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“Memme Stew” - enjoy the fishermen’s food at home!


The simple dish just boiling the expensive fish is “Memme Stew” or simply “Boiled Memme”. The fish is normally called “Kinki” in Hokkaido and “Memme” especially in the east part of Hokkaido. The dish was enjoyed broadly among fishers long time ago, and now anyone can enjoy the dish at home. 


The official name is “Kichiji”, and called “Kinki” in Hokkaido “Memme” in the east part of Hokkaido

“Kinki” is an expensive fish with a bright red body and huge eyes. The official name of this fish called “Kinki” in Hokkaido is “Kichiji”. It is also called as “Memme” in the east part of Hokkaido such as Kushiro. 
There are various ways to enjoy the fish: stew, dry, or hotpot. The dish which is loved by fishermen for a long time is the simplest stew, just boiling the fish with hot water. Hokkaido Likers has introduced the dish before. 


You can order the Memme stew and enjoy it at home. Nakashibetsu Local Fish & Vegetables Co., Ltd. produces and sells the “Memme Stew Set”. The market is located in Nakashibetsu-Cho, which is in between Shiretoko Peninsula and Nemuro Peninsula in east Hokkaido. The market sells food in general including seafood, vegetables, and other perishables as the market for not only Nakashibetsu-Cho but towns and cities in the neighborhood. 

“Memme Stew Set” has been around for more than ten years

“Memme Stew Set” was born about ten years ago from now. As they made various processed food, they were exploring possibilities to create something unique. Then Memme, which is the fish had a large volume of catches before, and there was a simple fishermen’s dish to boil memme, caught their eyes. And at that time, no one ever had made Memme stew as processed food. They came to think that they must be the first one to make it. 
I told Nakashibetsu Local Fish and Vegetables Co., Ltd. that I never knew about the product even though I was born and raised in Hokkaido honestly. They told me “we are not good at pr…” But still the product is very popular as large department store sells in Ochugen and Oseibo seasons and the product has been on the online shopping as well. 
And they participated in the Hokkaido promotion event in Singapore last year. When they did the presentation about Memme stew, people from Hokkaido suggested to apply “Kita No High-Grade Shokuhin S Awards” and applied for the first time. As a result, Memme Stew Set got selected as “Kita No High-Grade Food S 2018”. 
“I never expected that the product gets approved. But because we were selected, we got more confident about what we were doing.” The staff from Nakashibetsu Local Fish & Vegetables Co., Ltd. told me.


There is one more fun thing after the stew

“Memme Stew Set” comes with one frozen Memme caught in Hokkaido, Rausu kelp, and Rausu salt (Shiretoko deep ocean water). You can start cooking right away because the Memme has already prepared as they take out organs, scales, and gills before it’s frozen. 

中標津地方魚菜(株)めんめの湯煮の昆布と塩▲There are Rausu kelp and Rausu salt (Shiretoko deep ocean water). 

The size of Memme is over 400 grams after taking out organs, etc. It is a big Memme. 

中標津地方魚菜株式会社めんめの湯煮の冷凍めんめ▲Defrost the Memme slowly by putting in the fridge for a night. 

中標津地方魚菜株式会社めんめの湯煮2▲After it’s defrosted, wash gently with water. 

中標津地方魚菜株式会社めんめの湯煮3▲Put plenty of water to cover Memme, and add the kelp and salt and boil. 

中標津地方魚菜株式会社めんめの湯煮4▲Put plenty of water to cover Memme, and add the kelp and salt and boil. 

中標津地方魚菜株式会社めんめの湯煮5▲Turn over after boiling 15 minutes and boil for another 10 minutes. 

Have a piece of Memme after pouring a little bit of soy sauce… it is amazingly delicious. The flavor of Memme itself stands out because it’s simply boiled with water. 

中標津地方魚菜株式会社めんめの湯煮6▲How luxurious way to enjoy the Memme!

And Nakashibetsu Local Fish & Vegetables Co., Ltd also recommends to eat it with “Worcestershire sauce” instead of soy sauce. Many people would surprise to hear that, but this is apparently very popular in Abashiri area also in east Hokkaido. 

中標津地方魚菜株式会社めんめの湯煮の出汁でつくる料理▲Udon, miso soup, Japanese risotto… how would you enjoy? 

You should not throw away the water you used to boil the Memme. The second part starts from now. Wonderful soup is extracted from Memme and Rausu kelp so you can enjoy various dishes with the soup such as Yudofu (boiled tofu), Zosui (Japanese risotto), ramen, miso soup, etc.

You can purchase “Memme Stew Set” by contacting Nakashibetsu Local Fish & Vegetables Co., Ltd. directly or online shops such as Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza.


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