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Release | Yuki Konishi

Try baking Nemuro’s local food “Oranda Senbei” at “Ekuhashi Osenbe Café”!


It’s called Senbei but looks like a waffle. The soft texture of chewing is the addicting part of Nemuro’s local confection “Oranda Senbei” (The Netherlands Senbei). It is said, the confection imported from the Netherlands to Nagasaki became “Oranda-Yaki” long time ago, then it was passed to Nemuro by fishermen who moved around Japan to follow fish. 


“There used to be multiple producers of Oranda Senbei in Nemuro City, but there are only two factories now.” Daisuke Itaya from one of the factory “Working House” told us. He also manages “Ekuhashi No Yado”. 


“Ekuhashi Osenbe Café” opened their business as the new Oranda Senbei factory by Working House, on July 16, 2017. Visitors not only can observe the process of making Oranda Senbei but also can experience baking Oranda Senbei by themselves with reservations by the day before. 


The surprising texture of freshly baked Oranda Yaki! Prepare souvenir of Nemuro by yourself

So we participated in the Oranda Senbei baking experience! First, we wore a white robe for pastry chefs, rubber gloves, and cotton gloves. 


Pour the dough which contains flour, sugar, milk, etc., to one side of the mold. The size is smaller than the normal Oranda Senbei on sale. Be careful not to spread the dough too much. 


After pouring the dough, cover it with the other side of the mold. Wait for one side to be baked completely. 


Then you will need to flip the mold, but the mold is quite heavy. Bake the other side, too. 


Is it ready now? The color looks good!  
I tried the freshly baked Oranda Senbei; it’s a privilege for the participants to this experience. The texture was surprisingly crunchy! “If you put more heat, the texture becomes even crunchier”, Mr. Itaya told us. When it’s cooled down after a while, it changes to the familiar soft texture. 


Repeat the procedure two times, and you can bring back 8 pieces of Oranda Senbei. Handmade Oranda Senbei with “crust” will be a unique souvenir from Nemuro. 
Participants also can get one piece of any flavors of Oranda Senbei produced by Working House! The experience also includes a drink and takes about one hour, costs 2,000 yen per person. 


Ekuhashi Osenbe Café is a great place for a small break to travelers! They have Nemuro’s signature products and latest information!

Ekuhashi Osenbe Café is very close to JR Nemuro Station. They also have the cafe area; visitors can enjoy original menus such as Oranda Senbei topped with soft serve, Oranda Senbei sandwich containing whipped cream and custard cream, etc. 


Also, they sell souvenirs such as processed marine products and snacks and provides pamphlets about sightseeing information in Nemuro City and surrounded areas. It seems like planning the next move of your trip here while enjoying Oranda Senbei is a great idea. 

  • Try baking Nemuro’s local food “Oranda Senbei” at “Ekuhashi Osenbe Café”!

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Yuki Konishi