make it delicious

“Healthy Juice” is their house mixed juice using high nutritious ingredients.

They first think of ingredients which are good for the body when they create the menu. 

They also try mixing ingredients which are not usually thought to match together. They add herbs to make juice easy to drink as they adjust the amount. 

It’s very nice that we get healthy from something delicious, right? 

​「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のヘルシージュース▲Healthy Juice. (From the left) Honey ginger, Komatsuna special, Black garlic and sesame. (The picture is provided by KOTORI JUICE STAND)

How to enjoy two-tone coloring smoothies? 

My recommendation is their smoothies which were unique! They use sweet sake made from malted rice of Yumepirika, produced in Hokkaido, to not disturb the natural sweetness of vegetables and fruits. 

Of course, they do not use additives, sugars, and alcohols at all. The natural sweetness of rice malt matches perfectly with fresh fruit juice. 

 「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のスムージー▲Smoothies. (From the left) Strawberry, Kiwi, and Blueberry (The picture is provided by KOTORI JUICE STAND)
Staffs told me that there is a recommendation on how to enjoy their smoothies. 

The juice is separated into two layers: layers of sweet sake and fresh juice. First, drink the fresh juice layer. Then sweet sake layer, and lastly mix the layers and drink the mixed version. In this way, you can enjoy three different flavors! 

I tried the recommended way. 

After feeling the fresh sourness and sweetness of haskup, I enjoyed the natural sweetness of sweet sake, and mild flavor after mixing the layers.  
The juice stand is very particular about the natural flavor of ingredients so you should definitely taste each ingredient! 

「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のハスカップスムージー▲Haskup smoothie uses high-graded haskups made in Chitose. The two-toned coloring of fresh juice and sweet sake is very beautiful! You can enjoy it visually, too. 

They change the menu seasonally as they are particular about seasonal ingredients

Because they use ingredients which can be picked in Hokkaido naturally, they change the menu seasonally. 

We should look forward to seeing Melon Parfait Smoothies using super melon from Tomamae and high nutritious kales from mid-July! 
「KOTORI JUICE STAND」プレミアムジュース「スーパーメロンfrom苫前」▲Premium Juice “Super Melon from Tomamae” will be provided from mid-July to early October limitedly. They use “Tomamae Melon” which is famous for having high sugar content. The juice has iced balls made 100% with fruit juice and flesh. (The picture is provided by KOTORI JUICE STAND)

「KOTORI JUICE STAND」店長の梅佐古さん▲Ms. Umesako, the manager of KOTORI JUICE STAND. *There was a windbreak in front of the shop when we took the picture but it will be taken away during summer. 

The shop is connected directly to metro Odori Station exit 9, and you can find it right away after climbing up the stairs. Look for the blue bird sign.

Why don’t you enjoy relaxing moment by gaining blessings of nature in Hokkaido at “KOTORI JUICE STAND”, which is like the perch in urban Sapporo?

「KOTORI JUICE STAND」のジュース▲The colorful special juices are waiting for you at the shop!

* Menu and prices may change without notices. 
  • “KOTORI JUICE STAND” is the perch in urban Sapporo to enjoy natural flavors of vegetables and fruits