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Release | Fumiko Magota

“The Hill of Shiroi Koibito” in Rishiri Island, Mt. Rishiri viewed from here is in the package of the famous cookie!

“Numaura Observation deck” in Rishirifuji-Cho is a place to get beautiful views of Mt. Rishiri, Otatomari Pond, and the beach. From a reason, the place is called “The hill of Shiroi Koibito”, and couples who engaged here can get “Marriage Proposal Certificate”!


35 minutes drive from Oshidomari Port Ferry Terminal via Hokkaido Road No. 108. Drive the narrow road with the sign of Numaura Camp Site, the very southern part of the island. Then, you will reach to “The hill of Shiroi Koibito (Numaura Observation Deck)”. 

利尻富士町の「白い恋人の丘」(沼浦展望台)の入口▲The sign of Numaura Camp Site can be seen on the left side when you drive from Oshidomari. (The picture above is taken from the opposite side)

利尻富士町の「白い恋人の丘」(沼浦展望台)への道路▲Drive the narrow road. 

The sight opens at once, and you instantly get the view of the deep blue color beach, steep Mt. Rishiri and Otatomari Pond in front of the mountain. 




I thought birds flying above was kites, but they were huge seagulls. I could hear birds singing and voices of Nightingales from somewhere. The observation deck is located at 42.7 meters elevation. It also lets you enjoy a 360 degrees view! The place is highly recommended to get a beautiful view. 

Why is this place called “The Hill of Shiroi Koibito”? It is because the drawing of mountain printed on the package of the famous confectionery from Hokkaido “Shiroi Koibito” (Ishiya Co., Ltd.) is Mt. Rishiri seen from here. The president of Ishiya Co., Ltd. at that time visited Rishiri Island and was moved so much by Mt. Rishiri which looked like mountains in Switzerland. Therefore, he made an illustration of Mt. Rishiri to print on the package. 

利尻富士町の「白い恋人の丘」(沼浦展望台)▲Compare the figure to the package of “Shiroi Koibito”! 

People who proposed marriage at the observation deck from April 15 to October 31 can get a “Marriage Proposal Certificate” if you bring the picture of the marriage proposal to Rishirifuji-cho Tourist Information (located in Oshidomari Port Ferry Terminal’s “Seaside Station Oshidomari”)! Those of you who are thinking of getting married, why don’t you propose marriage here? The spectacular views of magnificent nature here makes you foresee the future of two young people! 

利尻富士町の「白い恋人の丘」(沼浦展望台)のプロポーズ証明書▲This is the “Marriage Proposal Certificate”. 

The view is truly amazing from here. I felt soft breeze from beach take away my fatigue from work and clear my mind. If you are visiting Mt. Rishiri, you should not miss visiting here! 

  • “The Hill of Shiroi Koibito” in Rishiri Island, Mt. Rishiri viewed from here is in the package of the famous cookie!

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Fumiko Magota