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Release | Chiaki Uzurahashi

Visit reopened “PIA 21 Shihoro”, Tokachi Region Shihoro Town’s roadside station


Approximately 30 kilometers north from the center of Tokachi Region, Obihiro City. “PIA 21 Shihoro”, Shihoro Town’s roadside station (Michi No Eki), moved to the corner of the intersection of National Route 241 and 274 and reopened in April. The roadside station has multiple food attractions of Shihoro, the town of farming!


A tourist spot to feel “local”

Shihoro Town is known for farming, dairy farming, and animal husbandry. The new roadside station’s concept is “the transmission center about farming and food”. The facility is aimed to be a place which is fun for tourists and relaxing for residents. 

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろの牛舎モチーフの外観▲The facility is located in the middle of the rural landscape. 

The building has a unique roof like a cattle barn. Inside is spacious with high ceilings and has a warm atmosphere with wooden materials. Visitors can gather tourist information, and the outside restroom can be used 24 hours. 

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろの道産カラマツを使った天井の木組み▲They use Japanese larch produced in Hokkaido. 

The facility has a shop, cafe, and a restaurant. Visitors can enjoy dishes using local vegetables such as potatoes and local beef “Shihoro Beef” and buy perfect gifts. 


Visitors can taste and buy the treasure of food “Shihoro”

We found various products at the shop “PIA21SHOP”; the popular chips (Shihoro is famous as a producer of potatoes) “Chips which resolves to producers” and Yamagishi Farm Sakura Studio’s yogurt, cheese from Oki Farm, and Kikuya Ryokan’s smoked products. They also sell products made by Shihoro High School students and vegetables produced by farmers in the neighborhood.

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろで買えるヨーグルトやポテトチップスなど▲Sakura Studio’s yogurt uses 100% raw milk. Chips often sell out pretty quick! 

Also, the take-out “Shihoro Beef Curry Stick” started to be available as a new product. It wraps rice and curry with beef, then deep-fried. The food is so popular that the number is limited every day. 
There are a free space and kids space at the back of the shop. There was a panel to introduce Shihoro Town’s sightseeing spots and attractions with 50 Japanese characters. This was a fun panel for adults, too. 

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろのキッズコーナー▲“Shihoro Aiue-Odekake Hyo” (Shihoro sightseeing attractions table) is made by Shihoro Town Hall together with editorial and design team “Team Yamyam” in Tokachi. 

“CAFE KANICH” offers 100% Shihoro Beef hamburger, pizza, and high-quality coffee. 


The cafe’s name came from the late Kanichi Ota, who conceptualized farm village utopia, built the base of farming in Shihoro, dedicated his life to the development of farming in Tokachi Region including Shihoro Town, and became the honorary president of JA Shihoro Town. People wanted to follow his will and make visitors learn about the history of the town. 
“Shihoro Style French Fries” is especially recommended. This is the dish made with a joint development with a local company. The outside is crunchy and inside is fluffy. I could not stop eating! 

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろのカフェのピザとポテト▲“Shihoro Pizza Set” (1,200 yen) is the set of Shihoro Margarita, Shihoro Style French Fries, and a drink. They can also be purchased separately. 

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろのカフェのパクチープリンやコーヒーゼリーなど▲There are also desserts such as coriander coconut pudding, Kanichi Coffee Jelly using cold-brew coffee. The portrait on the menu board is Kanichi Ota. The portrait drawn by a local junior high school student became the base of their brand logo. The portrait is on the package of biscotti (on the bottom-left in the picture above), too! 


“Nijiiro Shokudo” offers different Shihoro Beef dishes

At “Nijiiro Shokudo”, they buy a whole cattle to use on the dishes! Shihoro Beef is bred with male Holstein for meat purpose. We can enjoy the flavor of the lean meat. 

Shihoro beef dishes such as steak and hamburg served on an iron scoop instead of an iron plate were popular since the previous roadside station. Dishes are various, such as Shihoro Beef rice bowl, Shihoro Beef curry, roast beef rice bowl, coriander rice bowl, noodles, etc. All items sound delicious. 

士幌町道の駅ピア21しほろのにじいろ食堂の剣先スコップ皿のしほろ牛ステーキ▲“Scoop steak” (2,700 yen including rice, salad, and soup). Sapporo Classic Beer (middle sized bottle) sold at the cafe can be brought to the restaurant. Why don’t you have some beer with delicious steak if you are not driving? 

The name of this diner came from National Road 241 which connects Tokachi and eastern Hokkaido. “Ni” stands for the number 2, “Ji” for 4, “I” for 1, and “Ro” for “Doro” which means road in Japanese. The name was selected from 81 ideas applied to the public contributions.

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろのにじいろ食堂店内▲Nijiiro Shokudo has 50 seats including tatami area. Buy a ticket at the ticket machine and wait for the dish at the table. (The photo is provided by Shihoro Town Hall Industry Promotion Section) 

Ryuichi Hotta and Yuki Hotta applied for the public contributions to operate the restaurants and shops. They are the owner of “Muso Farm”, and grow coriander, chicory, etc. 

士幌町の道の駅ピア21しほろ飲食施設運営会社の女性社長堀田さん▲Yuki Hotta, the president of atLOCAL, Inc. 

The cafe and the restaurant in the roadside station are operated by atLOCAL Inc., which Mrs. Hotta is the president. “As a farmer and a resident of Shihoro Town, I wanted to contribute to this roadside station together with residents in the area. I want visitors to feel farms close to themselves through this roadside station, which has full of attractions of Shihoro Town.” Mrs. Hotta told us. 
Why don’t you stop by Shihoro roadside station to take a rest, to have some snack, or to shop souvenirs when you visit Shihoro Town, Tokachi region, or eastern Hokkaido? 


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