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Release | Fumiko Magota

“FARMER’S HERB”, an organic herb tea shop from Kitami is a must-stop in Sapporo!

Why don’t you have some organic herb tea from Kitami for your next tea time? “FARMER’S FARM Odori BISSE”, located in central Sapporo, is a direct shop of an organic herb farm. The most popular product here is blended original herb tea using house-made herbs. I will introduce you the three most popular teas!

Various organic herb teas

The shop is connected to Metro Odori Station, and it is also 10 minutes walk from Metro Nanboku Line Susukino Station or JR Sapporo Station.

“FARMER’S HERB Odori BISSE” is a direct shop of “Koyu Seikatsu”, which is a JAS-certified herb farm in Kitami City in Okhotsk region. 

オーガニックハーブ農場直営店FARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店の内観▲He is “FARMER’S HERB Odori BISSE” store manager Mr. Funayama. 

The farm produces about 60 to 70 farms, all are pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and do not use animal mature. They hand pick each herb and process it to herb candies, skin care creams, bath additives, etc. 

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店のハーブキャンディ▲Their herb candies. 

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店の入浴剤▲They have about 15 kinds of bath additives. Since they contain rich aromas, you can also use as an air freshener in closet or room first, then use in the bath. They said you could use two to three times by rubbing the bag. Good value for the price is also an attraction. 

“FARMER’S HERB Odori BISSE” does offer these products, too but the best seller here is herb teas! People buy herb teas from them for not only to enjoy the flavor but also to relax to enhance body and mind.

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店のハーブティ▲There are 20 kinds of single herb teas and approximately 45 kinds of blended herb teas. 

Let me introduce the three most popular herb teas here. The manager Mr. Funayama will explain about each of them. 

The third most popular flavor is “FUUGA”. 

“This blend puts lemon balm mainly, and there are no people who wouldn’t like this tea. This tea works for automatic nerves so you can expect to concentrate more but relax at the same time. 

The second most popular flavor is “Sapporo Blended Tea - with the sound of the clocktower”

This tea just started to sell in January 2018. It contains Japanese mint, Hermanus, shiso leaves, and cornflour, which is very rare and said to be loved by Marie Antoinette. This tea is limitedly sold in Sapporo only so perfect for your souvenir!” 

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店のハーブティ▲“Sapporo Blended Tea - with the sound of the clocktower”

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店のコーンフラワー▲The above picture is cornflour. 

The most popular flavor is “Okhotsk Chamomile®”.

“This is a single herb tea. Okhotsk Chamomile® is a kind of German Chamomile. We update in our farm in Kitami, where there is a 60 to 70 degrees temperature gap in summer and winter. We took a trademark as it is the only flavor in the world. It contains strong aroma, and you will feel the power of plant for sure. It is said that the tea is good for female hormone balance and sensitivity to cold, so people sometimes drink the tea to change their body conditions. 

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店のハーブティ▲From the left: “Okhotsk Chamomile®”, “Sapporo Blended Tea - with the sound of the clocktower”, and “FUUGA”. 

Another interesting tea is herb teas with unique colors. 

Standard herb teas are usually light yellow or green, but there are blue and pink herbs like the picture below! 

Of course, the color is 100% natural. If there is a drink with cute colors in my house, I would be really happy and cheerful. 

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店のハーブティ▲The blue color on the left is “FEEL FINE Sou” which blended echinacea mainly. It works to mucous membranes. The pink one on the right is “Princess” which blended red basils. They said it is good for improving skin and intestine conditions. 

People sometimes say that they don’t like herb teas because they are bitter or smell like grass. But it really depends on the kind of herbs and how they are blended. They offer many originally blended teas which are smooth and easy for beginners. 

Some teas are available to sample so choose your favorite one after checking the flavor and aroma! 

Keep in mind to stop by during your sightseeing in Sapporo. 

札幌のFARMER’S HERB 大通ビッセ店の入口▲The entrance to the shop. 
  • “FARMER’S HERB”, an organic herb tea shop from Kitami is a must-stop in Sapporo!

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Fumiko Magota