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Tokyo Kichijoji “MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO” offers special desserts and 12 kinds of Hokkaido milk!


You can eat, learn, and enjoy! Hokkaido milk and dairy products specialized store “MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO” is in Tokyo Kichijoji until March 28, 2018, for approximately 4 months. Enjoy milk from Hokkaido fully with eye-catching special desserts and “milk tasting set” which you can choose from 12 kinds of Hokkaido milk!

Over 50% of milk produced in Japan is produced in Hokkaido. The quality of Hokkaido milk has become top-class among the world from the hard work of farmers, great farmland with the cool climate which is best for raising milk cows. 

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」の店内の様子▲People can take time to enjoy Hokkaido milk and dairy products. 

At the limited flagship shop where people can experience the attractions of Hokkaido farming, milk, and dairy products, is operated by “Milk Land Hokkaido” who aims to liven up farming in Hokkaido and transmit the attractions of Hokkaido milk and dairy products. They offer various menu using the highest quality Hokkaido milk and dairy products such as cream and yogurt! 

The original menu created to taste the deliciousness of Hokkaido milk and dairy products offered limitedly

One of the new menus is “MILKLAND Mountain” which puts plenty of Hokkaido whipped cream on seasonal fruits and specially made bavarois with Hokkaido yogurt and fresh cream. 

​東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」のメニュー「ミルクランド・マウンテン」▲The bavarois using Hokkaido milk + fresh cream (contains 47% milk fat) + yogurt and fruits are put together in a dish. (left) The dish is fun as well because they put Hokkaido whipped cream (contains 35% milk fat) on the table in front of your eyes! (right)

I was surprised because the fluffy whipped cream like snow melted instantly in my mouth and was extremely creamy! The strong taste of milk itself tells how powerfully delicious Hokkaido milk is. 


You can also have 3 kinds milk tasting set! 

They offer over 10 kinds of Hokkaido milk produced in different regions all the time. People can choose three kinds for the tasting set and can feel the difference in the tastes even they are all milk. Why don’t you discover your favorite Hokkaido milk? 

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」で販売されている牛乳12種▲They had 12 unique milk on the day I visited. 

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」の北海道牛乳の3種飲み比べ ▲(From the left) “Hokkaido Sarobetsu Milk” is sweet and fresh, “Yotsuba Hokkaido Tokachi Tokusen 4.0 Milk” uses only high-quality milk and smooth yet strong, and “Takanashi Hokkaido 4.0 Milk Tokusen” which is rather thick and filling. 

We can’t miss the original dessert which first appeared here 

“Hokkaido Milk Zeitaku (luxury) Tiramisu” is a special dessert uses the cheese cream mixed fresh Hokkaido cream cheese, and thick Hokkaido whipped cream, flavor sauce, and farm soft serve. “Milk Ga Oishii Smoothie” is a dessert drink mixed Hokkaido milk and Hokkaido soft serve then put Hokkaido whipped cream. 

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」の「北海道ミルクの贅沢ティラミス」(左)と「ミルクがおいしいスムージー」(右)▲There are four flavors of “Hokkaido Milk No Zeitaku Tiramisu” (left *the picture is chocolate); strawberry, mango, haskap, and chocolate. And three flavors of “Milk Ga Oishii Smoothie” (right *the picture is strawberry); strawberry, haskap, and chocolate. (The picture is provided by MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO)


The most popular menu here is, as everyone imagined, this dessert delivered directly from farms! 

The soft serve delivered directly from farms in Hokkaido “Bokujou Chokusou! Hokkaido Soft Serve”. They are introducing various soft serves from different farms in Hokkaido, which is a good point for repeaters. 

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」の「牧場直送!北海道ソフトクリーム」▲Fresh flavor as it is delivered directly from farms. (The picture is provided by MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO)


Many rare products which are hard to find around Tokyo 

Not only Hokkaido milk used for “Hokkaido Milk Tasting Set”, but they also sell approximately 30 kinds of natural cheese carefully selected from cheese factories all over Hokkaido. There are not many chances to see this variety of Hokkaido cheese around Tokyo! 

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」のチーズ30種▲Various cheeses with full of attractions.

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」で販売されているミルクジャム▲They also have plenty of milk jams. 

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」オリジナルTシャツ(左)とトートバッグ(右)▲They also sell original T-Shirt (left) and tote bags (right)


Events to interact with Hokkaido farmers and live streaming

They invite farmers from Hokkaido and host events to learn about farming in Hokkaido every month. People can experience the attractions of farming in Hokkaido through simulated milking workshop and interaction with farmers. They also plan to do live streaming from farms in Hokkaido using the big monitor in the shop.

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」北海道の酪農家来場イベント▲Farmers are also looking forward to interacting with consumers in Tokyo and listen to their voices. (The picture is provided by MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO)

東京・吉祥寺「MILKLAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO」店内の様子▲You can also learn major production areas and characteristics.  

The shop is limitedly open until March 25, 2018, and delicious Hokkaido milk is waiting for you. Experience the deliciousness of world’s top-class milk at “MILK LAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO” to the fullest! 



Website: http://www.milkland-hokkaido.com/milkland_tokyo/
Dates: November 15, 2017, to March 25, 2018
Place: coppice KICHIJOJI A-building 1F (1 Chome-11-5 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo)
Access: 2 minutes walk from JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line Kichijoji Station and Keio Inokashira Line Kichijoji Station
Hours: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM 
Working Dates: Follow coppice KICHIJOJI
Phone: 0422-27-2315


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