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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Märchen no Oka (A Fairytale hill)” near Memanbetsu Airport is photogenic even in winter!

Memanbetsu Airport gets crowded in February, with people who visit Hokkaido for drift ice watching. “Märchen no Oka (A Fairytale hill)”, which has a stunning view, is located near the airport but how is it like in winter? I visited there and found the hill was beautiful even in winter! It is very photogenic and instagrammable.



Seven pine trees stand on the snowy field

The hill is located at 15 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport and very close from “Michi No Eki Märchen no Oka Memanbetsu”.

“Märchen no Oka (A Fairytale hill)” along the National Route no. 39 going to Abashiri City from Memanbetsu Airport is a scenic place where people can view seven pine trees in the back of potato and wheat fields. The place is famous for the film “Dreams” directed by Akira Kurosawa.

Hokkaido Likers have introduced the picture of the hill during the summer already, but how is it like in winter? 

Well, see this picture!


Seven pine trees are standing on the snowy field. The all white scenery was really like Hokkaido and was extremely beautiful. 

Zoom the three trees in the right…


Or move the camera a little to the left and put the red roof house in the picture. Isn’t it pretty as well? 



And it was beautiful in the evening! There was a sea of clouds and footprints of animals so I walked to the place where I could put those into the frames. 


It looks beautiful in vertical, too! 


I changed the angle of the camera and could take a picture like this. 


Like the pictures above, you can encounter different sceneries depending on the weather and time of the day. The hill is located along the National Route, but the parking is also the place to stop and view the scenery, so you don’t have to worry about cars. Take as many pictures you want to enjoy the beauty of the snowy fields.



The straight road filled with snow

Also, there is one more location spot of the film “Dreams” along the town road Asahi Minami no.10,  which is seven to eight minutes drive from “Michi No Eki Märchen no Oka Memanbetsu”. This is also well-known as a scenic spot.

The spot is a straight road going to Mt. Shari with many hills. We stopped by here too, but the road was closed because the snow was not removed. 



It was a cloudy day so we could not get a good sight of Mt. Shari. However, this scenery is also very Hokkaido-like. If you have visited here once, you will enjoy the difference. 

Why don’t you stop by both places when you visit Abashiri for drift ice watching? 

* The pictures were taken in early February 2017. 
  • “Märchen no Oka (A Fairytale hill)” near Memanbetsu Airport is photogenic even in winter!

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Fumiko Magota