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Release | Eri Makino

2017 Sapporo White Illumination - a report from the venue!

For 2017, they added the exhibition tunnel of light and new venues. The night of Sapporo, which was designated as one of the new three great night view cities in Japan, has become the most attractive ever. The lights will be turned on from 4:30 PM to 10:00 PM, and is extended until 0:00 AM from December 23 to December 25. I will report the “Sapporo White Illumination” from central Sapporo such as Odori Park!

▲The venue has a romantic atmosphere! 


Odori venue is from Odori 1-Chome to Odori 8-Chome. The new attraction is the exhibition tunnel of light!

The illumination in Odori Park renewed its decorations in Odori 7-Chome and 8-Chome. The exhibition tunnel of light appeared for the first time to express the theme colors of the new three great night view cities in Japan (Sapporo, Nagasaki, and Kobe). Odori venue is until December 25. I will introduce each venue from 1-Chome to 8-Chome. 

- Odori 7-Chome and 8-Chome venue: “exhibition tunnel of light”

▲Please walk through the tunnel if you stop by this venue! 

▲The exhibition is inspired by night views of each city; Nagasaki, Sapporo, and Kobe. The tunnels shine in red, white, and blue, which are theme colors of the cities. 

- Odori 6-Chome venue: “Forest Circle” of sparkle

▲Children were running around green balls, and they looked happy. 

- Odori 5-Chome venue: smile of “Twinkle Garden”

▲The lights overlap and very beautiful when you see 1-Chome venue to 3-Chome venue from the 5-Chome venue!

- Odori 4-Chome venue: sparkle “Jewelry Palace” 

▲4-Chome venue set a decoration inspired from a palace. 

▲Enjoy taking pictures because you can get inside of the palace! 

- Odori 3-Chome venue: snow Ibuki “Snow Crystal” 

▲The venue decorates Odori Park’s fountain, which water is taken out during winter. The decoration is magical here. 

▲The motifs change color to pink, yellow, etc. 

- Odori 2-Chome venue: “16th Munich Christmas market in Sapporo”

▲The venue of “Munich Christmas market in Sapporo” where you can enjoy shopping Christmas goods and German food and drinks. A big Christmas Tree appeared for the first time, in the center of the venue! 

- Odori 1-Chome venue: “Love Tree” of the beginning

▲They decorated the plaza under Sapporo TV tower with the love tree using lots of heart motifs. 

▲There is also a memorial photo spot! 


There are four more venues other than the Odori venue

Sapporo Kita 3 Jo Hiroba Akapla and Sapporo-eki Minamiguchi Ekimae Hiroba are the new venues added from this year. You can also enjoy decorations during Sapporo Snow Festival in early February 2018, so please stop by when you walk around the city of Sapporo! 

- Sapporo Kita 3 Jo Square [Akapla] Venues: Akapla Illumination

▲The lights of gingko trees in the plaza of Red Brick Building change colors as the music played. 

- Sapporo Station South Exit Station Square venue: Ekihiro Illumination

▲The 10 meters tall tree shines in front of JR Sapporo Station South Exit. 

- Minami 1 Jo Dori Venue

▲The trees along the street where department stores located are decorated! 

- Ekimae Dori Venue

▲The street from Sapporo Station to Susukino is decorated. 


Download the smartphone app to participate in the stamp rally and win the chance to turn on the lights!

You can participate in the special events in “Sapporo Gourmet Coupon”, the official smartphone app for Sapporo White Illumination! You can apply for the lottery to win the chance to turn on the lights in Odori Park. One couple or one group has the chance to win every day, and you can apply until seven days before the date. Also, if you collect stamps at nine venues using the stamp rally in the app, you will have a chance to win “winter Sapporo gourmet coupon” which you can use at restaurants recommended by Sapporo Tourist Association. 

- Details of Sapporo Gourmet Coupon app and download

▲Turn on the lights at once! It will surely be a part of your memory for this winter! (The photo is provided by Sapporo Tourist Association) 

The smartphone app shows the map of venues and explanations of each decoration. There are lots of venues, but you will enjoy walking around by doing the stamp rally. Be careful because roads are slippy! 


The 37th Sapporo White Illumination

- The official website

[Date and venues]
- Odori venue 2017 November 24 (Friday) to December 25 (Monday)
- Ekimae Dori venue 2017 November 24 (Friday) to February 12, 2018 (Mon)
- Minami 1 Jo Dori venue, Sapporo Kita 4 Jo Square [Akapla] venue, Sapporo Station South Exit Square venue 2017 November 24 (Friday) - 2018 March 14 (Wednesday) 
[Lighting time]
4:30 PM - 10:00 PM (Until 0:00 AM from December 23 to 25)
  • 2017 Sapporo White Illumination -  a report from the venue!

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Eri Makino