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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Okhotsk Bake” contains condensed deliciousness of foods from Okhotsk!

“Okhotsk Bake” from “Cake House Tinker Bell” is a pastry cooked with “transparent” ingredients produced in Okhotsk area. Fermented butter, honey, and egg. It is a baked dessert from Kitami, which mixes deliciousness of each ingredient very well.

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」の「オホーツクベーク」


“Okhotsk Bake” brings out deliciousness of ingredients

The shop is located at approximately 45 minutes drive from Memanbetsu Airport and 11 minutes from JR Kitami Station. 

You can find “Okhotsk Bake” in Kitami-City, the city in the Okhotsk area. “Cake House Tinker Bell”, established in 1989, is the cake shop which produces and sells “Okhotsk Bake”. 

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」の外観▲The entrance of “Cake House Tinker Bell”.

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」▲They provide various baked desserts such as cakes and madeleine, etc. 

“The ingredients of Okhotsk Bake, such as local flours, had been used for different baked goods from 20 years ago. I was dreaming of the day to create simple local baked goods which people can see farmers’ faces, using all those ingredients.”

The owner of the shop, Mr. Kashiwagura, told us the story of the birth of Okhotsk Bake which started selling from 2015. 

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」のオーナー柏倉さん▲Mr. Kashiwagura. 

“I like those ingredients not only the flavors but also personalities of the farmers.” The ingredients are “Mr. Nishiyama’s floor fed eggs” and “Mr. Sugano’s natural honey” from Kunneppu-Cho and fermented butter from Okoppe-Cho “Adonai”. And Okhotsk produced flour called “Kitahonami”, salt from Okhotsk, granulated sugar from Okhotsk, and beet sugar from Hokkaido.

“Only for the beet sugar, I don’t use Okhotsk produced ones, but I took the deliciousness first for the sugar.” Mr. Kashiwagura told us with a smile. 

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」の「オホーツクベーク」▲“Okhotsk Bake” is baked slowly for 40 minutes in 160-degree oven. He finishes with sugar syrup thinned with the white of eggs after it’s cooled down. 

“We mix everything high load, and don’t use baking powders. We only use whipped white egg to raise the dough.” The wife of Mr. Kashiwagura, Kasumi, and a pastry chef told me. She is the real professional who has been working from her twenties at famous cake shops in Tokyo and Sapporo.

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」の女性パティシエ▲Kasumi.

I tried a piece of Okhostk Cake as they suggested. It was pretty heavy and had a resilient texture. Every unique flavor of ingredients produce layers of deliciousness. What I was impressed the most was that the dough was grilled entirely even. I could feel the direct deliciousness of each part no matter where I bite. 

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」の「オホーツクベーク」▲Okhotsk Bake was heavy but had condensed deliciousness. Don’t you feel the deliciousness of this amber colored dough by just looking at the picture?

This is a unique baked sweet with the simple recipe, not chiffon cake, or butter cake, or pound cake. This is definitely the only flavor available here, so you better try! 

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」の「オホーツクベーク」▲The box is also produced with Okhotsk stuff! They use “Ezo Matsu Craft”, a recycled paper uses Hokkaido’s Ezo Matsu trees processed in Okhotsk. 


“Cheese Bake” has a creamy deliciousness

Another signature dessert from the shop is “Cheese Bake”, which uses four kinds of cheese including ones from Hokkaido, and homemade custard cream. 

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」のチーズベーク▲This is the Cheese Bake. 

They pour fillings on the baked pie dough, put pie dough again on the top, and bake seven to 8 minutes at high temperature. This sweet has different deliciousness from “Okhotsk Bake”; it is creamy. They told me that it’s easier to just hold it than using a fork, so I had a bite. The soft filling came out from both sides. 

This is also a unique cheesecake; not unbaked, nor baked, nor souffle. 

北見市「ケーキハウス ティンカー・ベル」のチーズベーク▲The sourness of cheese and sweetness of custard cream mixes gently. 

Those who could not decide which one to get when you saw their showcase, I strongly recommend having both ones. I was worried that I could not finish both of them, but I was worrying too much. They were too delicious. 

There is also a small cafe space so you can try a bite at the shop and have the rest at home. Enjoy the deliciousness of their sweets thoroughly!
  • “Okhotsk Bake” contains condensed deliciousness of foods from Okhotsk!

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Fumiko Magota