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Release | Fumiko Magota

Enjoy Hokkaido sweets and beer in the center of Sapporo at “Yukijirushi Parlor” flagship store

5 minutes walk from JR Sapporo Station. I visited the long-established cafe “Yukijirushi Parlor” flagship store which just moved to the new place in April. This is a valuable place for tourists because the cafe lets us enjoy both famous Hokkaido sweets and Sapporo Classic Beer.


The pure-white ice cream like snow, “Snow Royal”

“Yukijirushi Parlor” flagship store spent 56 years since the establishment in the same building. However, the building was going to be demolished due to deterioration, so they moved to the new building in April.

The new building is one block southwest from the old shop and located in the center of office districts which is easy access from Sapporo Station and Metro Odori Station. There are a cafe and a souvenir shop together on the single floor. 

札幌の雪印パーラーの入り口▲The first floor of the building. There are many delicious-looking food samples in the showcase, and I noticed many people stop here to take a look at the samples. 

The menu has not changed from the previous cafe almost at all. 

The most popular dish has not changed as well. That is “Snow Royal” ice cream, which people can only taste at “Yukijirushi Parlor” shops. 

“Snow Royal” was a specially made ice cream for Japanese Emperor and Empress when they visited Hokkaido to attend Hokkaido 100th anniversary event in 1968. 

The recipe took two years of experiments. The ice cream is actually simple, using raw milk produced in Hokkaido and high-rate milk fat which is 15.6%. 

This ice cream is surely a masterpiece; thick, milky, smooth, but very light after it melted in the mouth. 

Also, because the recipe does not use eggs, the ice cream has a pure white color like fresh snow in Hokkaido. It pairs really well with cold-brew coffee using natural spring water from Taisetsusan Mountains.

札幌の雪印パーラーのスノーロイヤルとコーヒー▲“Snow Royal and cold-brew coffee set”. The white dish with golden frame provides nostalgic atmosphere. 


There are many kinds of parfaits

There are over 30 kinds of parfaits on their menu, such as, “parfait using jelly or pudding”, “parfaits particular about ingredients produced in Hokkaido”, and seasonal specialties. 


All of them lets visitors enjoy Yukijirushi Parlor’s vaunted whipped cream and ice cream. 

Many Japanese people who come here as school trips have probably tried this before; the iconic giant parfait, is also still on the menu. They have three sizes; for 2-4 people, 5-7 people, and 8-10 people. 

Their last order is 8:30 at night, so people live in Sapporo, visit here after work or early parfait after drinking! 

札幌の雪印パーラーのいちごパフェ▲“Satohoro Strawberry Parfait” uses fresh “Satohoro” strawberries which are limited only in Sapporo, and fruity sauce. 

札幌の雪印パーラーのティラミスパフェ▲“Fresh Cream Chocolate Tiramisu Parfait” uses mascarpone cheese produced in Hokkaido, and has a bitter flavor. 


Yukijirushi Parlor also offers Sapporo Classic Beer!

For those of you who prefer a beer more than ice cream, you should be relieved! Yukijirushi Parlor also has Sapporo Classic Beer, so if your group has both sweet tooth and beer lovers, this place can satisfy both needs!  

They also offer light meals such as gratin, napolitan pasta, and omu rice, but the popular dish to pair with beer is french fries with Yukijirushi butter and pizza using Yukijirushi creamy cheese. 

札幌の雪印パーラーのサッポロクラシックとピザ▲“Sapporo Classic Beer”, “Margherita Pizza” with fresh tomato sauce flavor, and “Hokkaido French Fries”. 

The interior is very sophisticated with white and brown colors. 

Enjoy the Hokkaido’s iconic Yukijirushi sweets and Sapporo Beer at this cafe. 

札幌の雪印パーラーの内観▲The spacious area does not bother huge bags and suitcases. 

札幌の雪印パーラーの売店で売っているスノーロイヤル▲“Snow Royal” ice creams are sold at the souvenir shops, so get some for souvenirs, too. 
  • Enjoy Hokkaido sweets and beer in the center of Sapporo at “Yukijirushi Parlor” flagship store

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Fumiko Magota