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Release | Fumiko Magota

Baton Cookies - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

There are tremendous varieties of delicious souvenirs from Hokkaido, but I often choose “Baton Cookies” from “Royce” when I am meeting a large number of people such as companies. The cookies taste great, last long, and contains plenty for everyone. People look happy every time. 



Four flavors of “Baton Cookies”

“Royce” is famous for their signature “Nama Chocolate” and I love it. 

ロイズの生チョコレート▲“Nama Chocolate [Au Lait]” is known for its delicate texture. (778 yen with 20 pieces)

I would like to recommend “Baton Cookies” today. 

The one side of crunchy thin cookies is coated with fine chocolate. The size of a cookie is not big, and you can’t stop eating. These are truly addictive cookies. 


The flavors are four kinds: [Coconut], [Hazel Cacao], [Matcha], and [Black Sugar]. 

ロイズのバトンクッキー▲From the front: [Hazel Cacao] blends hazelnuts powder and crushed cacao beans into cookie dough and [Coconut] mixes plenty of coconuts into the dough to produce tasty cookies. (Each 778 yen with 25 pieces) 

ロイズのバトンクッキー▲From the front: [Black Sugar] mixes coconut cookie and black sugar chocolate and [Matcha] blends bitter Uji matcha powder into the coconut dough. (Each 832 yen with 25 pieces)

ロイズのバトンクッキー▲From the front [Black Sugar] [Matcha] [Hazel Cacao] [Coconut]

It contains many pieces in one box, and it is best to bring to companies as souvenirs. On the other hand, it lasts for three months after the production date so also good to give to friends who live alone. 

I personally like it because I can carry around at normal temperature (below 25 degrees). 

ロイズのバトンクッキー▲This is 25 pieces box, but there are 40 pieces version for [Coconut] and [Hazel Cacao] and assortment boxes as well.

“Baton Cookies” was born when the factory of “Royce” moved from Higashi Naebo in Sapporo City, where they established the company, to Tobetsu Town. 

The PR of Royce told me: “This confection carries our wish to ‘pass the baton’ smoothly and everything turn out well in this significant milestone.”

ロイズのバトンクッキー▲The picture of producing “Baton Cookies” (The photo is provided by ROYCE’ Confect

It may also be a great gift when someone needs to “pass the baton” such as taking over someone’s work, etc. 
  • Baton Cookies - Hokkaido Likers recommended gifts

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Fumiko Magota