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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Villa Nisewcorocoro” in Higashikawa-Cho: stay as if you are practicing simple living

The owner couple who love traveling created their imagination of dream accommodation as they traveled around with children. They made their dreams come true and built “Villa Nisewcorocoro” in Higashikawa-Cho.



“To build accommodation which visitors feel as if they are living here” 

15 minutes drive from Asahikawa Airport, 30 minutes from central Asahikawa and 2 hours from Sapporo using Hokkaido Expressway. 

“Villa Nisewcorocoro” is located in the middle of rice fields at 5 minutes away from “Michi No Eki Higashikawa Michikusa Kan” by car. The accommodation has a great view of Mt. Asahidake. 

They have three villas with different shapes in their property. “Pero” is inspired by Hokkaido shed, “Chikapu” is by a church in a small village, and “Tunni” is a Scandinavian style one-story house. They asked the local construction company “Kita No Sumai Sekkeisha” for design and construction of villas. All of the villas use solid wood and diatomaceous earth to create natural atmosphere and include a private kitchen, bath, and toilet. 


東川町のニセウコロコロのペロ▲A part of Pero’s living room

東川町のニセウコロコロのペロのバス▲Pero’s bathroom


東川町のニセウコロコロのチカプのダイニング▲Chikapu’s dining room

東川町のニセウコロコロのチカプの洗面所▲Chikapu’s bathroom


東川町のニセウコロコロのトゥンニのリビング▲Tunni’s living room and kitchen

東川町のニセウコロコロのトゥンニ▲Tunni’s bedroom 

“We had many experiences getting exhausted when we got back home after trips. We had to care too many things when our children were still small. So we wanted to create an accommodation which visitors feel relaxed as if they are at home.” The owner Mr. and Mrs. Shogaki told us. 

東川町のニセウコロコロのオーナー夫妻▲Mr. and Mrs. Shogaki at Chikapu’s bedroom on the second floor. 

​“If we consider children cry and scream, people get most relaxed if they can borrow a whole house.” “Fathers and mothers want to relax without children after kids slept so bedroom and living room must be separated.” “We should build a fence near stairs to avoid children falling down!” “It would be a huge help if there are a washing machine and detergents.”

They solved all the problems they felt when they are traveling and put all their dreams about accommodations in Nisewcorocoro. 


Amenities are what the owners use every day

The accommodation includes “ingredients for breakfast”. 

They provide carefully selected food to visitors in a basket: eggs, bacon, vegetables, and rice from Higashikawa-Cho, and bread from “Homemade Natural Bakery Mameya”. 


You can go out to eat for dinner, but also cooking in the villa is recommended because the town offers various delicious food. The owners put natural and delicious seasonings in the kitchen such as light brown sugar and “Echigo No Hana Shio (salt)”. It seems fun to cook here! 

Also, the owner puts things they love and use every day for amenities: Noda Horo’s enamel pot, Sori Yanai’s kitchen tools, Millennium Mother’s organic skincare set, high-quality linen pajamas, etc. 

“I want our visitors to use truly high-quality things and relax in the villa”. I could feel their wish from the amenities and felt relaxed by using them. 

Is this “Simple Living” I dreamed for a long time? When I stayed here, I felt like I was practicing simple living! 

東川町のニセウコロコロのキッチンツール▲Sori Yanai’s kitchen tools. 

東川町のニセウコロコロのアメニティ▲Enjoy local coffee and tea from Asahikawa, too. The drinks come with cookies from a local bakery “tekago”. 

​“We moved from Kanto region. We were very much attracted to this natural scenery and decided to live here. Another thing we loved about this area is that this is the town without water and sewer services. We get natural spring water from Mt. Daisetsuzan from taps. We can have delicious tea, coffee, and food. Not only that, bathing feels nice in this town.” 

東川町のニセウコロコロの風景▲Winter (The picture is provided by Villa Nisewcorocoro)

東川町のVilla ニセウコロコロ▲Winter at night (The picture is provided by Villa Nisewcorocoro)

東川町のニセウコロコロの風景▲When rice fields are filled with water, building and mountains are reflected to fields. (The picture is provided by Villa Nisewcorocoro)

東川町のニセウコロコロの風景▲Harvesting time with golden rice fields. (The picture is provided by Villa Nisewcorocoro)

It is only 15 minutes to Asahikawa Zoo and 30 minutes to Biei by car, so very convenient as a base of sightseeing if you come with a car. Those who are planning to visit Higashikawa-Cho, why don’t you consider staying in one of these villas? 
  • “Villa Nisewcorocoro” in Higashikawa-Cho: stay as if you are practicing simple living

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Fumiko Magota