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Hokkaido Shinkansen watching at the Seikan tunnel portal in Shiriuchi-cho


The Hokkaido side of Seikan tunnel portal is near “Michi No Eki Shiriuchi” in Shiriuchi Town. There is a photo spot at near the area to get the distant view of tunnel portal, where people can take pictures of Hokkaido Shinkansen.


The easily accessible photo spot

The photo spot to take a picture of Seikan tunnel portal is along the National Route 228, which is the southernmost road in Hokkaido, and easily accessible. Everyone can stop by their car or motorcycles casually.

知内町の青函トンネル出入口案内板▲There a sign along the National Route. 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口案内板▲There is also a huge sign of the photo spot. 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口駐車場▲And also a parking space where few cars can be parked. 

There are no bathrooms or shops around the spot, but it is about one kilometer from Michi No Eki (Roadside station) Shiriuchi, so you can go there if you are in a rush. It is also possible to quickly go to Michi No Eki while you wait for the train and come back. Use the bathroom, get some drinks or snacks at Michi No Eki, and wait for the train. 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口時刻表▲This is very useful! The sign is the timetable of trains which pass the area. See this timetable to plan when to prepare your cameras. (The timetable on the picture is 2016 March version)


There is also a platform at the photo spot!

You can not only take pictures from the roadside at this photo spot but also from the platform which is made by the local sightseeing association. 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口小さなお立ち台▲You can take pictures of Seikan tunnel portal from a high angle when you stand on the platform and put your camera on the pole. 

Is this the only platform in this area? The parking space fits few cars. Does this place allow only one person to take pictures from the platform? 
Don’t worry. There is also a large platform with the firm floor. 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口のお立ち台▲The platform to get the view of Seikan tunnel portal. The platform has a roof, so it avoids sunlight, and it also covers light rain. 

We could not get the good sight of Seikan tunnel portal from the National Route and parking because of trees, but the platform gives a very clear sight! 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口お立ち台▲There is also a bench on the platform! We can wait for a long time for the train to come. 

There are about 700 to 800 meters to the tunnel from here so if you want a close picture, you will need a zoom lens. However, the characteristic of this photo spot is that because it has some distance, we can get the picture of Hokkaido Shinkansen with the sceneries around.
If the photo spot was too close to the tunnel, Shinkansen passes instantly, but from here, you can enjoy Hokkaido Shinkansen running in the forests and getting into the tunnel or getting out of the tunnel without haste. 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口▲Hokkaido Shinkansen running to the Seikan Tunnel which is on the right in this picture.


Seikan Tunnel marked a turning point in 2016

Seikan Tunnel, which is 53.85 kilometers long, opened in 1988. It was the world’s longest train tunnel for a long time, but Gotthard Base Tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland opened in 2016 is 57 kilometers, so now it is not the world’s longest train tunnel now. 

By coincidence, express trains Hokutosei and Hakucho which went through Seikan Tunnel terminated operating in 2016. Now, people can enjoy Hokkaido Shinkansen and freight trains go through the tunnel. 

知内町の青函トンネル出入口▲Many people gathered to welcome the first Shinkansen around Seikan Tunnel portal on March 26, 2016, which is the opening day of Hokkaido Shinkansen. (The picture is provided by Tomohiro Yano)

Shinkansen started to go through the tunnel after a quarter of a century from the Seikan Tunnel’s opening. The entrance to Hokkaido welcomes everyone to visit and see the train. Why don’t you stop by this photo spot when you are driving the southernmost area of Hokkaido? 
  • Hokkaido Shinkansen watching at the Seikan tunnel portal in Shiriuchi-cho