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Release | Fumiko Magota

Soy sauce flavored popsicles from “Nihon Shoyu Kogyo” in Asahikawa City

Having ice cream in a warm heated room is one of the happiest moment on earth for Hokkaido locals. Those who visit Hokkaido, why don’t you try in your hotel room? I will introduce the soy sauce flavored popsicles I found at “Nihon Shoyu Kogyo” in Asahikawa City!


2 hours drive from Sapporo and 8 minutes drive from JR Asahikawa Station. 


“Nihon Shoyu Kogyo”, located along the Ichijo-Dori Street in Asahikawa City, creates not only standard soy sauce but also many unique sauces using soy sauce such as “Su-Dore”, dressings using Hokkaido vegetables. 

旭川市「日本醤油工業」のタレ▲Nihon Shoyu Kogyo’s products which use Hokkaido produced ingredients. Unique names and illustrations on the packages are quite funny.  

The company designed this product when they came up with the idea to make soy sauce flavored popsicles.

The popsicle “soy sauce milk” uses “Nama-Shoyu” which is their standard soy sauce product. 

旭川市「日本醤油工業」の醤油アイスキャンディー▲“Soy sauce milk” 

“Soy sauce milk” had a very light texture with crunchy feeling and the slight aroma of soy sauce is the secret of the flavor. 

Manabu Suzuki, the chief of the general affairs department of Nihon Shoyu told us: “We use Hokkaido produced milk. As butter and soy sauce go well together, soy sauce tastes well with other dairy products in general, too.” 

旭川の日本醤油工業の鈴木さん▲Mr. Suzuki, holding “Nama-Shoyu”. 

There are two more flavors; “soy sauce red beans (Shoyu-Azuki)” and “sakura soy sauce (Sakura-Shoyu)”. The soy sauce red beans tasted slightly bitter with the flavor of red beans and salt. 

The other one, “sakura soy sauce”, had more sophisticated flavor with a rich aroma of Sakura. The popsicle contains sakura leaves and “Sakura-Hana Shoyu” which contains domestic sakura petals. 

旭川市「日本醤油工業」の醤油アイスキャンディー▲“Soy sauce red beans (Shoyu-Azuki)” on the left and “sakura soy sauce (Sakura-Shoyu)” on the right. 

旭川市「日本醤油工業」の桜花しょうゆ▲“Sakura-Hana Shoyu gelato” has three layers of differently flavored gelatos; Sakura, Sakura leaves, and red beans. 

They also had “Sakura-Hana Shoyu gelato” which uses “Sakura-Hana Shoyu” as well. 

旭川市「日本醤油工業」のアイスキャンディー▲“Sakura-Hana Shoyu gelato” has three layers of different flavored gelatoes; sakura, sakura leaves, and red beans. 

They are planning to sell a frozen dessert which puts “Sakura-Hana gelato” between fluffy dough from early March 2018. 

旭川市「日本醤油工業」のふわさくら▲The dessert sold very well at events, and they will make it a regular product soon. (The picture is provided by Nihon Shoyu Kogyo) 

There are lots of things to see in Asahikawa during winter such as winter festivals and “Asahiyama Zoo” which winter animals get lively. Those who are planning to visit Asahikawa, stop by Nihon Shoyu Kogyo and taste their unique desserts! 


  • Soy sauce flavored popsicles from “Nihon Shoyu Kogyo” in Asahikawa City

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Fumiko Magota