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Participate in chocolate popsicles workshop to enjoy winter at the Ice Sweets Cafe

星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ
▲The photo is provided by Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

Those who have a sweet tooth, why don’t you participate in chocolate popsicles workshop at Ice Sweets Cafe which tables and chairs are all made of ice? You can enjoy limited winter sweets and seasonally limited confections using snow and ice as motifs at “Ice Village” in “Hoshino Resorts Tomamu”. 

Cafe time at Ice Village

星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲The image of “Ice Sweets Cafe” in Ice Village. (The photo is provided by Hoshino Resorts Tomamu)

Every winter, the magical ice town called “Ice Village” opens in “Hoshino Resorts Tomamu”. There are cafes and bars surrounded by ice, and not only that, but there are also churches and hotels made of ice in the village. 

星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Ice Village is usually available approximately from mid-December to mid-March in the evening till night. (It depends on the weather situation) 

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星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲There are several domes about 8.5 diameters and surrounded by ice stand in the Ice Village. 


Feel like a patissier!? Let’s make chocolate popsicles! 

You can enjoy chocolate popsicles workshop at “Ice Sweets Cafe” surrounded by ice. The workshop lets you decorate a popsicle with warm chocolate and make it hard immediately from the cold temperature. Of course, you can eat the ice cream at the end!

星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲The Ice Sweets Cafe is inside a dome. You can enjoy chocolate popsicles making at a corner of this dome. 

You can choose a flavor of warm chocolate between bitter, white, and matcha. 
Well, let’s get cooking! 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Receive the popsicle and dip into the bowl with chocolate. You can’t dip it twice so be careful! 

星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Dip it lightly and lift it, will see melting chocolates. 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲The outside temperature is extremely low, so the chocolate became hard in just a few seconds. 

After that, decorate the popsicle before it becomes completely hard. 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Put cute shapes of sugars to chocolate and finish when it becomes hard. 

When I took a look at the finished chocolate popsicle, even if the balance of decorations aren’t so good, I had some attachment to the ice cream made by myself. To me, it was an art piece of dessert so could not eat it for a while!
What kind of chocolate popsicles would you make? Why don’t you participate in the workshop as if you are a patissier! 

Do you want to have melted marshmallows? 

The fun thing in Ice Cafe is not only chocolate popsicles workshop. 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Marshmallows on sticks. Those who like barbeque would notice what this is! 

There is a bonfire in the corner of the cafe, and you can enjoy smores here! 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Turn around the marshmallow on the fire slowly and toast it gradually. 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Got brown! Looks delicious! 

It’s done when the surface got brown completely. Of course, you can eat it, too. 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲There are high tables made of ice inside the cafe. It is very convenient to stop and eat quickly. 

Snacks using snow and ice motifs and ice flowers are beautiful, too! 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲There are many kinds of sweets inside the showcase or the counter made of ice. 

You must have snacks using snow and ice motifs as well as chocolate popsicles and marshmallows! Moreover, they have something limitedly sold here. 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Ice Village’s original icing cookie. There are many patterns of pictures, and everything is cute! 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Ice sugars are beautiful! 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Colorful marshmallow macaroons and ganaches looked delicious, too. 

Not only eating but also touching to art is another attraction of this cafe! 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Art pieces displayed in the dome. Those pieces tell us beauty and fragility of flowers. 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲When crafts displayed in the ice and snow world, it makes a certain warm atmosphere. 

Relax at Ice Sweets Cafe

In the big ice city Ice Village, the Ice Sweets Cafe is a perfect place for a break to enjoy sweet desserts. Even if it is a mid-winter with temperatures below zero, you will feel warm at this cafe! Why don’t you visit here to enjoy limited sweets here! 

 星野リゾート トマム 氷のスイーツカフェム アイスヴィレッジ▲Enjoy limited sweets with warm drinks! (The photo is provided by Hoshino Resorts Tomamu)
  • Participate in chocolate popsicles workshop to enjoy winter at the Ice Sweets Cafe