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Release | Fumiko Magota

Appreciate “Biei Wagyu Beef” at Farm Restaurant Chiyoda in Biei-Cho

There is a restaurant located on a hill with nice views of Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. The restaurant is called “Farm Restaurant Chiyoda”. They are operated directly by the farm and provide dishes to appreciate the deliciousness of “Biei Wagyu Beef”, such as stew and steaks. 



Appreciate “Biei Wagyu Beef” with stews and steaks

It’s about 30 minutes drive from Asahikawa Airport, 50 minutes drive from Furano, and 3 hours drive from Sapporo.

Biei-Cho, where the view is very nice with multiple hills, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hokkaido. I often see tourist enjoying to drive from Asahikawa to Biei and Furano. 

I would like to recommend “Farm Restaurant Chiyoda” in Biei-Cho, to those who want to have something nice along the way. 

The restaurant is directly operated by “Farms Chiyoda”, which breeds black hair “Biei Wagyu Beef”. They offer various dishes to enjoy the deliciousness of Biei Wagyu. 

美瑛町のファームレストラン千代田の外観▲“Farm Restaurant Chiyoda” with triangular roof produces somewhat European atmosphere. 

美瑛町のファームレストラン千代田の内観▲Inside has a stairwell and feels spacious. 

The most popular dishes here are “Biei Wagyu and seasonal vegetable beef stew” and “Biei Wagyu sirloin steak”. 

The beef stew was thick containing lots of flavors from beef’s broth in the demi-glace sauce. Even hard parts of Biei Beef such as neck, round, shank, had become really soft by boiling well for a long time.

美瑛町のファームレストラン千代田のシチュー▲“Biei Wagyu and seasonal vegetable stew” had the best combination of soft and thick flavored Biei Beef and deep demi-glace sauce. 

Also, the sirloin steak was cut into really thick pieces and were incredibly juicy. When I bit, meat juice flowed into my mouth, and it was instantly filled with delicious flavors! 

美瑛町のファームレストラン千代田のステーキ▲“Biei Wagyu sirloin steak” came with local vegetables delivered from farmers in the neighborhood. The vegetables used in the beef stew are the same. 

They offer just the dish or “rice or bread set”. I recommend to try it with bread. 

The reason is that their homemade bread uses Biei wheat and rich jersey milk; milk from jersey cattle bred together with Biei Wagyu. The bread was very moist and felt slight sweetness. It was amazing! 

By the way, rice they provide is called “Oborozuki,” and it is produced in Biei as well. The kind of rice is Hokkaido original and has the chunky texture. Therefore, those who prefer rice can also expect to have great food here.


Biei Wagyu is the brand produced only by Farms Chiyoda. They breed and fatten totally by themselves. 

They provide grass from Hokkaido, underground water from Mt. Daiestsu, and sake lees to increase digestion and immunity of cows to grow healthy and tasty beef. 

They also have “jersey milk” produced from jersey kinds. They contain more milk fat compared to Holstein milk and have thick deep flavor. Please enjoy the milk to compare the taste. 

Shopping and more fun

You can purchase Biei Wagyu processed food, jersey milk, etc., at the restaurant and the shop open only in seasons without snow.

美瑛町のファームレストラン千代田でうっている加工品▲Instant “Biei Wagyu beef stew”, “Biei Wagyu beef curry”, “Biei beef soup curry”, and “Biei Wagyu beef jerky”. 

美瑛町のファームレストラン千代田の牛乳とヨーグルト▲“Jersey milk” and “Jersey milk yogurt” 

Speaking of jersey milk series, they provide pudding, butter, and also soft serve in summer. 

There are also various amusements in the farm. 

At “Fureai Bokujo”, visitors can play with cute animals such as rabbits, ponies, horses, Jersey cattle, sheep, goats, etc. 

美瑛のふれあい牧場▲“Fureai Bokujo” in May. (The picture is provided by Farms Chiyoda)

They also offer various workshops. Visitors can participate in horse riding (horse sled riding in winter) and milking (only in summer), or butter, cheese, and ice cream making workshop (operated throughout the year but need a reservation one month in advance). 

This is limited in seasons without snow but “Chiyoda No Oka (Chiyoda’s Hill)” is also a must-stop. There is an observation deck with great views of jersey beef put out to grass field, beautiful hills, and Daisetsuzan Mountain Range! 

美瑛ファーマーズの施設▲The observation deck of “Chiyoda No Oka” (The picture is provided by Farms Chiyoda) 

Enjoy the nature of Biei at Farms Chiyoda, where there are various attractions to eat, shop, and play.
  • Appreciate “Biei Wagyu Beef” at Farm Restaurant Chiyoda in Biei-Cho

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Fumiko Magota