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A round bagel with plenty of stuffs: “SEED” from Niseko

A delicious chunky, fluffy and round bagel without a joint is made by “SEED BAGEL & COFFEE COMPANY” in Niseko.
Seven years have passed since the opening of the shop. “I need to do trial and error. I will do trial and error until I die.” The owner of the shop Daisuke Hirano told. He talked about all sorts of things; bagel, cafe, farming which he started from 2014, etc. 

ニセコ 手づくり ベーグル カフェ SEED

He wanted to do something by himself

Niseko-Cho at the foot of Mt. Yotei is one of the most famous resorts in Hokkaido with wild nature, various activities, onsen, and great food. “SEED BAGEL&COFFEE COMPANY” is located near Arishima Museum, about five minutes drive from central Niseko. 

ニセコ SEED カフェ 外観▲A small river flows around the property. “SEED” in summer is surrounded by greens. (The photo is taken by Mr. Hirano)

ニセコ ベーグル SEED カフェ店内▲Inside is spacious with high ceilings. The view from the window is different in each season. 

The owner Mr. Hirano is from Kushiro. “I went to Tokyo for the university, I got a job there, went to New Zealand to do snowboarding, came back to Hokkaido and settled here in Niseko.” 

Mr. Hirano fell in love with Niseko and moved in here. He worked at a hotel as a front staff and enjoyed snowboard in winter and fishing in summer. During those days he enjoyed being in nature, he encountered to this land and opened the cafe.

“I wanted to do something by myself. I always had admired about half farming and half something, too. So who cares, I just did it!” 

ニセコ ベーグル SEED 平野さん▲The owner of the cafe, Daisuke Hirano. 

ニセコ ベーグル SEED カフェ▲The wood stove near the entrance of the cafe

ニセコ ベーグル SEED 店内


Round bagels look very cute

He told me the reason why he chose bagels as the menu in the cafe: “One reason is that it has a cute visual. Another reason is that it goes well with coffee.” He studied bagel making by himself by reading books he borrowed from a library. As he did trial and error, he ended up with the shape without a joint. “As a result of countless experiments, this turned out as the best bagel.” 

He made the bagel without joint to put ingredients around the bagel. “It takes a lot of work to create this shape by spreading the dough first circular and roll it inside. There are easier ways to shape bagels. However, I know that this is the best way to make delicious bagels so I can’t change. Moreover, this shape became the uniqueness of our bagels.” Mr. Hirano told me.

ニセコ ベーグル SEED ▲About 12 kinds out of 17 kinds are available at the cafe. (The photo is taken by Mr. Hirano)

As he searched his own way to shape the bagels, he carefully selected the ingredients. He uses flours from Hokkaido and natural spring water from the local mountain, Mt. Yotei. He was a total amateur about food and knew nothing about it. He did trial and error countless time for both ingredients and shaping to create the best bagel ever; as if he tried to get rid of anxiety. 
“I can only bake bagels so I should not compromise.” 

The fluffy round bagels are very photogenic as you can see. “It is difficult to create a perfect circle. I listened to music I like while making bagels before, but I don’t listen to anything now. It looks like I can concentrate more and bagels turn out better. I should not do something while doing one thing, haha.” 

ニセコ SEED ベーグル▲Bagels are from 250 yen each. You can also have bagel sandwiches such as cream cheese and smoked salmon at the cafe. 

ベーグル ニセコ SEED▲Cocoa-orange bagel kneads orange peel and chocolate chip into the chocolate flavor dough. I put cream cheese between the bagel. 


The cafe to meet various people

The name of “SEED”, a bagel shop in Niseko, spread gradually. He was called to an event right after the opening of the shop in April 2011 and magazines covered the cafe. Many people visited the cafe, and some of them enjoyed snowboarding together, helped him during events, hired for design work, etc. He told me that there are quite a few people who built relationships for work and life. 

“I tend to talk to customers who came alone. There was one time that the person who came along really well was a famous actor in Thailand.” Mr. Hirano told me that a good thing about doing a cafe is that he can meet various people without going out.

“The number of people from abroad has increased, too. It seems like they rent a car and explore wider area and just before this interview, there was a group who came here because they found 5-star in Google.” He seemed very happy. 

ニセコ ベーグル SEED カフェ 平野さん▲The cafe offers espresso and hand-dripped coffee. Mr. Hirano draws a latte art in the above picture. He seems serious. 

ニセコ ベーグル SEED コーヒー▲The coffee in the cafe is from IFNi COFFEE in Shizuoka Prefecture. He sells coffee beans and drip coffee. 


He makes melons at farms in summer

ニセコ SEED THE BEE & THE FARM 畑▲Mr. Hirano’s farm “THE BEE & THE FARM” (The photo is taken by Mr. Hirano)

Mr. Hirano was planning to do farming from the opening of the cafe. He got farm training for two years from 2014 and started a new farm as a farmer in 2016. He grows melon at “THE BEE & THE FARM”, approximately 148 a size. “I am trying out the best ways to grow melons such as agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. Nothing is easy though.” 

ニセコ SEED 畑 メロン▲These are the melons Mr. Hirano grew. The net patterns on the surface look beautiful. (The photo is taken by Mr. Hirano)

He is also trying beekeeping adding to melon farming. “Beekeeping is really hard…” as he told me like that, he seemed excited. The day Mr. Hirano solves all the difficult problems, and we can enjoy “THE BEE & THE FARM” honey is not too far. 

ニセコ ベーグル SEED 養蜂▲Mr. Hirano is involved in melon farming as a farmer. The picture is the logo of “THE BEE & THE FARM”. 

ニセコ ベーグル SEED ジュース▲“THE BEE & THE FARM” juice. They look cute and seems perfect for presents. 

Adding to bagel, melon, and beekeeping, he also started “student vacation rentals”. This is the program for school trip students which students help bagel making and farming as they stay with Mr. Hirano. “Students make bagel together in the morning and eat it and help to farm in the afternoon. I am really busy with my farms and bagels in summer, so they help me a lot.” 

ニセコ ベーグル SEED 平野さん▲Mr. Hirano makes his dream come true one by one. He welcomes everyone with the warm smile. 

To tell the truth, he wanted to open a place to stay since he started the cafe. He is planning to build a new building to spread his business to accommodation rental services.
“I start when I think of something I want to do.” He told me with a smile. 

ニセコ SEED カフェ 店内

From the topic of round bagels without joints, we were talking about accommodation facilities. I am excited just to imagine a place where a homemade bagel, coffee, and melon for dessert provided in the morning. Let’s wait for good news from Mr. Hirano. 



The business hour of SEED BAGEL&COFFEE COMPANY differs in summer and winter. Also, the cafe is often closed in spring due to his farming work. Find out the latest information from the links below if you plan to visit the cafe. By the way, bagels from SEED is also available at Michi No Eki Niseko View Plaza. Visit the place if the cafe is closed. 


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