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Release | Fumiko Magota

Get “45°N PASS” for a great deal to visit the northernmost lands in Japan!

Those of you who are thinking of traveling the northernmost area in Hokkaido! Have you gotten “45°N PASS”, the free-pass perfect for going around Wakkanai City, Rishiri Island, and Rebun Island? The pass will give you unlimited rides on ferries and route buses!

礼文島からみた利尻富士▲Rishiri Island seen from “Momo-iwa Tenbo-dai (observation point) Course” in Rebun Island trekking route which lets you enjoy spectacular views and alpine plants. (The photo is provided by Rebun Island)

“45°NPASS” is a free-pass for unlimited rides on ferries and route buses useful for sightseeing in the northernmost islands in Japan. 

稚内、利尻島、礼文島で使えるフリーパス「45°NPASS」▲Above is “45°NPASS”. The pass is like a passport and English, Chinese, Japanese versions are available. 

The price is 6,000 yen per book. (Tax included. Adults and children are the same prices. The pass is valid for 7 days) If you have the pass, you can get 4 privileges below. 

1) Unlimited ferry rides (second-class cabins) between Wakkanai to Rishiri Island, Wakkanai to Rebun Island, and Rishiri Islands to Rebun Island. 

2) Unlimited route bus rides in Rishiri Island and Rebun Island

3) Two 500 yen discount tickets which can be used for sightseeing buses and other facilities in Wakkanai, Rishiri Island, and Rebun Island. 

4) Discount and benefit on experience-based programs in Wakkanai, Rishiri Island, and Rebun Island. 

For your information, ferries cost: Wakkanai to Rebun Island (Oshidomari) is 2,140 yen for one-way, Wakkanai to Rebun Island (Kafuka) is 2,370 yen for one-way, and Rishiri Island (Oshidomari, Kutsugata) to Rebun Island (Kafuka) is 850 yen. (All of the prices are as of early August in 2017)

People who plan to go back and forth between Wakkanai and islands few times, who use route buses for trekking and hiking, who get around on sightseeing bus rather than car rental… The pass becomes a great deal depending on how you use.

Also, the pass contains various information not only about timetables of ferries and buses or maps but also sights in islands, model courses, experience programs, food, souvenirs, events, etc. The pass is small but contains tremendous information! If you have this pass, you will never miss great attractions in the northernmost land. 

稚内、利尻島、礼文島で使えるフリーパス「45°NPASS」▲The amount of information in the pass is like a guidebook! The pass is small and light, easy to see with lots of pictures. 

Shunichi Takenaka, who works for Rebun Island Tourist Association said “You will not hesitate to explore places because of the budget. Visit the great view again to see in better weather, go to a restaurant to enjoy delicious food again, shop to buy something you have missed, etc. Use the pass in whatever way you like! “

礼文島の竹中さん▲Mr. Takenaka

The pass is available to travelers who stay at participating accommodations in Wakkanai, Rishiri Island, Rebun Island for two nights or longer. (As long as it is one of the participating accommodations, locations may differ on the first night and the second night. ) You can purchase the pass by making a reservation via online or phone at least 7 days before the use start date. 

The reservation is available until September 15 in 2017, (limited availability) and the pass can be used until September 30. 

Visit their official website for more information!


Enjoy your trip to the northernmost part in Japan for a great deal. 

利尻島▲Rishiri Island
  • Get “45°N PASS” for a great deal to visit the northernmost lands in Japan!

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Fumiko Magota