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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Cheese Omelet” sold separately! - Recommended gifts you can purchase in Sapporo

The place I want to recommend who drives around Sapporo is “Pastry Snaffles Sapporo Kiyota Branch” in Kiyota-Ku Sapporo. It is located along National Route 36 which connects Sapporo and Shin-Chitose Airport, and there is also a cafe. You can purchase the famous “Cheese Omelet” separately here!

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店のチーズムレット

About 30 to 40 minutes drive from central Sapporo and about one hour from Shin-Chitose Airport.

“Pastry Snaffles Sapporo Kiyota Branch”, the bright white building which catches people’s eyes, it a shop with factory and a cafe. 

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店の外観▲(The picture is provided by Pastry Snaffles)

As a “local confectionary” where local people can enjoy, they offer all confections of Snaffles. 

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店の内観

Pastry Snaffles which was established in 1992 became famous nationally by “Cheese Omelet” which started selling in 2000.

This smooth soufflé cheesecake which melts instantly in the mouth has become an iconic product of Snaffles.

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店のチーズオムレット▲“Cheese Omelet”

At “Sapporo Odori Branch” and “Shin-Chitose Airport Branch”, people can only purchase in a box, but here in Kiyota Branch, you can buy them separately! 

For those of you who would like to try yourself, separately from souvenirs, you can get from one piece at this shop. 

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店のチーズオムレット

“In our company, we use the thick paper under the cake as a spoon when we eat the cake.” Kayo Sasao from the Planning Department told me. I never realized, but it is really a smart way to eat the cake! You can do the same! 


“Seasonal Roll Cake” is easy to carry

There are many pastries perfect for souvenirs and gifts as it lasts long, but if you are planning to finish in 2-3 days, why don’t you try “Seasonal Roll Cake”? There are many fans of this roll cake that Snaffles create different flavors for each event such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. 

They had “Baked Chestnut Roll” when I visited there (October). It had a strong aroma of chestnut and bitter flavor of chestnut pieces. I enjoyed the taste of chestnut thoroughly. The dough was fluffy and chewy. They told me that they use rice powder.

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店の季節のロールケーキ▲“Seasonal Roll Cake”

People who are worried about carrying roll cake, you don’t have to worry. Snaffles put all roll cakes into a plastic case. Its shape does not get bad easily, and that is part of the reason why I recommend this roll cake for souvenirs. 

Also “Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato”, which is limitedly sold at this shop, was really creamy and thick. Try this one, too. 

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店の限定菓子▲“Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato”. Don’t you think this elegant package is nice as well? Snaffles design all the packages in-house and they are all unique. 


“Afternoon Tea Set” contains Snaffles an exquisite taste

“Afternoon Tea Set” is very popular at the cafe. It is only 1,500 yen (without tax) per person and contains appetizer, salad, sandwich, terrine, pickles, selectable today’s cake, pastries, and drinks. (Afternoon Tea Set is offered from 11:00 am to last order 4:30 pm and you have to order at least for 2 persons)

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店のアフタヌーンティーセット▲“Afternoon Tea Set”

The Afternoon Tea Set contains their exquisite taste as they cook pickles and salad in the kitchen in the cafe, etc. 

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店のアフタヌーンティーセット


Take your time to enjoy the set of English tea and pleasant chats. 

ペイストリー スナッフルス さっぽろ清田店のカフェ▲(The picture is provided by Pastry Snaffles)

Finish your journey at “Pastry Snaffles Sapporo Kiyota Branch” with delicious pastries. 
  • “Cheese Omelet” sold separately! - Recommended gifts you can purchase in Sapporo

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Fumiko Magota