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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Marusei Butter Sand” and original “washi tape” - Recommended gifts you can purchase in Sapporo

To all “Rokkatei” fans, you should stop by “Rokkatei Sapporo Honten” if you visit Sapporo! They sell not only confections such as “Marusei Butter Sand” and original goods, but also delicious cafe menus such as “Marusei Ice Cream Sand”.


How is “Rokkatei Sapporo Honten” like? 

“Rokkatei” is a confectionary company established in 1933 in Obihiro. 

“We aim to be a local ‘snack shop’, and produce confections that are purchasable every day, flavors people never get bored, various products to enjoy choosing what to have for the day, and a warm atmosphere just like home.” The public relations of Rokkatei told us. 

They have shops in Obihiro, Sapporo, Kushiro, Hakodate, Furano, and Asahikawa for now. Confections of Rokkatei are very familiar to us who grew up in Hokkaido, as everyday snacks, and as presents. 

In particular, “Rokkatei Sapporo Honten” opened in 2015. 


On the first floor, they sell various confections, both western and Japanese, such as a long seller and their signature product “Marusei Butter Sand”, and “Hirobiro”, which was specially created as a memorial confection for the opening of Sapporo branch. 

六花亭札幌本店の内観▲The first floor is very spacious, and people can take as much time as they want for shopping. 

六花亭札幌本店のマルセイバターサンド▲“Marusei Butter Sand” puts the cream mixed white chocolate, raisin, and butter using 100% Hokkaido produced milk, between biscuits used special flours. 

六花亭札幌本店のひろびろ▲There are two kinds of “Hirobiro”; milk chocolate and strawberry chocolate. 

And there are various original goods such as pens and files with the famous flower prints drawn by Naoyuki Sakamoto, the same print as the packages of Rokkatei confections! 

Don’t you think people will surprise that they never knew such things existed if you bring those as presents? 

六花亭札幌本店のクリアファイル▲Clear file folder

六花亭札幌本店のボールペン▲A pen

六花亭札幌本店のマステ▲There are two kinds of washi tapes; the one is famous flower print and…

六花亭札幌本店ノマステ▲the other is Marusei Butter Sand label print. 


There are unique confections which you can taste at the store! 

There are desserts you can try at the cafe. 

The first one is “Saku-Saku Pie” and the second one is “Marusei Ice Cream Sand” which started selling at the same time of the opening of Sapporo Honten, are desserts you can purchase at the first floor. 

Both can’t be carried for a long time thus not suitable for souvenirs. Enjoy the desserts just by yourself! 

六花亭札幌本店のサクサクパイ▲“Saku-Saku Pie”. They put moist cream inside a piece of the cylindrical pie. 

六花亭札幌本店のマルセイアイスサンド▲“Marusei Ice Cream Sand”. The white chocolate ice cream mixed with raisin put between biscuits. 

On the other hand at the cafe on the second floor, they offer light meals such as pizza and cakes. There is also the limited menu for Sapporo Honten Cafe such as “Sapporo Shokubutsuen”. 

六花亭札幌本店の喫茶室のメニュー▲“Sapporo Shokubutsuen” changes ingredients and flavors seasonally. The above picture is the autumn version which contains unbaked cheesecake and chestnuts. 

“Rokkatei Sapporo Honten” is five minutes walk from JR Sapporo Station. You should definitely stop by here before you go to Shin-Chitose Airport!
  • “Marusei Butter Sand” and original “washi tape” - Recommended gifts you can purchase in Sapporo

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Fumiko Magota