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Release | Fumiko Magota

“ina cafe mame”, a nostalgic cafe in the middle of rice fields is perfect for your break from a road trip

“ina cafe mame” is located in the middle of rice fields in Uryu Town. It’s a cafe renovated an old Japanese-style home. The interior with old furniture and tatami mats creates nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere. Why don’t you visit the cafe for a break from a road trip?

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆

1-hour drive from Asahikawa using National Route 12, 1 hour and 45 minutes from Sapporo using Hokkaido Expressway. 

The building of “ina cafe mame” in Uryu Town was built during Taisho period. The building is as it is at the time it was built except kitchen and living room which were reformed around 1965 to 1975. People who visited here a long time ago come back here and be surprised to see how it retains its shape. 

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆

“I guess the chief builder had great skills. The eaves are straight, and we can open and close windows and doors smoothly. We just changed tatami mats and Fusuma (Japanese style sliding doors) but never rebuilt anything.”

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆▲The cafe has a relaxing atmosphere like a house of grandmother in a suburb. If you look around the room carefully, you will notice all sorts of old stuff such as wooden carved bear, pestle crush and pounder, horsing equipment, glass bottles, iron-made stoves, Japanese abacus, chests, etc. It is fun! 

The second generation owner of the cafe, Noriko Ito, told us. She was a regular customer since the first generation owner was still working. She inherited the cafe from the previous owner and works here from January 2016. 

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆の伊藤さん▲Ms. Ito. 

“The previous owner asked me to inherit the cafe at the time when my parenting got settled and trying to start something to become a pastry chef, which was my longtime dream. I thought a little while about it, but I loved the place, and it was too sad if the place is gone. I accepted the offer, thinking that I can bake something here.” 

It was her first time to run a restaurant, but she supported a huge family for a long time. She prepared cafe menus such as pasta, rice dishes, and desserts using local and Hokkaido produced ingredients, from her experience of cooking at home. 

The popular dishes are “Hashed Beef Rice”, prepared with potherb and tomatoes cooked over a low flame for a long time and “Chicken Peperoncino”, which puts crunchy grilled chicken pieces on the pasta.

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆のハッシュドビーフ▲“Hashed Beef Rice”

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆のパスタ▲“Chicken Peperoncino”

Also, “Today’s One-plate Cake” changes weekly. When we visited, it had soba powder cookie, orange jelly, and banana cake. The cafe uses underflow water from Mt. Shokanbetsu. I felt the coffee was smooth and delicious! 

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆のスイーツ▲Today’s One-plate Cake”

You should not miss seasonal sceneries such as all-white winter covered with snow and rice field reflecting the scenery in spring. 

雨竜町のイナカフェ豆の冬景色▲(The photo is provided by ina cafe mame)

雨竜町のina cafe 豆の春の風景▲(The photo is provided by ina cafe mame)

When we visited there, it was right before harvesting and tips of ripening golden rice were hanging down. 

雨竜町の古民家カフェina cafe 豆▲The photo was taken in mid-September. 

The neighborhood is very quiet, and we could hear only sounds from nature such as the sound of wind and birds singing even in the cafe. Rice field, mountains, wooden built houses. You will surely get relaxed here from the Japanese rural scenery unchanged for a long time! 

They are open through winter as well. However, they do shorten the business hours so visit here with a call in advance. 
  • “ina cafe mame”, a nostalgic cafe in the middle of rice fields is perfect for your break from a road trip

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Fumiko Magota