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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Ryokan Shiobetsu Tsuru Tsuru Onsen” - soak in the smooth onsen while watching snowy sceneries!

Soaking into an outdoor onsen in snowy sceneries is one of the best attractions of Hokkaido in winter! It would be wonderful if you can warm your body from the center and moist your dry skin. “Ryokan Shiobetsu Tsuru Tsuru Onsen” would be the answer to your wish. They flow plenty of “Tsuru Tsuru (smooth)” onsen water to their bath.


The ryokan is located at 50 minutes by car from central Kitami City, 1 hour 20 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport, and 2.5 hours from Asahikawa City. 

You will reach to “Ryokan Shiobetsu Tsuru Tsuru Onsen” after taking a turn from National Route 39 at a road with line and drive to the end of the road. 


You will notice a slight smell of sulfur when you get off the car. Yes, their pride onsen content is simple sulfur spring which includes sulfur. They flow 100% natural spring water, without filtering nor circulating from two springs near the building. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の露天風呂

The water shows 9.5 pH, strong alkaline water. This is the secret of the smoothness of the water. 

When I soaked, I felt thickness and the texture were very smooth. It was really “Tsuru Tsuru”! (* Tsuru Tsuru is a Japanese word to describe something extremely smooth) 

There are Daiyokujo (the main bath) containing both indoor and outdoor bath and “Ryujin No Yu” which provides only an inside bath. In both facilities, hot spring water comes from showers as well! How luxurious is it! I want to visit here every day! 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の大浴場▲The main bath was spacious. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の露天風呂▲The outdoor bath. Soaking into an onsen in snowy sceneries and cold air is the best thing in the world! 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の露天から見える小川▲A small river flowing by the outdoor bath. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の夜の露天▲It looks like this at night. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の飲料用の温泉▲There was drinkable water in the changing room of the main bath. It was very smooth! 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の竜神の湯▲Ryujin No Yu. 

The sub-manager Yohei Nogami recommends Ryujin No Yu. “There are no scientific proofs but I feel like water in Ryujin No Yu is smoother than the water in the main bath. Many of our regular customers who visit here for a long time tend to like Ryujin No Yu as well.” 

This is another subjectivity but I and the cameraman who stayed here for a night both felt that water from Ryujin No Yu was thicker than the water from the main bath. 

Please try both baths and compare the difference! 


Approximately 500ml per minute of water flows from the two springs together. They can not use all the water in the baths, so they circulate the hot water through pipes built in the building and use the spring as a heater. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の客室▲The building was very warm. The room in the picture is Japanese-Western room. 

I am not sure if it was because of that but the building was really warm. Until I went outside in the next morning, I forgot that I was in the area where the temperature often goes down to below 10 degrees during the day. 

They still wasted half of the water before. Therefore, they built a greenhouse at the back of the building a few years ago, to utilize the spring water. 

They farm cherry tomatoes now, and spring water is used for plant water and heater in the greenhouse. They provide tomatoes for breakfast and sell it at their shop (although it sells out very quickly). You can taste the tomatoes if you are lucky! 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉のミニトマト▲It was right after harvesting when we were there! It was sweet and delicious. 

Cold desserts are popular at the lounge in front of the main bath. 

You should not forget that there is soft serve with shaved frozen strawberries and coffee jelly! They grind the coffee beans from a privately owned farm in Brazil, make coffee with spring water, and make it in jellies. This is definitely the flavor limitedly offered in this ryokan. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉のスイーツ

They sell the coffee beans at the shop and guests can enjoy coffee made with spring water at the lounge in the morning. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉のコーヒー▲Their original coffee is in the can. You can find it at the store! The coffee made with onsen water felt gentle. 

Also, don’t forget about the dinner. They use plenty of resources from mountains and oceans in Okhotsk area. Guests highly evaluate “Shiobetsu Inaka Nabe”, saying the seasoning is just right. The plates of Japanese cuisine fills the table. 

The master chef at the moment is an ex-sushi chef. I felt his hard work in details such as using lemon as a container by hollowing out the flesh. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の夕食▲The dinner was like the picture above when we stayed. It was very filling. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉の夕食▲They also had “Sapporo Classic” draft beer. 

I highly rate this ryokan as it is a hidden gem located at the foot of a mountain. 

They also accept day visitors, but I really recommend to spend a night. Why don’t you choose this ryokan for the base of your Okhotsk area sightseeing or a relaxing destination to shut out from the outer world. 

北見市の旅館 塩別つるつる温泉のフロント▲Staffs at the front and restaurants were friendly and kind, too. 
  • “Ryokan Shiobetsu Tsuru Tsuru Onsen” - soak in the smooth onsen while watching snowy sceneries!

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Fumiko Magota