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“Sapporo Lilac Festival 2017”, enjoy the Hokkaido wine and food


“Sapporo Lilac Festival” in 2017 is held from May 17th to 28th. 
This is the photo report of the venue with beautiful lilac flowers, the tree of Sapporo City, in full bloom and people enjoying Hokkaido wine and food. On 27th and 28th, Kawashita Park with 200 kinds of lilacs was also the venue.


Approximately 100 kinds of wine gather at “Wine Garden 2017 Lila Mariage”, it was the largest number ever!

Odori Park 7-Chome site is the venue with the theme “mariage” of carefully selected Hokkaido wine and food. People can enjoy various wines at 500 yen or 800 yen per glass, but they can also purchase a bottle (except particular labels). Rent a glass by 500 yen to start! (The 500 yen for a glass will be returned when you return the glass)

北海道ワインが並ぶ「ワインバル北海道」▲“Wine Bar Hokkaido”, the booth on the west side, requires a ticket. A ticket can be purchased at the venue directly or Seven-Eleven in advance. 

「ワインガーデン2017 リラ マリアージュ」ブース▲Food strolls which pair well with wine such as oyster, meat, asparagus, etc., gather around the venue. 

鉄板焼バル・立呑みバル▲In 2017, Teppanyaki Bar and Standing Bar appeared for the first time, so I selected a teppanyaki menu to pair with a glass of red wine. 

さっぽろライラックまつりの北海道産ワインとフードメニュー▲The picture above is “wagyu & brand pork hamburg” and “Camembert cheese grilled with brandy”. If you can’t decide from the various menu, I recommend choosing the shop’s choice (500 yen or 800 yen). 

「ビストロ北海道」ブースのメニュー▲Various attractive Hokkaido menu from the “Bistro Hokkaido” stroll. 

北海道のチーズ工房ブース▲You can also enjoy different cheese from factories all around Hokkaido. 

「ソムリエテーブル」▲If you don’t know what wine to drink, visit “Sommelier Table”! Sommeliers will choose wine according to your preferences. 

ワインガーデンのテントやスタンディング席▲Not only the sheets under the tent but there are also standing tables. The venue had an atmosphere to stop casually after work. 

夜のワインガーデン▲The number of people stops after work increases after 5:00 PM. The atmosphere at night is also beautiful! 

During the festival, wine producers gather and event to hear their stories will be held, too. Refer to the pamphlet at the venue or official website for the details of “Wine Garden 2017 Lila Mariage” and wine list.


Not only wines, but there are also lilac tour and participating events

At Odori Park 6-Chome Site, there are international cuisines strolls using Hokkaido ingredients, vegetables and flower selling area by farmers in the neighborhood, and a stage which Lilac Music Festival (weekends) is held. 

「さっぽろライラックまつり」大通公園6丁目会場▲The venue felt very nice with shades of trees. 

“Kawashita Park” in Shiraishi-Ku will be another venue of Sapporo Lilac Festival on May 27th and 28th. There is a guided tour (there is a capacity) to explore approximately 200 kinds lilac forest, and lilac young plant giveaway, and various workshops. 

「さっぽろライラックまつり」川下会場▲People can enjoy different colors of lilac such as white, purple, and pink. 

Visitors can participate in a lottery for the chance to win the ticket of wine garden, if they download Sapporo Tourist Association Official smartphone application “Sapporo Gourmet Coupon”, and participate in the quiz at Odori Park venue or Kawashita venue. 

春満喫スマホdeお散歩ラリー▲Download “Sapporo Gourmet Coupon” application from here.


The first sponsored events are held at Odori Park 11-Chome Park!

The event to vitalize the local community “Odori Nishi Atari” will be held at Odori Park 11-Chome from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM on May 27th and 28th. There are also food strolls to sell cafe menu and vegetables, outdoor activity experience area such as bouldering and slackline, and stage events. If you have a chance to visit Odori Park 7-Chome Site “Wine Garden”, you should walk four or five minutes and visit this site, too. 

▲There will be Zangi (Hokkaido style fried chicken) from the famous Chinese Restaurant Hotei, too!
*The photo is all for an image. 

Sapporo finally ended the long winter and awaited season to have outdoor events is here! “Sapporo Lilac Festival”, the icon of early summer celebrates its 59th anniversary in 2017. Enjoy the nice aroma of lilac flowers, too! 


59th Sapporo Lilac Festival

- Official Website

● Date
- Odori Site 2017 May 17 - 28
- Kawashita Site 2017 May 27 - 28
● Venue
- Odori Site: Odori Park Nishi 5-Chome (until May 21) - 7-Chome
- Kawashita Site: 2651 Kawashita, Shiraishi-ku, Sapporo City
  • “Sapporo Lilac Festival 2017”, enjoy the Hokkaido wine and food

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Eri Makino