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Release | nobu Kawashima

Shiroi Koibito Park’s winter lights in the snow are just like a wonderland


Why don’t you visit “Shiroi Koibito Park”, a confectionery amusement park in Sapporo, to see sparkling winter lights and projection mapping show newly appeared in this winter? You can dive into a fairy tale world and be filled with excited feeling as if you are dreaming.


The annual winter lights in Shiroi Koibito Park are amazing!

Every winter, Shiroi Kobito Park is decorated with beautiful winter lights. With no doubt, there are many photogenic places in the park with 110,000 sparkling lights. 

白い恋人パークのイルミネーション(石屋製菓提供画像)▲Place the 10meters-high main tree in the picture. All angles look good with the tree. 

白い恋人パークのイルミネーション▲This is the standard photo spot! There is the best photo spot here as well. 

The main venue of winter lights is the courtyard of the park. The yard will be a rose garden from spring to autumn with beautiful roses and many more seasonal flowers. Before winter comes, they cover roses with shelters to protect from snow and when the snow piles up, the garden is decorated with shiny winter lights. 

白い恋人パークのイルミネーション▲Lights are put around shelters, and it seems like many tricorns are shining. 

白い恋人パークのイルミネーション▲European style buildings are also decorated with lights, and they are beautiful both at a distance and near. 

白い恋人パークのイルミネーション(石屋製菓提供画像)▲The lights of Santa Claus’s sled and reindeers are also a beautiful spot to take pictures. 

The pictures turn out beautiful whenever I take one. If you take a selfie, you may look a lot better here!?
I can easily lose track of time by just taking pictures of the winter lights, but another thing you should see is Sweets Dream Illumination! 


Dive into the wonderland by Sweets Dream Illumination!

The venue of Sweets Dream Illumination is “Gulliver Town” and “Miyanozawa Shiroi Koibito Soccer Field” located across the street from the courtyard. Let’s go! 

白い恋人パークのガリバータウン▲Gulliver Town is the area with lots of miniature houses. The windows of the second floors are about the height of adults. 

白い恋人パークのガリバータウン▲Those are all replicas, but desserts looked yummy! I could stay here longer but pass the area and keep going. 

Sweets Dream Illumination is different from winter lights. You can be a part of the lights rather than just seeing it! 

There are two things you can participate in.
The first one is “Sweets Skate Fantasy”. You can enjoy skating with special shoes on a special link which made without ice. 

白い恋人パークのスイーツドリームイルミネーション▲Snow crystal, stars, and candy figures move around on the link, and if you can pass those, a ting sound will be played.

They have from 15.5 cm to 30.5 cm sizes for special shoes so people with a big foot as well as small children can try skating here.

The second one is “Sweets Projection Mapping Theater”, this is something impressive! 


Sweets Projection Mapping Theater -  you can participate in the show

The venue is the visitor's area and soccer field used by the local soccer team Hokkaido Consadole during the season. They project a huge projection mapping onto the soccer field. 

They play the original story called “Black cat and magical candies”. 

白い恋人パークのスイーツドリームイルミネーション▲The video looks like a picture book, is projected onto the field. The buildings of Shiroi Koibito Park with winter lights add some romantic atmosphere. 

Sweets Projection Mapping Theater is a projection mapping show as the name depicts, but the interesting point is that the audiences can participate in the show rather than just watching it. 

白い恋人パークのスイーツドリームイルミネーション▲Performers appeared with the video. 

白い恋人パークのスイーツドリームイルミネーション▲I felt like I came to see a musical or play here! 

The show is impressive with smokes and sweet smell with the video! 
Now we will become a part of the show, too! 

白い恋人パークのスイーツドリームイルミネーション▲The audiences get glowing candy sticks. The stick changes color to red, yellow, green, etc., with the video. 

“Right, left, and turn!” 
“Let’s throw everyone, one, two, three!” 

The audiences shake and turn the glowing candy sticks with shouts of performers and the video. 

白い恋人パークのスイーツドリームイルミネーション▲I felt like I came to a concert! 

The show is 15 minutes long, and it was very impressive! I got excited as if I was a part of a fairytale. I really got into the story. 

The beautiful winter lights of European style buildings and gardens, skate links and projection mapping show like a fairytale. This is just like a wonderland! 
Why don’t you visit Shiroi Koibito Park to enjoy beautiful winter lights and impressing shows? You can take a trip to wonderland, and you will feel as if you returned to childlike innocence. 

* Sweets Dream Illumination needs an extra ticket. (The winter lights in the courtyard is free-entry) 
  • Shiroi Koibito Park’s winter lights in the snow are just like a wonderland