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Release | Takako Chiba

The small hat shop “Le Reve” in Kushiro offers one of a kind hats

釧路の「Le Reve(ル・レーヴ)」

All hats are handmade and one of a kind, none of them is the same. “Le Reve” creates the only one hat in the world in Kushiro. The combination of textiles is infinite. If you find something inspirational, that means that the hat is calling you.

“Le Reve” founded in 2011 in Kushiro City, east part of Hokkaido

“I love hats, and I used to visit hat shops often, but items that I find attractive were all expensive. It all began when I thought that I might be able to make one.” Wakiko Endate, the founder of hat specialty shop “Le Reve” in Kushiro, told us. She is the founder, designer, and artisan. Which means, she runs the shop all by herself. 

帽子専門店「Le Reve」の圓館和貴子さん▲Wakiko Endate from the hat specialty shop “Le Reve”. “My husband helps me sometimes like carrying the products when I visit other places to sell, but I do everything by myself basically.” 

The reason why she thought that she might be able to make one if the hat is too expensive, is that she had basic knowledges about clothing from a fashion school. However, she studied about clothes, not hats. Therefore, she visited her former teacher at the fashion school and asked for help to create hat; “only the basic stuff is enough, so please teach me about making hats.” 

帽子専門店「Le Reve」の圓館和貴子さん▲Endate told us; “the attraction of hats is that it makes clothes fashionable and changes the impression of clothes totally even if you are wearing the same clothes. I believe such power in hats.” 

From that, she made patterns and started creating hats. At first, she made hats she wanted only for herself as a hobby, but friends saw that hats asked her to make hats for them, too. It gradually spread by word of mouth. Then, she founded the hat specialty shop “Le Reve” in 2011.  

The combination of textiles are infinite; she creates hats using her inspiration and feelings of the day

The hats from “Le Reve” has 6 patterns such as hat, baseball cap, beret, etc. She sometimes makes hats with just one textile, but it is rather rare. She normally combines different textiles just like patchwork. 

釧路の帽子専門店「Le Reve」▲The second floor of her house is atelier and shop. Even the shape is the same, all of the hats are one of a kind because prints, color, and texture of textiles are all different.  

Do you have any rules of patterns in combining textiles? 
“No, there aren’t any. When I think about the combination, I put textiles on the floor and pick what I felt like from my inspiration. So it is very quick usually, but there are days I feel difficult to pick patterns, too. Also, there are times that I change my mind and stop proceeding by seeing the pattern on the next day. ”
Which means, hats from “Le Reve” reflects Endate’s artistic sensibility. 
帽子専門店「Le Reve」の圓館和貴子さん▲She takes 2.5 hours to 4 hours to create one piece. She only can create three hats per day even if she works really hard.

釧路の帽子専門店「Le Reve(ル・レーヴ)」▲She tries to finish at least one hat every day.

You can buy hats from “Le Reve”’s online shop as well, and she also accepts custom-made. When it is custom-made, she proposes patterns of prints to customers, but she says that customers choose to be in her hands most of the times. 
People who like hats from “Le Reve” means that they like the combination made from Endate’s feelings and inspiration so I can understand that many customers choose to be in her hands even if it is custom-made. 

「Le Reve」のミニポーチ▲She also creates small purse in the shape of hats. This was very cute. 


From Kushiro to the United States!

She created distribution channel at her own shop, cafes and clothes shops in Kushiro-City, and handmade markets, but her bigger dream is to sell her hats in the United States. 

釧路の「Le Reve」 

“I feel like Europe such as Paris is more into brands but the United States welcomes everything. I have a feeling that I can challenge to the market with just hats. “ Her eyes sparkled.
In fact, the meaning of “Le Reve” is “dream” in French. “Using ‘Dream’ for my brand was alright with me, but there was another ‘Dream’ in the city, which is a bakery, so I chose to use French.”
The small hat shop “Le Reve” continuously creates the only one hat in the world, dreaming about selling the hats in the United States, from eastern Hokkaido. 

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