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Release | Yuki Konishi

“Boschetto”, the eastmost Italian restaurant in Japan waits for you with a calm atmosphere and delicious dish


You will notice a red roof along the street to Cape Nosshappu at about 5 minutes drive from central Nemuro. This is “Boschetto”, where I was heading to. It is probably the eastmost Italian restaurant in Japan.
The building renovated a place which used to be an Izakaya and riders’ house (a type of accommodation focused on automobile travelers) and have quite an atmosphere. The building makes as if they have a long history, but it’s only in their third year since the opening. Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi will welcome customers warmly. 


The inside of the restaurant does not have partitions and seems spacious. The ceiling is high, and the texture of woods is beautiful. 


The day I visited was raining, unfortunately (in fact, it was pretty a heavy rain), but I could see pillboxes from past wars and the Pacific Ocean. The grass field scenery without tall trees reminded me of England or Ireland and was attractive somehow. The view is quietly getting popular with some groups of people, and the restaurant is sometimes used as a location for fashion magazines. 


Enjoy Nemuro-like Italian dishes 


By the way, I am hungry. Mrs. Hayashi recommended us; “If it’s a two people group, many people order a salad, pizza, pasta and share the dishes.” 
Let’s be on her hands. “Boschetto Salad” was really colorful, and it made the table pretty. 


The dish had a lot of amounts; fresh vegetables, warm vegetables were put on potato salad and quiche! “I can’t count how many ingredients I put in the dish”, Mr. Hayashi said. He is right, I can’t count. The dressing is simple with salt, pepper, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. Deep-fried Konbu chip adds a great accent. 


Next, I had a huge “Calzone” cooked in a pizza oven. There were vegetables cooked in tomato sauce, bacon, and mozzarella cheese.  


If you come to Boschetto, you should definitely taste “Crab Tomato Cream Spaghetti”. The dish has a great impact visually. One whole Hanasaki Crab is put on pasta; it gains quite an attention! 


They stir-fry raw crab with white wine, etc., and tomato cream sauce finished with tomato sauce had a deep flavor. It contains lots of crab juice in the sauce. 
Furthermore, this Hanasaki Crab is not a decoration. It contains eatable parts in it. They provide crab scissors and spoon, and people try to eat inside the crab fighting with prickles. Hanasaki crab is moist and flavorful. I understand that Hanasaki crab is most flavorful kind among crabs caught in Hokkaido. 


“Somehow, many people leave things behind at our restaurant.” I understand truly. The restaurant has great atmosphere and views which make me want to stay here as long as I can even after finish the meal. The eastmost Italian restaurant with quietness is very comfortable that makes me forget the time.  
  • “Boschetto”, the eastmost Italian restaurant in Japan waits for you with a calm atmosphere and delicious dish

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Yuki Konishi