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NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (4)


“NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE” is particular about using organic, and Hokkaido produced ingredients. The cafe is well-known for lunch and pancakes, but the popularity of their parfait is raising recently! You can enjoy parfait with “Gelateria NOYMOND”’s gelato using organic milk and seasonal fruits, Kurosengoku tea, etc.


There are two branches in central Sapporo

There are two branches in Sapporo. The flagship store “Honten” is located in between Tanukikoji Shopping Street and Susukino, Minami 3 Jo Nishi 2-Chome. The other “Le trois” branch is located on the 8th floor of the shopping mall “Le trois” near Sapporo TV Tower, Odori Nishi 1-Chome. You can enjoy parfait at both branches. I went to the Honten this time. 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」外観▲Honten is one to two minutes walk from Tanukikoji Shopping Street and Susukino. It is a perfect location to visit both during the day to have a cup of coffee and after drinks. 

The first floor of its building is a gelato shop “Gelateria NOYMOND”. “NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE Honten” is located on the second floor. Use the stairs inside the gelato shop to find the cafe. 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」内観▲I found gelatos right in front of me when I opened the door! 

“Gelateria NOYMOND”’s gelatos use organic milk produced at a farm in Chitose Kyuryo as a base. You can enjoy various gelatos using fresh vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, corn, and pumpkin. The parfaits provided at “NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE” use gelatos from here. 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」ジェラート▲The flavor of gelato changes seasonally. About 16 kinds are available all the time. 

Let’s go upstairs and try the popular parfaits! 


Tried three kinds of parfaits! All of them were too delicious

“NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE Honten” re-opened in 2016. They started serving parfaits since the re-open, and it became as popular as lunch, dinner menu, and pancakes. Many people visit the cafe to try their parfaits. 

 「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」内観▲The cafe is spacious and has a relaxing atmosphere. 

They offer 6 kinds of standard parfaits and monthly premium parfaits. 
I will introduce three parfaits in this article:

“Strawberry Parfait” (1,400 yen)
“Orange Chocolate Parfait” (1,250 yen)
“Tea Parfait” (1,100 yen)

First of all, let’s try “Strawberry Parfait”. 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」▲No matter I was a lone man, I enjoyed the parfait! 

The strawberry gelato had mild sourness but still juicy. The milk gelato was light but sweet and had slightly milky aftertaste! The thick white chocolate and sweet strawberry jam were giving great accents to the flavor. The parfait was totally well-balanced. 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」パフェ▲The left one is “Strawberry Parfait” and the right one is “Orange Chocolate Parfait”.

The next one I tried is “Orange Chocolate Parfait”. 
This was a parfait proving that orange and chocolate are a great matching. When I put both of them in my mouth, the sourness of orange opens in bitter sweetness of chocolate with chocolate chips; as if a flower bloomed in my mouth. The orange and chocolate cookie toppings were giving great accents with strong flavor and different texture. The parfait tasted sophisticated. 

The last one “Tea Parfait” was great, too! 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」パフェ▲“Tea Parfait” uses home-roasted organic Kurosengoku tea gelato and matcha gelato.  

It is a Japanese style parfait providing bitter flavors of Kurosengoku tea and matcha and strong flavor of Kinako powders. The Kinako has a deep flavor and interesting texture; the soft mochi is like pickles during a meal. It is quite filling but not heavy, providing delicate flavor. 


All menu lets us feel the natural flavors of ingredients

All of the parfaits at “NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE” which is particular about organic and Hokkaido produced ingredients, let us feel the mild flavor of ingredients itself and delicate deliciousness. 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」パフェ▲Their original parfaits using organic Hokkaido milk, organic vegetables, and fruits. I can’t decide which one to order… 

They also have other delicious dishes offering natural flavors of ingredients such as chewy pancakes using whole wheat flour, roll cakes using Kurosengoku beans cream, etc. 

「NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE」パンケーキ▲They provide four dessert pancakes and two meal pancakes. The picture above is one of their dessert pancakes “Red Berries” (1,250 yen)

Their dishes allow us to taste different seasonal flavors. All of the dishes make us want to enjoy the food slowly to feel the natural flavor of ingredients. Which one would you like to try?
The cafe can be used during the day and end of the day both, so visit the cafe whenever you feel like! 
  • NOYMOND ORGANIC CAFE - Sapporo Shime-Parfait series (4)