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Release | Yuki Konishi

“Hanasaki Crab Ramen” is an instant ramen contains chunky pieces of Nemuro’s local food


In spite of its price, 450 yen, the luxurious instant noodle “Hanasaki Crab Ramen” sold over 10,000 cups in less than one year from the start of selling. How is the noodle like? I visited the Michi No Eki “Swan 44 Nemuro” to try the noodles.


Swan 44 Nemuro is located along the National Route 44, at the door of Nemuro City. The facility’s uniqueness is that it is covered with glasses and people can get a stunning view of Lake Furen and Shunkunitai. 
Speaking of Lake Furen, it is one of the biggest landing zones in Japan for swans. Other than swans, many kinds of wild birds are observed here, and people can enjoy bird watching in and out of the facility. 


I took a look around the shop inside the facility “Bird Pal”, and I found it! The Hanasaki Crab Ramen was displayed on the shelf we can notice easily. 


There used to be instant noodles using freeze-dried Hanasaki Crabs in Nemuro before, but it finished selling in 2012. Many people wished to have it again, so Nemuro-Shi Kanko Kaihatsu Kosha Inc., which manages the Michi No Eki, recreated the noodles in a new way and started selling from April 2016. 

I heard that people could enjoy the noodles at the shop after purchasing. I got some boiled water and tried it!


The characteristic of the new version is that they used sealed pouch and put the boiled pieces of Hanasaki Crab to keep the flavor and texture as it is, instead of using freeze-dried pieces. They valued the chewiness of the noodles and used freeze-dried non-fried noodles.


Waited for 4 minutes and it’s done! 
As you can see from the clearness of the soup, the flavor is light and contained lots of seaweeds. 
For the most important part, Hanasaki Crabs, I wish if they put more pieces, but the chunky pieces had enough amount to enjoy the flavor of Hanasaki Crabs! 


Hanasaki Crab, which is a famous local food of Nemuro, is getting more and more expensive because the catch quota is decreasing every year. They wanted to charge 500 yen per cup in truth but tried their best to make it 450 yen. In addition to that, the number of souvenirs using Hanasaki Crabs is limited, and it is a precious product. This instant noodle is also popular as a gift from Furusato Tax. (*The tax system in Japan which people can pick their favorite cities/towns to pay tax to. The cities/town sometimes send you back some gifts by paying tax to them)
I understood that there are many people enjoy the noodles in the facility and buy some for souvenirs as well. They also do delivery service to all parts of Japan. Why don’t you enjoy the flavor of Nemuro at your home? 

ねむろ春国岱物語シリーズのお菓子▲This is Michi No Eki Swan 44 Nemuro’s original cookie “Nemuro Shunkunitai Story” series. The box is like a book, and people can enjoy stories from the motifs of Blakiston’s fish-owl, swan, Steller’s sea eagle, and White-tailed eagle. 
  • “Hanasaki Crab Ramen” is an instant ramen contains chunky pieces of Nemuro’s local food

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Yuki Konishi