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Release | Akiko Miyanaga

“Biei’s corn bun” and “Biei’s bean bun” limited in Shin-Chitose Airport stuffs deliciousness of Biei-Cho completely!

Have you tried “Biei’s corn bun” and “Biei’s bean bun” which makes long queues in Shin-Chitose Airport every day?

The superb bun which stuffs deliciousness of Biei entirely is undoubtedly worth a long wait!

I will reveal the secret of the flavor and tips to buy like from when you should start waiting altogether.


Extremely rare buns sold only in Shin-Chitose Airport

There is a shop called “Biei Senka” in Shin-Chitose Airport, where you find an extremely long queue. 

This is an antenna shop to experience the feel of Biei-Cho. 

It started as direct shops in Biei-Cho and opened the Shin-Chitose Airport shop seven years ago. Then opened another shop in Tokyo Yurakucho three years ago. 

新千歳空港「美瑛選果」の店頭▲Biei Senka is operated by related companies of JA Biei. They sell about 40 kinds of products delivered directly from Biei-Cho such as vegetables, rice, and processed foods such as snacks. 

“Biei’s corn bun” and “Biei’s bean bun” are something I would like to recommend everyone who is looking for souvenirs from Hokkaido! 

It’s limitedly sold in Shin-Chitose Airpot, made under a collaboration project with “VIRON”, the famous boulangerie in Shibuya. 

How nice they pack freshly baked buns in Shin-Chitose Airport.  

“Biei’s corn bun” contains deliciousness of Biei

 新千歳空港限定「美瑛選果」の「びえいのコーンぱん」▲Sweet corns made in Biei are stuffed about 60 to 70% of the weight of a bun.  

“Biei’s corn bun” uses flours, dairy products, and sweet corn grew in Biei. Surprisingly, they do not use water and sugar at all. They bake buns only with moisture content and sweetness of sweet corns. 

These buns are luxury enough to taste the natural flavor of ingredients, but at the same time, they have enough sweetness! 

This is very important to me, as a writer with mother’s viewpoint. Being able to taste natural flavor is very important and a significant plus! 

新千歳空港限定「美瑛選果」の「びえいのコーンぱん」▲You can look how staffs bake buns through the glass. They put buns with plenty of corns into corn-shaped molds one after another. 

It had plenty of sweet and flavorful sweet corn inside a fluffy bun! 

I understood the reason for long queues by having a bite of the bun. It was very sweet and flavorful in spite they use only corns and no sugar at all. Of course, they do not use any preservatives, so you have to finish buns by the next day.  

The dream pastry: “Biei’s bean bun” 

And another thing! The even more rare product from Biei Senka is “Biei’s bean bun” which they bake only once in a day. They use five kinds of beans from Biei: red beans, black beans, otebo beans, red kidney beans, and blue soybeans. The bun contains plenty of these beans after being cooked and sweetened.
Biei Senka puts lots of work into putting beans on buns, and they bake only once in a day to maintain the quality. 

The bun is something I had never seen; it contained plenty of beans not only outside but also inside. 

新千歳空港限定「美瑛選果」の「びえいのまめぱん」▲It is quite filling since it contains plenty of beans inside. The bean bun lasts only until the next day as well as corn buns. 

Tips to buy Biei’s corn bun and bean bun! 

I asked the manager Miyashita about tips to buy Biei’s corn bun which is limitedly sold in Shin-Chitose Airport. “The timing to bake is irregular, and we change it every day. The only tip is to visit and look the store often.”

This is just a rough indication, but most people start to wait 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled time. 

They bake about five to eight times a day and about 20 to 30 boxes per time. The time is irregular because it correlates to the temperature and fermentation of the dough. 

新千歳空港限定「美瑛選果」の行列▲A long queue to buy Biei’s corn bun was there instantly…

I went to the shop at around 1:00 pm on a Friday. The first person to wait to buy buns to be baked at 2:05 pm started to wait from 1:20 pm which means 45 minutes before. 

The first person was a businessman wearing a suit, looked like he was after his business trip. As one person started to wait, many people followed him, and a queue was built like in the picture by 20 minutes before the time. 
People seem to be okay to work hard to have something delicious! 
It will be more difficult for “Biei’s bean bun”

新千歳空港限定「美瑛選果」の「びえいのまめぱん」▲Biei’s bean bun is called “a dream” because they only bake once in a day.  

People start to wait about one hour before 8:00 am, the scheduled baking time. 

They only bake once in a day in the morning, and they don’t make a lot. The buns get sold out by 8:30 am if early and by 10:00 am at latest. 

To encounter bean buns is a privilege for those who can visit Shin-Chitose Airport in the early morning! 
美瑛選果 新千歳空港店 宮下店長▲“Some customers buy our buns and tell me that they came after traveling to Biei!” The manager of Biei Senka Shin-Chitose Airport Miyashita told me with a smile. 
I wrote tips from rough indication and my experience. It seems like the tips you have to remember is that make sure to have enough time to wait in line and check out the shop often. 
A person can purchase only up to two boxes per day, including both corn bun and bean bun. You can change the combination as you like. 

The shop’s website explains details about purchasing the buns (only in Japanese), so read through and taste the best buns! 
  • “Biei’s corn bun” and “Biei’s bean bun” limited in Shin-Chitose Airport stuffs deliciousness of Biei-Cho completely!