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Release | Fumiko Magota

Pirika Rera Hotel, an auberge-like hotel in Shiraoi Town with private hot spring bath in each guest room

There are a small 6 guest rooms auberge-like hotel in Shiraoi Town faced to the Pacific Ocean. All guest rooms come with private hot spring bath, and the dinner course features Shiraoi Beef. I will introduce Pirika Rera Hotel, which is recommended for special holiday and luxurious dinner.

白老町ピリカレラホテルの外観(The picture above is provided by Pirika Rera Hotel)


The private bath tab filled with moor hot spring

The hotel is located at 40 minutes from Shin-Chitose Airport or 1hour 15 minutes from Sapporo via Hokkaido Express Way. You can spend time soaking in great quality hot spring water and relax, enjoying luxurious dinner, and just chill. Pirika Rera Hotel let you spend such time for grown-ups. It is a perfect place to shut yourself up from outside world. 

白老町のピリカレラホテルのフロント▲The lobby has a high ceiling and spacious. The shiny floor told me that they take care of cleaning the facility. 

The spacious and luxurious guest rooms have private hot spring bath which is sourced from a spring consisting of moor found underground. The smooth brownish water is poured directly into the private bath, without adding water nor heat. 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの洋室▲The Western-style guest room. There are also Japanese-Western mixed style guest rooms and all the guest rooms are 50 square meters. There is also a massage chair, too! 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの部屋の風呂▲The private bath in the guest room. The bath tub is filled with hot spring water all the time. 

白老町のピリカレラホテルのお部屋の温泉のアップ▲The hot spring water is designated as Hokkaido Heritage. The brownish spring water which sources from 1,345 meters underground may make our skin smooth! 

There are many famous springs in Shiraoi Town, but moor spring is limited. Pirika Rera Hotel and only one more day onsen facility located at the lakeside of Lake Porotoko in the neighborhood have moor spring. “Many hot spring geeks are fans of our onsen”, the manager Furumata told us. Pirika Rera Hotel lets visitors enjoy this amazing hot spring not only in guest rooms but also a private outdoor bath. How luxurious this is! 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの露天風呂▲The private outdoor bath is available for rent by the hour. Visitors sometimes can hear the sound of local trains running the railroad behind the hotel. (The picture above is provided by Pirika Rera Hotel) 

There is also original drinkable bottled water made by filtering the hotel's moor hot spring waters. The water is used for cooking at the restaurant. It was very smooth, and I felt the difference in the flavor of coffee and tea! 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの水▲The slightly alkaline water contains plenty of minerals. 

The “Teppanyaki French” style full-course dinner extracts strong points of ingredients

The dinner is a full-course French dinner featuring Shiraoi Beef. “We wanted to provide dinner which would cost 20,000 yen to 30,000 in the city side, like Sapporo, and cook in front of the customers. The owner thought like that, and thus, our restaurant is bar-style with the iron plate. We grill Shiraoi Beef, the main dish for dinner, and vegetables for breakfast, in front of the customers.” The chef Mr. Toma told us. 

He got trained at a restaurant in Tokyo; then he became an official residence cook at the Japanese embassy in Spain. He lets us taste dishes with decent “work” in it. 

He extracts bouillon and fond, cooks dressings and sauce, bakes bread, pickles salmon egg, and prepares hams… He sometimes goes out to get local vegetables by himself. 

Also, dishes are custom made by artists as much as they can. They use created dishes that suit perfectly with the air of the area and image created by the food.

白老町のピリカレラホテルのレストラン▲The restaurant is with a semicircular bar counter. The man inside the counter is Mr. Toma. 

If I introduce parts of the full-course dinner when we covered (late June), after the plate with fresh bouillon jelly with vegetables and octopus terrine, the strong flavor Foie gras confit, and followed by that, the course continued to sweet and spicy yellowtail dish. 

The climax of the course was Shiraoi Beef sirloin steak finished with honey mustard sauce. The beautiful story created by the dishes ends with a dessert, but many people would feel they do not want to finish this delicious story! 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの料理の一例▲The vegetable gelee and octopus terrine, it reminded me the early summer in Hokkaido. 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの料理の一例▲The Foie gras confit made me want a glass of red wine. 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの料理の一例▲The yellowtail mie cuit was marinated with spices came with grilled eggplant purée and shiso leaves. It was neatly cooked. 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの料理の一例▲Shiraoi Beef sirloin steak with ratatouille. The umami of fat melted in my mouth. 

白老町のピリカレラホテルの料理の一例▲You get to choose from three kinds of dessert. The one above is matcha bavarois which gives you bitter deliciousness, and black sesame dacquoise.

“It is a Teppanyaki French full-course dinner, but we try to be not heavy or greasy. We try to produce “umami” which ingredients have, such as saltiness and sweetness.” The dishes mixed carefully selected ingredients and seasonings very well tell Mr. Toma’s will put into his food. 

And for breakfast, because of grilled vegetables, bacon, homemade ikura, Kojouhama Tarako line up, we could not resist finishing all rice cooked using hot spring water with a furnace. 

白老のピリカレラホテルの朝食▲The ham in the center is also homemade. They use Yumepirika rice. 

The professional behavior of few elite hotel staffs and kind services attract visitors, too. 

Get your mind and body healed and charged at this hotel. Use this hotel for a special and delicious holiday for grown ups! 

  • Pirika Rera Hotel, an auberge-like hotel in Shiraoi Town with private hot spring bath in each guest room

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Fumiko Magota