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Ribbon Napolin turned into jelly, ice cream, mochi, and more!


Ribbon-chan, well known from the drink Ribbon Napolin, celebrated her 60th anniversary in 2017. As a part of the celebration, there will be various collaboration products with Ribbon Napolin! 


Various collaboration products with Ribbon Napolin are available now in Hokkaido

The Ribbon brand character, “Ribbon-chan”, well known from Ribbon Citron or Ribbon Napolin drinks, celebrated her 60th anniversary in 2017, as introduced in the Japanese version of Hokkaido Likers. 
As a part of her 60th-anniversary celebration, there will be various collaboration products with Ribbon Napolin! 
リボンナポリンの日に乾杯▲Giving a toast with Ribbon Napolin on “The Ribbon Napolin Day”  
May 23, 1911, the day when Ribbon Napolin first started selling, is registered as “The Ribbon Napolin Day” by Japan Anniversary Association. On The Day of Ribbon Napolin this year, which was last month, the press conference for Ribbon Napolin collaboration products was held at Sapporo Factory.


Ribbon Napolin x Katsugen, caramel, jam, and ice cream! 

We have already introduced “Ribbon-chan Caramel Ribbon Napolin Flavor” (Donan Food) and “Ribbon Napolin Katsugen” (MEGMILK SNOW BRAND) in the Japanese version of Hokkaido Likers, but six more new products, the total of eight collaboration products, were introduced at the press conference.

リボンナポリンのコラボ商品▲Ribbon Napolin collaboration products. 

Again, “Ribbon-chan Caramel Ribbon Napolin Flavor” is a caramel but has the fresh flavor somewhat similar to soda which Ribbon Napolin contains. Would you like this for a casual souvenir? 

リボンちゃんキャラメルリボンナポリン味▲Ribbon-chan Caramel Ribbon Napolin Flavor

“Ribbon Napolin Katsugen” mixes sweet and sour flavor of Katsugen and fresh flavor of Ribbon Napolin, and is a fermented milk drink without soda. It is also recommended to freeze it to enjoy like sorbet and mix with Shochu alcohol for adults. 

リボンナポリンカツゲン▲Ribbon Napolin Katsugen

“Kanpy Ribbon Napolin Jam” (KATO SANGYO) is jam using blood orange juice, just like it was used in Napolin at the beginning in 1911. They used citric acid to produce the texture similar to soda, just like Ribbon Napolin. 

Kanpyリボンナポリンジャム▲Kanpy Ribbon Napolin Jam. It can be used on yogurt or also pre-seasonings for spareribs and chicken wings. 

“Ribbon Napolin Mochi” (Kokubu Hokkaido) put Ribbon Napolin flavored jelly between marshmallows and then wrapped with mochi which mixed Ribbon Napolin. 

リボンナポリンもち▲Ribbon Napolin Mochi

リボンナポリンもち断面▲When I had a bite, I felt the Ribbon Napolin flavor! 

“Ribbon Napolin Ice Cream” (Sakura Food Industry Corporation) mixed 18% of Ribbon Napolin syrup and added blood orange juice. It is already delicious by itself, but it is also recommended to float ice cream on Ribbon Napolin. 

リボンナポリンアイス▲Ribbon Napolin Ice Cream

“Napolin Sour” (Sapporo Breweries) is an alcoholic drink containing Napolin. It expresses Napolin with orange color and strong soda. When families gather, we all can enjoy Napolin: for children is Ribbon Napolin and for adults is Napolin Sour.  
ナポリンサワー▲Napolin Sour

“Love Love Sand Ribbon Napolin Flavor“ (Nichiryo Baking) put Ribbon Napolin flavored cream and milk cream between the pieces of bread. Love Love Sand is a popular food to people from Hokkaido for 33 years since it started to sell. Napolin also is a popular drink for Dosanko (Hokkaido-born people), so this is definitely a collaboration of two popular products. 
ラブラブサンドリボンナポリン風▲Love Love Sand Ribbon Napolin Flavor 

ラブラブサンドリボンナポリン風▲Love Love Sand’s bread is colored to orange. They put extra effort to find the best balance of Ribbon Napolin’s freshness and sweetness. 

“Taiyo Ippai No Napolin Jelly” (morimoto) is the limited version of popular jelly “Taiyo Ippai” series. 
“Taiyo Ippai No Napolin Jelly” was once sold limitedly in 2009 and sold 140,000 cups in three months. This time, it changed the flavor and package design totally.

太陽いっぱいのナポリンゼリー▲Taiyo Ippai No Napolin Jelly. It is also recommended to put this jelly into soda and freeze it to make the texture like sorbet.
All of the products above are limitedly sold in Hokkaido, so if you are Dosanko (Hokkaido-born people), why don’t you taste them? And those of you visit Hokkaido for vacation or business, of course, enjoy Ribbon Napolin collaboration products. Consider buying one of them as a souvenir, too! 

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  • Ribbon Napolin turned into jelly, ice cream, mochi, and more!

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