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Enjoy Robata, Kushiro’s local food, at “Ganpeki Robata”


You cannot miss “Ganpeki Robata” if you visit Kushiro! It is located at the back of Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO with the view of fishing boats in front of the tent. The sound of charcoals burn, the smell of soy sauce dropped on scallops, smoky smell of capelin, the clinking sound of beer glasses are all icons of Robata!  


Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO’s “Ganpeki Robata” is until October 31

Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO’s “Ganpeki Robata” is a seasonally limited restaurant from May 19 to October 31. It is located at the back of the building of MOO. The restaurant is a tent at the wharf of Kushiro Port.

釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO「岸壁炉ばた」▲Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO “Ganpeki Robata” 

Visitors can get the view of Kushiro Port with fishing boats in front of the tent, so it’s an extraordinary situation! Also because the place is a tent, the curtain is removed when the weather is good. Visitors can enjoy the sea breeze and great seafood together; this is so “Kushiro”, the port city in Hokkaido! 

釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO「岸壁炉ばた」▲“Tairyoki” flags make the atmosphere nice. 


Grill fresh seafood from Hokkaido on charcoals! 

The characteristics of “Ganpeki Robata” is that visitors can grill seafood from Hokkaido by grilling on charcoals yourselves. Let’s start enjoying Robata, the local food of Kushiro! Hokkaido Likers team went to “Takatsuna”, which is one of the four “Ganpeki Robata” locations. This place lets visitors enjoy the Hokkaido limited beer “Sapporo Classic Beer”. 
釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO「たかつな」宇佐美龍さん ▲The manager of “Takatsuna”, Ryu Usami. There is also “Restaurant Takatsuna” in Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO. “We put fresh raw seafood outside, and I think it is not possible to warm or hot areas. This is unique to Kushiro, which is cool throughout the year. We stock seafood from a fisherman that I know of, so we are proud of our fresh and seasonal seafood.” Mr. Usami told us. 

When you come to “Ganpeki Robata”, get your seats first. Hokkaido Likers team came here at 5:00 PM on a Premium Friday. (Premium Friday is the last Friday of every month which company lets employees leave the office at 3:00 PM) We found lots of seats are booked already. They accept walk-ins if you are lucky but I recommended to make a reservation. However, there are some days that they do not accept reservations so check availability at the website of “Ganpeki Robata” in advance. 

釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO「岸壁炉ばた」▲Buy tickets first. We recommend starting from 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen per person. 

After getting the seats, buy tickets at the ticket booth. The ticket is sold from 1,000 yen, and people buy seafood and drinks using that tickets. Be careful that the tickets are not refundable and exchangeable to cash. People can purchase additional tickets from 50 yen at the ticket booth so get the amount you can finish at first and then buy additional tickets if you need more.

釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO「岸壁炉ばた」の「たかつな」▲Hokke, Okhotsk Atka mackerel, can not be missed if you come to Hokkaido! 

釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO「岸壁炉ばた」の「たかつな」▲The seasonal seafood differs depending on the timing. We found delicious looking Tokisake, a kind of salmon when we went there. 

Choose what to grill at “Takatsuna” after you get the tickets. They have Hokke (Okhotsk Atka mackerel), scallops, squid, shellfish, capelin, oyster… oh, also chicken wings and yakitori, vegetables and rice balls! It is very hard to decide! Everything looked delicious. Discussing what to grill with your friends is also an attraction of “Ganpeki Robata”, so enjoy this time, too.

釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO「岸壁炉ばた」の「たかつな」▲Staffs will kindly answer if you ask “what is best for the seasons?” “Ganpeki Robata” lets you enjoy communicating with locals, too. 

Grill the ingredients you chose at the Robata. “Ganpeki Robata” staffs give you hands for seafood that needs a little work before eating such as scallops and oysters. So ask staffs if you find seafood that you don’t have a clue to eat or don’t know right timing to eat. Staffs will kindly help you.

釧路岸壁炉ばたで魚介類を焼く▲Grilling the seafood that we bought! The sound and smell of grilling are attractions of Robata, too. 

釧路フィッシャーマンズMOOの岸壁炉ばた▲Staffs will cut the seafood. They will help you find out how to grill and right timing to eat, so don’t hesitate to talk to them. 

The kindest people at Robata is local people happen to be at the same table. “In Robata, we share the tables with strangers usually. If you are lucky and get local people at your table, they will tell you how to grill each seafood. I always hear stories that customers get along each other very well and go to another bar afterward, exchange contact information and exchange new year cards, or enjoy meeting them again at ‘Ganpeki Robata’ every year. Meeting and interacting with local people is another attraction of Ganpeki Robata.” Mr. Usami told us. 

釧路フィッシャーマンズMOOの岸壁炉ばた▲“Takatsuna”’s “Crab Chan-Chan Yaki” (Grilled crab and vegetables flavored with miso). It had plenty of crabs and made us drink too much beer! 

There are many restaurants with “Robata” signs in Kushiro City. If you have specific places you are interested, you can head to there but “Ganpeki Robata” lets you enjoy Robata casually regarding atmosphere and prices. I recommend visiting here first if you visit Kushiro for business trips or holidays. And gather information about Kushiro’s nightlife from locals at “Ganpeki Robata” then decide where to go next. 


The temperature is just right and summer-like weather now, but Kushiro gets pretty chilly at night. If you go out at night with casual clothes, you may be warming up by the fire of Robata. You should be aware that Kushiro is “cold even during summer”. Kushiro gets like autumn in August. Check the forecast and be prepared to enjoy the atmosphere and delicious seafood of Robata fully! 

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