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Release | Ayumi Ohmiya

The rich soup curry with a huge piece of scallop!

The rich scallop soup curry which never existed before! 

Hokkaido, the mecca of soup curry. Many people would want to take some home in addition to eating it in restaurants. You can find various instant curries using different local ingredients, sold in souvenir shops. There is a new instant soup curry, which has a huge piece of scallop caught in Okhotsk, in the soup curry mecca.

The curry has a whole piece of scallop - why wasn’t there such soup curry before?

Marukita Hokuyu, who had been involving into developing the sixth sector with farmers and remarking Hokkaido crops while doing vegetable businesses, developed “Okhotsk made Gorotto Hotate to Hokkaido Yasai No Soup Curry (soup curry with a huge piece of scallop and Hokkaido vegetables” (1000yen w/o tax). The product carries wills of Mr. Asari, the president of the company, and farmers all around Hokkaido. When you open the box, you will find two packages. The one contains a huge piece of scallop and its juice together. They only select large size scallops caught in Okhotsk area such as Saroma Lake and sauteed with olive oil slowly after boiling. When you open the package, you can feel the nice smell of seafood, and a huge piece of scallop covered with transparent juices shows its face.

▲They use two different methods for catching scallops depending on the seasons. From early summer to autumn, they grow young shellfishes for two to four years at the bottom of the ocean before catching. This is mainly practiced in the Sea of Okhotsk area. The other method is practiced from winter to spring. They hang young shellfishes from rope or baskets and grow in there for one to two years. This technique is mainly practiced in Saroma Lake and the Sea of Japan side. 

▲Scallops are nutritious; containing taurine, Vitamin 12, etc. 

The other package contains the base soup. They select the highest quality of ingredients all over Hokkaido and put in the soup. A whole piece of potato called “Inca No Mezame” produced in Ebetsu City Ambitious Farm, two pieces of quail’s egg grew in quail farm practicing no medication breeding Muroran City, 1/4 of a high sugar content onion grew in the foot of Mt. Shari in Shiretoko, etc. All the ingredients mix well with tomato-based soup using various spices, and the soup has extracted deliciousness from all the parts. 
Warm the soup and put into a dish. They put warmed scallop, and you will notice the unique deep aroma which is different from all other instant soup curry products. The soup curry lets you enjoy the delicious food from ocean and farms in Hokkaido. Why don’t you try it? 

▲The soup curry contains delicious juice of scallops. It contains 310 grams for one person. 


People who are interested in wild game should try this one! 

▲The keema curry lets you enjoy Ezo deer meat. 

Marukita Hokuyu, who produced “Okhotsk made Gorotto Hotate to Hokkaido Yasai No Soup Curry (soup curry with a huge piece of scallop and Hokkaido vegetables” also sells other instant curry products. That is “Shiretoko Tamanegi To Ezo Shika Niku No Keema Curry (Kheema curry with Shiretoko onion and Ezo deer meat” (600 yen w/o tax). 

▲Ezo deer lives in Hokkaido; it is gaining attention as wild game. 

This instant keema curry stew minced low-fat high protein Ezo deer meat with various spices, plenty of onions, carrots, and celeries slowly. 

▲The sweetness of Shiretoko onion grew in the foot of Mt. Shari affects the flavor a lot. 

I did not feel any uncomfortable smell of Ezo deer meat. The vegetables and Ezo deer meat mix really well, it did not make my stomach heavy even the flavor was strong. I want people who are interested in trying Ezo deer meat first try this curry. 

▲Maybe it is great for souvenirs from Shiretoko, the World Heritage site. 

Those who came to Hokkaido but had no time to enjoy curries should check out both instant curries! 

Both products are purchasable at “Dosanko Plaza Sapporo Branch” (4 Chome Kita 6 Jonishi, Kita, Sapporo, Hokkaido), Hokkaido Sapporo Food and Tourism Information Center, JR Obihiro Station, Kushiro Station, Saroma Lake Michi No Eki “Minori”, etc.  
Also, they are available from the online shop.
Hokkaido Shunchoku online shop
  • The rich soup curry with a huge piece of scallop!

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Ayumi Ohmiya