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Release | Fumiko Magota

Taste the deliciousness of natural flavor: “tekago” in Higashikawa-Cho

Why don’t you have one of these together with your tea time or break time? You can taste the deliciousness of natural flavor when you have baked goods from “tekago”, which began from the love of a mother. You cannot resist trying various kinds. 

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」のお菓子

It takes 15 minutes by car from Asahikawa Airport, 30 minutes from Asahikawa, and 2 hours from Sapporo using Hokkaido Express Way. 

“tekago” bakes and sales homemade baked goods using “safe ingredients as much as they can” in Higashikawa-Cho, a basin area at the foot of Mt. Daisetsuzan.

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」の入口

The day I visited was a holiday so I could not get to see many baked goods on the shelves, but when the shop is open, many kinds of baked goods will appear; such as cookies, financier, Florentin, galette, scone, pound cake, tarts, muffins, biscotti, etc. 

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」の内観▲The inside of “tekago” had antique-taste cases in the natural atmosphere with plaster walls. 

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」のお菓子▲Florentin, cookies, and snowball cookie which instantly collapses in my mouth. Highly recommended! 

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」のお菓子▲The popular tarts had plenty of fruits on them. 

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」のお菓子▲Financier and pound cake are moist. 

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」のお菓子▲Crispy scone and roasting oil-free biscotti. 

東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」のお菓子▲Icebox cookies like Kintarou candies are often baked for events and upon orders. It’s unfortunate that we can’t always buy, but it was too beautiful that I had to pick up in this article. This cookie in the picture is delivered to “villa Niseu Koro Koro” in the same town. 

She uses Hokkaido flour “dolce” and eggs from local “Farm Rera”, butter and milk from “Yotsuba” for ingredients. “Other than that, I use natural, additive-free confectionery materials and organic ingredients such as light brown sugar and baking powder without aluminum”, Mrs. Watanabe, the owner of the shop told me. 

The reason why she is so particular about ingredients is that the trigger to start baking goods shop was her children’s allergy. 

“My first child could not eat snacks sold at stores. Therefore, I baked additive-free cookies using rice powder.” 

When she distributed that to her friends, they really loved her cookies, so she started selling at events, etc. And she started the shop at the corner of her house with the built-in kitchen when her child got a little bigger. 

。東川町「焼き菓子 tekago」の渡辺さん▲Mrs. Watanabe. 

The recipe of baked goods with the deliciousness of natural flavor is almost her original. The numbers gradually increased as she wrote about what she baked in her notebooks. 

She is still busy with her children and opens the shop only on Saturdays at this point. (November 2017) “I gather ingredients on Tuesday and make preparations for baking from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday. Then bake from Thursday to Friday.” Mrs. Watanabe told. 

Check out shop and event information on their Facebook page. She closes irregularly but there are chances to find her baked goods at events, so check the page regularly! 

  • Taste the deliciousness of natural flavor: “tekago” in Higashikawa-Cho

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Fumiko Magota