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Release | Fumiko Magota

Visit “Tarumae Garo” in Tomakomai City to enjoy cool and refreshing scenery

Would you like to view the scenery of sharp cliff, moss, and river together? “Tarumae Garo” is popular as a picturesque spot and a place to enjoy the cool and refreshing scenery during summer. If you can visit from early July to mid-July, the fresh green moss is very beautiful!


“Tarumae Garo” is a gorge under Mt. Tarumae, located on the west side of Tomakomai City, which is next to Chitose City where Shin-Chitose Airport is located. It is said that a stream of lava from Mt. Tarumae became hard, then was eroded by snow-water after a long time. 


The vertical rocks on both sides of the river are about four to five meters high. Every year from late June to August, over 60 kinds of moss grow on the surface of rocks, creating a mystic scenery. 


When we went there in mid-June, huge rocks scattered in the river had become green already, but the rocks on both sides of the river still had rock surface. It will be covered with moss totally by early July, as it is sometimes referred as “green curtain”. In June, people can observe fresh green moss in the bright color.  


It is 3.6 kilometers from the sign on the National Route 36. Go opposite from the sea, and you will arrive at the parking. 


You can observe moss and river from Tarumae Bridge which is close to the parking. 

Also, you can go down to the river from a path on the left side after you cross the bridge, but since this is a natural forest, there are no stairs, and there is just a cliff. It is very slippery so be extra careful. Don’t go down when the ground is wet and don’t go down if you are wearing slippery shoes. 

When using a single-lens reflex camera, use a filter and make the river look like velvet. It will make your photo look professional. 

View and take pictures of the beautiful and refreshing art of nature. Enjoy! 

  • Visit “Tarumae Garo” in Tomakomai City to enjoy cool and refreshing scenery

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Fumiko Magota