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Release | Akiko Miyanaga

“Flyers” in Shin-Chitose Airport sells various “AIRDO”, Wing of Hokkaido, related products

Did you know that there is an aircraft related goods specialized shop in the entrance of Hokkaido, Shin-Chitose Airport? They have aircraft models, domestic and international airline goods or toys, and, AIRDO related products. This is the only shop where people can purchase AIRDO related products in Shi-Chitose Airport. Let’s find the popular AIRDO, Wing of Hokkaido, related products I found at AMUSEUM SHOP “Flyers”, in the order of sales. 


Aircraft lovers’ must-visit place! The specialty shop with various related products

AMUSEUM SHOP “Flyers” is located on the 4th floor of the domestic terminal building and the only aircraft specialized shop in Shin-Chitose Airport. The shop sells not only aircraft models of different airline companies, but also domestic and international airline-related products, and toys, which means children and adults both can enjoy shopping here. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」▲AMUSEUM SHOP “Flyers” located on the 4th floor of Shin-Chitose Airport domestic terminal building. (The photo is provided by AMUSEUM SHOP “Flyers”)

In this shop, you can find various “AIRDO”, Wing of Hokkaido, related products. Visitors to here come to look for souvenirs, of course, but visitors include those who missed purchasing AIRDO products in the airplane, and also AIRDO products collectors. There are AIRDO official Flyers only products, so popular products in this shop are mostly AIRDO related products. 

The top five sellers among “AIRDO” products! 

I will introduce “The top five sellers among “AIRDO” products I asked to “Flyers” today. 
The manager Murakami told me the top fives. 
The no.5 is this one!
“AIRDO Pukupuku Sticker” and “AIRDO Flight Tag” are the same rate at no.5.

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」の「AIRDOぷくぷくシール」と「AIRDOフライトタグ」▲“AIRDO Pukupuku Sticker (left)” and “AIRDO Flight Tag (right)”. Both are often purchased for presents. 

The Pukupuku Sticker is thicker comparing to normal stickers and has the soft texture. This is a perfect gift for children, but it also can be for yourself, such as using it in a letter or diary. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDO「AIRDOぷくぷくシール」▲AIRDO official Flyers original product “AIRDO Pukupuku Sticker” is 540 yen (including tax). The thick texture can be noticed when seeing from the bottom (right).
On the surface of “AIRDO Flight Tag”, the message “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” and the illustration of BEARDO is printed. On the back, there is the illustration of an airplane. If you put this in your bag, you can be with cute BEARDO all the time. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOフライトタグ▲AIRDO official Flyers original product “AIRDO Flight Tag” 864 yen (including tax).  
The no.4 is “AIRDO Index Clip”. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOインデックスクリップ▲AIRDO official Flyers original product “AIRDO Index Clip”. There are two kinds of packages: the one BEARDO holding yellow pencil (left) and blue pencil (right).  

The clip is made with ecological fiber paper. The clip can be used to clip papers or as a bookmark of books or notebooks. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOインデックスクリップ▲The box has 9 clips and is 756 yen (including tax). 
The no.3 is “BEARDO Stuffed Bear”
This is cute and popular AIRDO’s mascot character BEARDO Stuffed Bear. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOベアドゥのぬいぐるみを持つ村上店長▲The manager Murakami and “BEARDO Stuffed Bear”. There are four sizes: S (1,080 yen), M (1,620 yen), L (3,240 yen), and LL (16,200 yen).
新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOグッズ▲There is the “AIRDO” logo on the back of the left foot. 

The no.2 is AIRDO Tote Bags!

新千歳空港「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOグッズ。AIRDOデニムトートバッグ(左)とAIRDOミニトート(ベア・ドゥと雲)(右)を持つ村上店長▲“AIRDO Denim Tote Bag (left)” and “AIRDO Mini Tote Bag (BEARDO and cloud) (right)”

AIRDO Denim Tote Bag (left) is made with popular denim material and has got the unique texture. AIRDO Mini Tote Bag (BEARDO and cloud) (right) is the perfect size to put bento boxes! 

The delicious product is no.1

Finally, the no.1 product is…
the long-seller “AIRDO HOKKAIDO SOUP SET Onion, burdock, potato & butter”. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOスープセット▲“AIRDO HOKKAIDO SOUP SET Onion, burdock, potato & butter” 1,080 yen (including tax). The onion flavor is served in the airplanes. 

This is the set of instant soups containing strong umami flavor of Hokkaido vegetables.
The three flavors let us feel the rich resource of nature in Hokkaido; “onion” flavor uses onions from Kitami, the no.1 producer of onions in Hokkaido, “burdock” has unique aroma and flavor with lots of fiber, and “potato & butter” flavor with rich butter flavor and thick texture. 

AIRDO HOKKAIDO SOUP SET たまねぎ・ごぼう・じゃがバター▲The box has “onion” 5g×12sticks, “burdock” 5g×10sticks, and “potato & butter”6.5g×10sticks. 

Not only as instant soup with hot water but also recommended as ingredients to cook risotto or pasta.  
I introduced the top 5 popular products in Flyers, how was it? 


The extremely rare 1/100 model of aircraft!

Let me introduce rare products, too!
“AIRDO B767-300 BEARDO Hokkaido JET [JA602A] 1/100” is specially painted AIRDO aircraft with motifs of four seasons in Hokkaido. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」の「AIRDO B767-300 ベア・ドゥ北海道JET [JA602A] 1/100」▲“AIRDO B767-300 BEARDO Hokkaido JET [JA602A] 1/100” 129,600 yen (including tax). 

This is the 1/100 size of the real aircraft!
The last one (as of April 28, 2017) is on sale right now. The model is not planned to restock, so those who are interested, hurry to Flyers! 
There is also the more price-friendly 1/200 model. This is also a limited product.

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」の「AIRDO B767-300 ベア・ドゥ北海道JET [JA602A] 1/200」▲“AIRDO B767-300 BEARDO Hokkaido JET [JA602A] 1/200” 6,480 yen (including tax)
Also, for small children, safe “Vinyl Airplane” is available, too. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」の「ベア・ドゥ北海道JETビニールプレーン」▲“BEARDO Hokkaido JET Vinyl Airplane” 1,080 yen (including tax) is 50 centimeters.

There are many cute BEARDO products

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」のAIRDOステーショナリー▲Various stationeries such as pen and index notes. 

Other than the products I’ve introduced already, there are various stationeries that allow us to be with BEARDO all the time; for work or travel. 

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」の「ボールペン(左)」や「クリアファイル(右)」▲“Pen (left)” and “Folder (right)”. (The photo is provided by AMUSEUM SHOP “Flyers”)

新千歳空港にあるアミュージアムショップ「フライヤーズ」の「ガーゼハンカチ(左)」や「缶キャンディ(右)」▲“Gauze Handkerchief (left)” (The photo is provided by AMUSEUM SHOP “Flyers”) and “Candies in a Can (right)”. 

There are lots of new original products that are limited in Flyers always, so collectors check the latest information via Facebook and visit the shop. 
There are so many cute BEARDO, AIRDO’s mascot character, related products in Flyers. If you feel you want something, visit AMUSEUM SHOP “Flyers” located on the 4th floor of Shin-Chitose Airport domestic terminal building! Why don’t you take a look at one of the products as a memory of your trip to Hokkaido? 
  • “Flyers” in Shin-Chitose Airport sells various “AIRDO”, Wing of Hokkaido, related products