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Release | Fumiko Magota

Amazing views! A hidden gem in Rebun Island, the shell beach

I will introduce a hidden gem in Rebun Island! It is a beach filled with shells, located in Funadomari Village at the northern part of the island. The beach was truly filled with shells like carpet, and the view was astonishing. Enjoy together with the view of the Sea of Japan in the northernmost part of the island!


Approximately 30 minutes drive from Kafuka Port Ferry Terminal on Hokkaido Prefectural Road No. 40. Turn left and take Hokkaido Prefectural Road No, 507. Park your car at the parking of Rebuncho Sogo Koen Park. Walk along the beach then find an animal trail to go down to the beach. There, you will find the shell beach! 

礼文島北部の総合公園▲Rebuncho Sogo Koen Park.

礼文島北部の貝殻の浜へつづくみち▲Walk along the beach to west, and you will find an animal trail going to the beach. 

礼文島北部の貝殻の浜へとつづくけものみち▲This is the animal trail. 

It was hard to notice in the distance, but when I got closer…


Shells, shells, shells, and shells everywhere! A tremendous amount of shells washed ashore are piled up here! 

When I looked around, I noticed shells in far ahead. I am not sure how much exact distance would be, but maybe it continues one or two kilometers. 

My cameraman and I were so surprised to see the view, and we screamed each; “Woooooo” or “Waaaah!”

礼文島北部の貝殻の浜▲The view of the west side.

礼文島北部の貝殻の浜▲And the view of the east side. 

When I took a look carefully, I noticed all of them have different colors and prints. 


Doesn’t look them like art when they are buried in the sand?  


I found lots of shells with holes and searching for it was quite fun. You can use them as accessory parts! 

礼文島北部の貝殻の浜の貝殻のアップ▲A shell with a hole. 

​The beach is located in the northernmost part of the island, and the view is open. Stop by the beach if you are going to northern sights in Rebun Island such as Sukoton Misaki Cape or Kanedano Misaki Cape. 

  • Amazing views! A hidden gem in Rebun Island, the shell beach

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Fumiko Magota