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The Premium Tour in Sapporo Beer Museum is a must-have experience!

Sapporo Beer Museum in Sapporo is a famous destination to learn the history of beer in Japan. However, did you know that there is “Premium Tour”? With the Premium Tour, 500 yen per person, you can get various privileges and learn about the history of beer in Japan more deeply. I participated in the tour, so let’s take a look how the tour is like.

The entrance of Sapporo Beer Museum▲Let’s go! 

How to book the tour?

You can book the tour in advance from Sapporo Beer’s website or by phone until three days before. They also accept walk-in visitors at the museum. 
When you enter the museum, turn left and find this Premium Tour counter.

The Premium Tour registration counter.▲The Premium Tour registration counter.

The tour leaves in every thirty minutes, and each tour’s maximum capacity is 20 guests. So If you need to be on tour at the specific time, it is recommended to book ahead.

The timetable of Premium Tour in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The tour leaves in every thirty minutes


Until the tour begins

The tour is about 50 minutes, so if you have luggage, etc., it is better to use this coin locker. You will need a 100 yen coin, but it will return after use.

The coin locker in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The coin locker

Get the pamphlet and go up the elevator to the third floor!▲Get the pamphlet and go up the elevator to the third floor!

When you get off the elevator, turn right and look for the sign “Premium Tour”. Wait at the waiting room until the tour starts. In the waiting room, you can enjoy the slideshow of the pictures of Hokkaido in the past, when Kaitakushi (Frontier) was developing the land. 

The Premium Tour waiting room in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The waiting room has plenty of sofas.


The Premium Tour starts with the video at Premium Theater

When the time is right, the guide, brand communicator, starts explaining. 

The guide of Premium Tour in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The tour starts

At the Premium Theater, you will be amazed at this size of the screen. Entering and walking around the museum is basically free of charge, but watching the 10 minutes video at this Premium Theater is one of the privileges for the participants of the Premium Tour. 

The Premium Theater▲The Premium Theater

You will get to watch one video with English subtitles from the two kinds. The video will be played randomly so visit again if you wish to watch the other one! 
And at the end of the video, there is a surprise. Participate in the Premium Tour to witness the surprise at the end! 


Brand communicators will show the exhibitions 

After the video, the brand communicator guides you to the exhibitions. She first showed us the huge wort pan. She explained that this is the only wort pan made of copper left in Japan. It is surprising that the pot was actually in use until 2003. The pot is huge that 240,000 Kuro Label Beer can fit, which means it will need 600 years for a person to finish everything! 

The huge wort pan in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The huge wort pan.

Then she moved to the exhibition area and explained us about few panels which she picked up. 

The brand communicator explains about each panel▲The brand communicator explains about each panel

The brand communicator speaks in Japanese, but you can get the translated version of the descriptions on the right pocket of each panel. 

Find the translated description from the right pocket▲Find the translated description from the right pocket.

The English description about the panel in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The English description about the panel.

Hop samples at Sapporo Beer Museum▲We could smell hops!

The brand communicator told us that the ad gallery is very popular. It was very interesting to see beer advertisements in the past and illustrations were beautiful. 

Sapporo Ad Gallery in Sapporo Beer Museum▲Sapporo Ad Gallery


The tour ends with beer sampling at Star Hall!

After listening to the explanations, go back to the 1st floor to enjoy the delicious beer! “Star Hall” is the place where you can enjoy beer delivered directly from Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Brewery and Sapporo KAITAKUSHI Brewery. 

The staffs will pour fresh draft beer at Star Hall in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The staffs will pour fresh draft beer

The tour comes with samplings of two glasses of draft beer: Sapporo Beer’s flagship product Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label and Fukkoku Sapporo-Sei beer. Fukkoku Sapporo-Sei Beer is brewed by strictly following the original recipe in the company’s inauguration days and available only for the Premium Tour participants. Which means, people will not be able to taste this beer without participating in this Premium Tour!

Fukkoku Sapporo-Sei Beer (left) and Sapporo Black Label (right) in Sapporo Beer Museum▲Fukkoku Sapporo-Sei Beer (left) and Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label (right)

The tasting also comes with a bag of small snack. For those who do not drink beer, they have a non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks. 

Cheers, Kanpai~! ▲Cheers, Kanpai~! 

The two beers tasted totally different. I felt Fukkoku Sapporo-Sei Beer is stronger and sharper, and Black Label milder. Visit the museum to taste the difference! 

After a while, the brand communicator performed “Sando-Tsugi”, meaning “pouring three times”. This method to pour the beer is thought to make the taste of canned beer more delicious. 

The brand communicator performing “Sando-Tsugi”. ▲The brand communicator performing “Sando-Tsugi”. 

She poured the beer three times, each in different ways. The froth on beer became very fluffy that it did not collapse even when she shook the glass.

The beer which poured by “Sando-Tsugi” method has fluffy froth on beer.▲The beer which poured by “Sando-Tsugi” method has fluffy froth on beer.

She let us taste the beer directly from the can and poured the beer with “Sando-Tsugi” method. I could taste the clear difference: the one with Sando-Tsugi method was milder and had the rich aroma. However, the beer from the can had the sharp taste, and it was also good, too. The brand communicator told us to enjoy upon your preferences.

The tour ends here, but you can still enjoy different beers by purchasing extra tickets at the vending machine.

The beer ticket vending machine in Sapporo Beer Museum▲You can also enjoy Sapporo Classic (offered only in Hokkaido), and KAITAKUSHI Beer Pilsner. They also offer triple brand set for taste comparison for ¥600.

Star Hall in Sapporo Beer Museum▲Star Hall is a cozy environment where you can enjoy talking with your friends and families while enjoying delicious beer.

There is also a museum shop where you can shop Sapporo Beer goods, Sapporo Beer produced drinks, etc. Why don’t you get something here to remember the great tour?

The museum shop in Sapporo Beer Museum▲The museum shop

Products from the Museum Shop in Sapporo Beer Museum▲There were various products. Find your favorite one!

The tour was all in Japanese, but you can still learn a lot, and it comes with two glasses of beer, and one is limited to the participants of Premium Tour. This tour is totally worth participating when you visit Sapporo Beer Museum! 
  • The Premium Tour in Sapporo Beer Museum is a must-have experience!