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Release | Fukiko Gyoten

“Miniature Red Bricks” is small but has realistic ceramic textures!

Ebetsu City, located next to Sapporo, has been flourished with ceramic industry and produces red bricks, clay pipe, etc., from a long time ago. 
There are still three red brick factories in the city and is one of the greatest producers of red bricks in Japan. Ebetsu City is known as “The city of ceramics”, and multiple red brick buildings exist. The warm texture of red brick color the city full of greenery. 

野幌駅前のれんがモニュメント▲There is a panel and monument which describe the history of ceramic industry in front of Nopporo Station. 

Did you know that “red bricks”, which is one of the historical industry in Hokkaido, is sold as a cute souvenir? That is “Miniature Red Bricks”. It is produced to make people get close to local industry casually. The small red bricks, one-tenth of the real size, is as small as adults can put on their forefinger. It contains about 100 bricks in a box and comes with a handwork guide book.

ミニチュアれんがの画像▲“Miniature Red Bricks” is made in the one-tenth size of real bricks. It looks cute but expresses characteristics of red bricks properly. 


Experience the realistic red brick texture which makes people creative!

“Miniature Red Bricks” has the real shape and texture of red bricks, so it is used to teach local history and local industry. It is also used as materials for art workshops, too. 
In “Art Village Festival 2016 at EBRI”, a workshop to make an imaginary red brick town using Miniature Red Bricks was held. Children made unique pieces to put in the red brick town. 

「アートヴィレッジフェス2016 at EBRI」ワークショップ前の様子▲Only materials and samples are provided to start making the red brick town. What kind of town did they make?

「アートヴィレッジフェス2016 at EBRI」ワークショップ後の様子▲Unique red brick buildings had made by pasting, coloring, stacking, and aligning the bricks. The station with a chimney looks nice. 
Miniature Red Bricks are small and light, so it is easy to use for children, too. They stick together with bonds. People can color it with paints and write characters with a pen. This is the best material for handworks. 
When I try to play with it, not only I became attached to red bricks but also realized the difficulty in stacking them. The real red bricks are bigger than an adult’s hands and heavy. If you think about how much work and time put into a single building, trouble that artisans in the past had, you should realize how precious the red brick buildings you had seen every day.  

ミニチュアれんが工作の様子▲I experienced making something with Miniature Red Bricks! Adults were enthusiastic to make something better than children. Their creativities is tested. 

ミニチュアれんが作品▲After making few things, we realized the most fun part of red bricks is stacking them! So by seeing the sample, we tried to stack in English Style (right) and French Style (left). We realized not only the difference in the look but also the number of red bricks. 

“Miniature Red Bricks” are sold at the shop in Ebetsu City Town Hall, ËBRI (Ebetsu Antenna Shop GET’S), and Ebetsu City River Disaster Prevention Station (Ebetsu local products area).
Ebetsu’s ceramic industry and red bricks supported the infrastructure of Hokkaido. Why don’t you try making models of famous buildings in Hokkaido using “Miniature Red Bricks”?


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  • “Miniature Red Bricks” is small but has realistic ceramic textures!

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