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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Table of Grace” - enjoy cheese and desserts from Okhotsk in Sapporo

“Table of Grace”, located in Nishi-ku Sapporo City, is a direct shop of “Cheese Factory Adonai” a town in Okhotsk area called Okoppe. They offer cheese and house-made desserts made with milk and eggs from Okhotsk, etc.


The store is 20 minutes drive from JR Sapporo Station and 7 minutes drive from Metro Tozai Line Hassamu-Minami Station.

“Table of Grace” is the only store in Sapporo which sells all products from “Cheese Factory Adonai” in Okoppe town. They sell not only cheese but also desserts such as baked goods made with cheese, or pudding using carefully selected ingredients from Okhotsk area, or soft serves. The store is getting noticed by cheese lovers and dairy lovers and more. 

札幌市西区の「テーブル オブ グレース」内観

札幌市西区の「テーブルオブグレース」並ぶに「チーズ工房 アドナイ」のチーズ▲They have various cheese from hard cheese to wash-rind cheese. All of them are made with milk from Okoppe. 

札幌市西区の「テーブルオブグレース」のアドナイのチーズ▲Ricotta cheese and white-rind cheese. 

札幌のテーブルオブグレースのカチョカバロ▲The most popular cheese is Scamorza (Caciocavallo). The roasting aroma is so lovely! 

札幌市西区の「テーブルオブグレース」で売っているアドナイのヨーグルト▲They have two kinds of yogurts! 

テーブルオブグレースのスイーツ▲Pound cake made with white-rind cheese. It’s dense and tasty. 

The daughter of Adonai’s cheesemaker Mr. Tsutsuda, Megumi runs the store. She is, of course, very knowledgeable about cheese and is a great advisor when you purchase cheese. 

“My dad started to make cheese following Italian way, but the taste is not Italian at all. I think the uniqueness of cheese comes from ingredients, techniques, and environment of the place.”

Megumi told me like that. Among all the foods she cooks, the most popular menu is cheese, and vegetable quiche limitedly sold on weekends. 

札幌市西区の「テーブルオブグレース」のキッシュ▲Limited quantity menu on weekends is quiche. It looks like a perfect dish to pair with some wines. 

Ingredient changes depending on the timing and it was “white-rind cheese and ricotta cheese quiche with onions” when we visited. I could enjoy the flavor and aroma of cheese, and the crunchy dough was extremely delicious! 

“I use fermented butter for the dough, and actually, the butter is house-made, too. I make it with the same milk as our cheese.” Megumi told us. 

She uses the same fermented butter for other baked goods such as pound cake! You can enjoy the thick and rich flavors. 

札幌市西区の「テーブルオブグレース」のキッシュ▲You can purchase from a quarter of the quiche. 

Pudding and soft serve use grass-fed milk from cows grew in Nishi-Okoppe. The flavor is enjoyable only here. 

札幌市西区の「テーブルオブグレース」のソフトクリーム▲The smooth, soft serve felt like I was drinking slightly sweet milk. It had a light aftertaste. 

札幌市西区の「テーブルオブグレース」のプリン▲Puddings are steamed in the oven. She uses floor-fed eggs from Kunneppu-cho. 

The new menu “mini parfait with pudding and soft serve” appeared in February! 

A piece of caramelized house-made scone is put as a topping to refresh the flavor. The scone uses fermented butter and buttermilk. 

テーブルオブグレースのミニパフェ▲The parfait obviously looks delicious, isn’t it? (The photo is provided by Table of Grace)

This is the place to encounter deliciousness of dairy products from Okhotsk area in Sapporo. Please make a stop when there is a chance! 

  • “Table of Grace” - enjoy cheese and desserts from Okhotsk in Sapporo

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Fumiko Magota