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Yulia Ezhikova, the Instagrammer delivering attractions of Hokkaido

Yulia Ezhikova is the Instagrammer who delivers attractions of Hokkaido from Niseko area. She posts beautiful landscapes and food in Hokkaido on her Instagram page. 

ユリア・エジコバさん▲Yulia Ezhikova is from Saint Petersburg in Russia. She moved to Kucchan-cho Hirafu about a year ago. 

When she reached a stopping point in her work, she decided to move to Hokkaido

After she studied, she moved to Vietnam. She kept working in marketing domains for fashion, hospitality, etc., for few years and at a point, she stopped and thought about the future. That was the time she decided to move to Hokkaido. 

“I sat down and thought about who I was. When I did that, the snowy landscapes of Russia, where I was born, came up.“

Then she searched on the internet “the snowiest place in the world” and found out about Hokkaido.

“I never knew Japan had so much snow. I never knew about Niseko, which is one of the highly rated ski resorts in the world, or Sapporo Snow Festival. I thought this is crazy! And at the same time, my mind was already made up to come here.” 

Hirafu area, where Yulia works, gets so many visitors from abroad to do skiing. There are many people from all around the world living in the area, but most of them stay here because they loved skiing in winter. She told us that she is unique because she has never done skiing or snowboarding. 

比羅夫の町並み▲Central Hirafu look like some English spoken country. There are fewer people compared to winter, and it feels like time passes slowly in summer. 

She now works in international reservation department in a hospitality company who owns and manages multiple accommodations in Niseko area and does writing and photography work as well. 

Her Instagram page @talesofhokkaido delivers attractions of Hokkaido


After she moved to Hokkaido and spent few month, she opened the Instagram page @talesofhokkaido to deliver attractions of Hokkaido. 

Yulia told me that the trigger was a problem she felt after moving to Hokkaido. 

“I realized how beautiful Hokkaido is after moving here. In spite of its attractions, there is not much English information about it. The very attractive place near central Hirafu is not known to my friends. I started the Instagram page because I wanted to deliver attractions of Hokkaido, which are not delivered because of the language barriers, in Instagram where I can fully use the power of images.” 
Yulia’s Instagram page is filled with beauties of Hokkaido. 

羊蹄山▲Mt. Yotei. * The photo is provided by Yulia Ezhikova

洞爺湖でのパドルボート▲The paddle boat at Lake Toya.  * The photo is provided by Yulia Ezhikova

One of her favorite attractions of Hokkaido is its nature. She wants to visit not only Mt. Yotei but also Lake Toya, Shiretoko, Kushiro Marsh, etc., as well. She loves to hike and ride a bike, so she tries to go out every day off to feel nature of Hokkaido. 

It will be almost one year since she moved to Hokkaido, but she told me that there were several culture shocks she encountered. 

“There are many things I have experienced like comfortable toilet, earthquake, onsen, but I was most surprised by the deliciousness of the food here. The ingredient itself is really tasty, and vegetables are all fresh and huge! I was also surprised to discover so many varieties of Japanese food. Before coming here, I only knew few Japanese food such as sushi, but I encountered the most delicious soba noodles here. I guess the place can serve such delicious soba because the farm is just behind the restaurant and water is so clear.” 

I asked Yulia about her favorite food, and she said it’s Soup Curry! She told me that whenever she finds Soup Curry, she always order that and compare the flavor. 

She told us that she was really lucky that she could settle in Hokkaido so smoothly. First of all, it is hard to find a position does not require Japanese language skills. It is always better to have certain Japanese ability as she said that she has a hard time at supermarkets. 

“Since I can’t read packages, I often send pictures from supermarkets to my friends. They are really helpful.” 

Another problem is hospitals. The nearest English speaking hospital is in Sapporo, so she is extra careful about her health. 


She told me that her dream is to stay in Niseko area. “One day, I want to buy a house at the foot of Mt. Yotei and live with a dog!”
  • Yulia Ezhikova, the Instagrammer delivering attractions of Hokkaido