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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Homemade Natural Bakery Mameya” in Higashikawa-Cho sells cute and delicious bread!

The rice field area in Higashikawa-Cho has amazing views of Mt. Daisetsuzan and Mt. Tokachi. I visited a bakery in that area, “Homemade Natural Bakery Mameya”. Bread made by Mr. and Mrs. Itobe scratch from natural yeast is not only delicious but also really cute.

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」のメロンパン

“Homemade Natural Bakery Mameya” is a counter-selling shop. Customers pick what they want to purchase from the huge showcase built in a small shop. 

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」の外観

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」の店内

“I felt if we put bread on the shelves, I would not have chances to speak with customers. That is why we made it a counter-selling shop.” Mrs. Tomoko Mitobe told me. The showcase and floor look like old wood are created by painting persimmon juice onto pine wood. 

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」の店主

They use homemade yeast made from sake lees or yogurt and raisin to ferment the dough of bread which they bake about 30 kinds every day. You can feel the natural and simple flavor when you chew it in your mouth. 

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」の陳列ケース

“I was originally baking at home and eating with my kids. From that experience, I use natural ingredients, which are healthy, as much as I can. For example, I choose Hokkaido produced flour, and for seasonings, light brown sugar and sun-dried salt.” 

Higashikawa-cho is a town without waterworks, and people use underground water from Mt. Daisetsuzan from taps at home. “This pure underground water surely affects the flavor of our bread”, tells Mr. and Mrs. Mitobe. 

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」の陳列ケース

The popular flavors are “Melon Pan”, “Chocolate Melon Pan”, “Pumpkin Pan” which contains Hokkaido produced pumpkin paste, and “Focaccia” using homemade salsiccia. 

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」のめろんぱん▲“Melon Pan” and “Chocolate Melon Pan”

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」のフォカッチャ▲“Foccaccia” and “Pumpkin Pan”

Many pieces of bread and pastries are small about the size of a palm and sold from 60 yen! Its reasonable price is one of the reasons to come here every day. 

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」のパン

15 minutes drive from Asahikawa Airport, 30 minutes from Asahikawa, and 2 hours from Sapporo using Hokkaido Expressway. As I wrote in the beginning, “Homemade Natural Bakery Mameya” is located in the area with great views. 

“We are not from this town; immigrants. We fell in love with this scenery and decided to move here.” Mr. and Mrs. Mitobe told me.

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」からの景色

For your snacks and souvenirs. Enjoy shopping bread and pastries as you enjoy the views during road trips! 

東川町「自家製酵母ぱん まめや」の看板
  • “Homemade Natural Bakery Mameya” in Higashikawa-Cho sells cute and delicious bread!

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Fumiko Magota