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Yubari Dorayaki Tandora - coals from Yubari became a Dorayaki?


I found a black dorayaki from Abe Kashi-ho in Yubari, which was established in 1921. I asked the secrets of the black dorayaki called “Yubari Dorayaki Tandora”.  

What do you choose for snacks when you drive the Sekisho Jukai Road? 

When snows melt, Hokkaido welcomes the driving season. People from outside of Hokkaido may want to drive around the vast land of Hokkaido by rent a car. It is convenient to use expressways, but driving local roads slowly is another fun!
National Route 274 going from Yubari City, which is about an hour away from Sapporo City, to Hidaka-Cho is called “Sekisho Jukai Road”. This is one of the most popular drive courses where the road is surrounded by Hokkaido-like forestry sceneries. 
By the way, everyone. 
When you travel by car, snacks are an essential factor to make the journey fun. And if it were not a typical snack, the snack you have to visit the place to enjoy… you have to get it!
“Yes!” (I can hear you say!)

夕張市阿部菓子舗の「ゆうばりどら焼きたんどら」2▲“Yubari Dorayaki Tandora” from Abe Kashi-Ho in Yubari City. 

Yubari City is located at the entrance of “Sekisho Jukai Road” from Sapporo and exit of it from Hidaka on the way to Sapporo. Abe Kashi-ho is located at the Michi No Eki (roadside station) of Yubari “Me-road” and is a long established confectionery which was established in 1921.  

夕張市の道の駅「メロード」内にある阿部菓子舗▲Abe Kashi-Ho is located inside Yubari City’s Michi No Eki “Me-road”. 

They mainly produce and sell Japanese sweets, and also western sweets, pastries, etc. And “Yubari Dorayaki Tandora” is baked and sold here. 


“Tandora”’s “Tan” is “SekiTan (‘coals’ in Japanese)”, the name came from the history of Yubari where flourished by coal mines

Dorayaki’s color is usually brown, but “Tandora” is black. This came from the color of coals because Yubari flourished by coal mines in the past. The name “Tan” also came from “SekiTan”, meaning coals in Japanese. “In the past, everyone shortened ‘Sekitan’ (coals) to ‘Tan’. Children often helped adults and parents told them to bring ‘Tan’ from huts.” The president of Abe Kashi-Ho, Hiroaki Abe told me. 

阿部菓子舗代表の阿部広昭さん▲The president of Abe Kashi-Ho, Hiroaki Abe.  

“Tandora” became to be a product from the application to “Hokkaido’s New Souvenir Competition”. They applied the confection which they had tried to create something unique and only in Yubari for a long time. And they were awarded for their effort in 2010. This was the debut of “Tandora”. 
たんどらが「北海道のお土産新作コンクール」努力賞を受賞した表彰状▲They received Effort Award from “Hokkaido New Souvenir Competition”. It took about four years to complete “Tandora”. 

The black color comes from coals, but of course, coals are not the ingredient to make the color black. They knead edible bamboo charcoals to make the black dough and use Hokkaido produced flour, beet sugar, red beans, and pumpkins for doughs and pastes. 
They have various flavors of pastes such as Chocotto Namatora (Chocolate), Yubari Melon, pumpkin, red bean, sakura (seasonal), and uses Yubari melon juice which is the specialty of Yubari for the melon paste. 


Let’s watch the staff baking “Tandora” at Yubari City’s Michi No Eki “Me-road”

The staffs bake the dough of “Tandora” at Abe Kashi-Ho in Yubari City’s Michi No Eki “Me-road”. They start baking from around 9 am and by 10 am when Michi No Eki “Me-road” opens, the building is filled with lovely sweet smells. Some people can’t resist the smell and stop by Abe Kashi-ho right after the opening.

夕張市道の駅「メロード」で、「たんどら」を焼く阿部さん▲Mr. Abe is baking the dough of Tandora. 

夕張市道の駅「メロード」で、「たんどら」が焼けるのを見る1▲I can’t take my eyes off of the black dough spreading on to the iron plate. 

夕張市道の駅「メロード」で、「たんどら」が焼けるのを見る2▲Dorayaki needs two pancakes to make one piece of dorayaki since it is like a sandwich. They bake 200 pancakes per one batch and repeat one more time during a day. Which means, they bake 400 pancakes every day. 
夕張市道の駅「メロード」で、「たんどら」が焼けるのを見る3▲After baking about one minute with the lid…

夕張市道の駅「メロード」で、「たんどら」が焼けるのを見る4▲Flip the pancakes and done.  

夕張市道の駅「メロード」で、「たんどら」を焼く阿部さん2▲“It is a simple process,” Mr. Abe told me.  

夕張市道の駅「メロード」で焼いたたんどらの皮▲The freshly baked black pancakes. 
I tasted freshly baked dough with a bad shape. It had a sweet and roasting smell with a fluffy texture. I claimed “I want to taste with pastes right now,” but it was declined. They can’t put pastes right after baking because “Tandora” contains whipped cream. Whipped cream will melt if the dough is still warm.

たんどらの中にクリームを入れる▲Tandora contains pastes plus whipped cream.  
たんどらのメロンあんとメロンクリーム▲Melon pastes contain whipped cream with melon juice.  

When I had a bit of “Tandora”, the roasting dough, moist paste, and whipped cream with deep flavor melted in the mouth in a perfect balance. It was a Japanese sweet but felt like Western sweets someway, and I felt like I was enjoying two desserts at the same time. 


There was a surprising looking Melon Pan in Yubari, limitedly sold on weekends

Abe Kashi-Ho, who makes various unique sweets from Yubari such as “Tandora” inspired by coals, also sells “Yubari Melon Pan” only on weekends and limitedly at the Michi No Eki “Me-road”. The other Yubari-like sweets from Abe Kashi-Ho! 

阿部菓子舗の夕張メロンパン1▲Abe Kashi-Ho’s Yubari Melon Pan. The pastry is sold only on weekends. 

They put plenty of creams using Yubari Melon juice inside the normal Melon Pan like a hamburger, then put a decoration made with bread like Yubari Melon. It is a little bigger than a softball. It was pretty heavy. 

阿部菓子舗の夕張メロンパン2▲It contains plenty of melon cream inside. Both Melon Pan and creams are sweet, so the decoration of hull is a nice change of flavor. It was also good when I tried the hull part with creams. 

It is the size same to two pieces of Melon Pan so you can share with your friend or have a bite just like a hamburger. Instead, you have to be able to eat well because creams spread out from many parts of the pastry! 

Since they use Yubari Melon juice, the melon smell and flavor are powerful. It is quite filling, too. However, remember that it undoubtedly contains a lot of calories so be ready.  
Michi No Eki “Me-road” is located inside a road from National Route 274. Stop by here when you drive the Yubari IC of Doutou Expressway or Sekisho Jukai Road. There are various snacks unique to Yubari such as “Yubari Dorayaki Tandora”, “Yubari Melon Pan”, Yubari Melon Yokan”, “Melon Daifuku”, etc. Consider here as a supply point for snacks and souvenirs! 


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