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Release | Fumiko Magota

Enjoy autumn weekend at the hidden autumn color spot in Sapporo “Beni Zakura Park”

“Beni Zakura Park” in Sapporo City Minami-Ku decided to operate all through winter from 2017. In the park, there are walks and a fishing pond, and autumn colors are beautiful in October usually. You can also try Genghis Khan and rainbow trout Chan-Chan-Yaki using soy sauce and Miso from “Fukuyama Jozo”. Why don’t you come here for an autumn weekend trip?



Beautiful scenery definitely photogenic and the sukiya style tea house

9 minutes by car and 30 minutes by foot from Metro Nanboku Line Jieitai-Mae Station. “Beni Zakura Park” is the approximately 8 hectares park spread along the slopes of mountains. The composition of old trees, stone with names, 14 large and small artificial ponds are extremely artistic. The scenery might be quite rare to see in Hokkaido. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」▲The walk surrounded by tall trees. You can walk around in about 40 minutes. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」▲The trees were colored about 40 to 60 percent when we visited there (Oct 6, 2017), but I saw few people here with cameras. By the way, the park is well-known as a place to view cherry blossoms in spring. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」のいけと滝▲The pond and the waterfall. There are koi fishes in the pond. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」の石▲Stones with names are everywhere to add spices to the scenery.

The history of the park is quite long. A family from Kanazawa started forestry business here, where were primitive forests and volcanic ash land called Sakurayama at that time, during Meiji Period. They started to create gardens after the war and even after making it public in 1955, they kept working on to make the garden more beautiful to reach their goal to create “Kenroku-en Garden in Hokkaido”. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」の神社▲The shrine built in 1915. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」のにじますのつりぼり▲The rainbow trout fishing pond. If you catch one, they will cook it for you in the park! 

“Kinomi Chaya”, the Sukiya-style tea house, was built at the end of Showa Period. They provide coffee, homemade Shiso juice, etc. It’s a perfect place to take a break from exploring the garden. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」▲The main entrance of the tea house with a thatched roof created by the artisan from Akita Prefecture. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」の茶屋▲The tea house with thatched roof, which is planning to be open during winter from this year (on the right) and tea room “Jukoan” (on the left). Space is very photogenic to post on SNS! 

When you enter inside, you will notice that the floor is graveled. The back of the shop continuing to “Jukoan” had rocks piled up, and spring water from spaces in between the rocks was flowing. It had rich emotional appeals. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」の茶屋▲The inside of tea house is built with round timber such as Sakhalin fir, Japanese larch, Akita cedar, and Hondo spruce. The inside which has uncovered beam had quite an impact. Their tables are all one big board. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」の茶屋のメニュー▲“Beni Zakura Otemae Coffee Set (Includes coffee Yokan cafe au lait flavor)” The “Otemae Coffee” was limited in “Cafe Sapporo Coffee Kan” but it became available in here, too! The coffee made with a tea whisk has very mild texture. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」のしそじゅーす▲“Shiso juice (homemade)” which boiled down Shiso leaves had strong Shiso flavor! It had right sourness and natural flavor soaked into my body. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」の茶室「寿光庵」▲The tea room “Jukoan” is built next to the tea house. They use 1,500 years old piece of yew for the alcove post. The Japanese style balcony (Engawa) is also photogenic. 


There is the new flavor of Genghis Khan sauce! 

“Beni Zakura Honkan”, opened four years after the tea house, is a restaurant where visitors can enjoy Genghis Khan and rainbow trout cuisines. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」の本館▲“Beni Zakura Honkan” is built with Akita cedar. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」のべにざくら本館▲The beams are uncovered in this building, too, creating the spacious environment with the high ceiling. There are both tatami seats and table seats. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」のジンギスカン▲Raw lamb Genghis Khan set (rice, miso soup, pickles, and one side dish). They have an all-you-can-eat menu as well, of course. 

They now have a new flavor to the Genghis Khan sauce using “Tomoe Hidaka Konbu Soy Sauce” from “Tomoe” (Fukuyama Jozo), adding to the standard homemade sauce loved for a long time. 

Also, they now have a new menu “Rainbow Trout Chan-Chan-Yaki”. This is the local food of Hokkaido flavors steamed vegetable and fish with two kinds of Miso from “Tomoe” and butter. 

札幌市南区澄川の「紅櫻公園」のニジマスちゃんちゃん焼き▲“Rainbow Trout Chan-Chan-Yaki”. They provide half of a rainbow trout, so it is plenty for two to three people.  

The management of the park changed from September 2017, and they are in the middle of the renewal project to 2018 spring; building western style toilet, Wi-Fi, re-using of the annex, building a training facility. 

The manager Hirofumi Tsuchida told us that they are planning various winter events such as “Hanami in the snow” adding to normal operations. “We will have a Halloween event on October 28th and 29th! We are planning to have stamp rally, vegetable market, karaoke, and all-you-can-eat Genghis Khan. Please come visit the event!” Those who are interested, ask details to the park. 

“Beni Zakura Park” offers lots of things to do; great nature, photogenic buildings and seasonal views, and events. Bookmark this park to your memory! 
  • Enjoy autumn weekend at the hidden autumn color spot in Sapporo “Beni Zakura Park”

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Fumiko Magota