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Onuma Park at dusk, take a walk around the red-colored Lake Konuma

In Onuma Park, with multiple islands from small to big, people can enjoy walking around the lake and islands. There are multiple promenades, but the hidden gem is Lake Konuma promenade which is a walkable distance from JR Onuma-Koen Station. Especially at dusk a must-see! It is a great spot to view the sunset.

Onuma Park is one of the most famous sightseeing destinations around south-Hokkaido area such as Hakodate, and it gets many numbers of visitors throughout the year. Most of those visitors visit this area where you can get the view of Mt. Komagatake from Lake Onuma. 

大沼公園と駒ヶ岳▲Those of you who have been to Onuma Park, did you take a picture here? 

However, I am not introducing that area today. 
I will introduce the promenade in Lake Konuma, located across the railroad crossing, which is about 1-2 minutes walk from JR Onuma-Koen Station. 


The Lake Konuma promenade let you walk around the lake in a quiet environment

There are multiple branches of the promenades, but all the routes let you walk around Lake Konuma and brings you back to the starting point. Either long way or the short way, it takes about 20-30 minutes to complete the route even if you walk slowly.  

大沼公園、小沼散策路▲The promenade is easy to walk if you are wearing sneakers. There are many bugs such as mosquitos, so it is better to bring insect repellant. 

The landscape of Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma is very complicated with big and small islands and lake shores so lake turns on your left side and right side depending on where you are standing. The view from promenade changes quickly, and it is the unique point of this promenade.

大沼公園、小沼散策路▲The promenade around the lake. Some places are very close to the shore where you can touch the water surface. 

大沼公園、小沼散策路の橋▲There are many bridges to hop from island to island, another unique point of Onuma Park. It has no problem in walking, but parts of bridges are getting old so be careful not to touch. 

大沼公園、夕暮れの小沼散策路と駒ヶ岳▲There was a wooden bench at the best place to view Mt. Komagatake. 

大沼公園、小沼散策路から眺めた小沼▲In Lake Konuma, not only islands but there are also floating island with reed or young trees stretching out its root, leaving peat layer. 

If there were no one walking, some people might feel this place is deserted, but people pass by one another sometimes, so you won’t feel like that. You can fully enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the lake. 

大沼公園、夕暮れの小沼散策路の案内板▲Why don’t you take a photo here as a memorial of visiting Onuma Park? You won’t have to line up for the photo here! 

By the way, if you take a closer look at this wooden memorial, there is a whole on the top-right of the character “大”. A great spotted woodpecker made this whole to create his nest! The whole was not used as his nest actually, but it is surprising that nature is such close to where people walk around in this park. 


You should visit Lake Konuma promenade at dusk!

The promenade is beautiful in the morning and during the day also but I recommend the park at dusk! The sunset going down to the mountain over Lake Konuma and the red-colored sky and lake are amazing! 

大沼公園、夕暮れの小沼散策路▲When ground and trees around the promenade get red, it will be the best timing. 

You can view beautiful views in any place of the promenade. The best spot is where you can view Lake Konuma with sunset. There was a bench at the best place, too! 

大沼公園、夕暮れの小沼散策路のベンチ▲The bench where you can view the sunset. You cannot move if you sit down until the sun sets completely. 

大沼公園、夕暮れの小沼散策路▲There was a couple watching the sunset. I should not get near them… I decided to view the sunset at a place away from them. 

大沼公園、夕暮れの小沼散策路▲The sun won’t set on the lake, but the sun setting on mountains is beautiful, too! 

After you finish viewing the sunset, you should leave the promenade. It takes about 15 minutes by foot from the best view spot for the sunset to the station. You don’t have to hurry, but there are no streetlights, of course, so you should leave the promenade before it gets completely dark. 

大沼公園、夕暮れの小沼散策路▲When it starts to get dark, it will become hard to see the ground with bumps, so be careful when you walk back. 

You should take time for this promenade if you wish to enjoy the sunset fully, but you can enjoy this beautiful scenery in just 30 minutes in total from leaving the station and getting back. Not only when you visit Onuma Park, but it is also perfect to stop by for a while when you are taking a road trip by car or train. 
Walking around Lake Konuma at dusk is a scenic hidden gem.
  • Onuma Park at dusk, take a walk around the red-colored Lake Konuma