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Release | Fumiko Magota

Enjoy “Snow Royal” from “Yukijirushi Parlor” at Shin-Chitose Airport!

You can enjoy the flavor of long-established ice cream producer “Yukijirushi Parlor”, which represents Hokkaido”, in Shin-Chitose Airport! Why don’t you stop by to enjoy “Snow Royal” or “Airport Soft Serve”? I recommend “HAPPY FLIGHT CAFE” to those of you who want to relax and “Yukijirushi Parlor Shin-Chitose Airport” for those who want to stop by a little.



Visit “HAPPY FLIGHT CAFE” if you want to relax

“HAPPY FLIGHT CAFE”, which gathers ice cream from Yukijirushi Parlor, is located in “Hello Kitty Happy Flight”, the connecting facility of domestic flights and international flights on the third floor. The interior of the cafe is all decorated with Sanrio characters! Which girl does not feel excited from those cute characters? 


The signature dish “Snow Royal” is a smooth ice cream made especially for Japanese Emperor and Empress when they visited Hokkaido to attend Hokkaido 100th anniversary event in 1968. 

They use plenty of Hokkaido produced raw milk and has a high-rate milk fat which is 15.6%. It has thick, milky flavor but it does not leave sweetness after it melted in the mouth. 
Another characteristic is its bright white color like snow in Hokkaido. The color is so white because they do not use eggs in their recipe. 


There are other photogenic menus such as “Airport Soft Serve” which comes with Sanrio character printed mug, and character parfait featuring “Snow Royal”. 

新千歳空港「雪印パーラー」限定のマグカップ▲The mug in the front is limitedly available at “HAPPY FLIGHT CAFE”. It will be provided with “Airport Soft Serve” and customers can take the mug home after finishing the ice cream. 

新千歳空港「雪印パーラー」のメニュー▲Pancake with “Snow Royal” and “Strawberry” ice cream. 

Enjoy the cute and delicious time here. 


If you have only short time, visit “Yukijirushi Parlor Shin-Chitose Airport” 

For those who spent too much time for sightseeing and shopping and have only short time to the flight, head to “Yukijirushi Parlor Shin-Chitose Airport”. The shop is located on the second floor of the domestic terminal.

「雪印パーラー 新千歳空港店」

In fact, the parlor has its own ice cream factory inside Shin-Chitose Airport. They provide “Airport Soft Serve” produced in that factory, using fresh milk and fresh cream for the ingredients. 

It tastes lighter than “Snow Royal” and I could feel the delicious flavor of milk. This soft serve is only available from Shin-Chitose Airport. 

「雪印パーラー 新千歳空港店」の「空港ソフト」▲The soft serve is available limitedly in Shin-Chitose Airport. “Airport Soft Serve” is creamy but feels very light after it melted in the mouth. 

By the way, for those of you who want to try “Snow Royal”, it is available with corn so choose this one.  

「雪印パーラー 新千歳空港店」のスノーロイヤル▲“Snow Royal” with corn. It is good because you can enjoy the ice cream in one hand. 

Those of you who want to take the flavor home with you, the shop offers packaged “Snow Royal” and 8 hours valid ice pack. They have many other Hokkaido limited products such as “Ribbon Napolin”, “Soft Katsugen”, or “Katsugen Jelly” so enjoy shopping at the store, too. 

「雪印パーラー 新千歳空港店」で買えるリボンナポリンとカツゲン

Those who wanted to visit “Yukijirushi Parlor” but could not, make your wish come true at Shin-Chitose Airport! 
  • Enjoy “Snow Royal” from “Yukijirushi Parlor” at Shin-Chitose Airport!

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Fumiko Magota