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Release | Fumiko Magota

“Handmade ham and sausage Wurst Yoshida” has delicious local shiitake mushroom sausages!

1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Sapporo. The popular product from “Handmade ham and sausage Wurst Yoshida” is the rich flavored sausage using local shiitake mushrooms! I will deliver information about delicious foods in this article!


Handmade products following German traditions

All the products sold at this shop; ham, sausage, salami, pâté, are made in the kitchen at the back of the store. 



There are always 20 to 25 kinds sold at the shop. 

Surprisingly, there are five products awarded gold medals from “IFFA 2016”, the authoritative international contest run by German Meat Association once in three years. There are more. Four products are awarded silver medals and bronze medals. 


The manager Tomohiro Yoshida learned the basics of creating products from a famous artisan in Shizuoka. “I use Hokkaido pork, which I dress by myself, combine lean meat and white meat and water well to emulsify. I follow the traditional recipe. “ 


He smokes sausages with the smoking oven built by stacking red bricks. The tips he burns is timber offcuts given by his friend, a fruit garden owner. 

“If the aroma of smoke is too strong, it won’t match with food. I try to stop smoking when the smoke and color got on, and the surface becomes firm so that I can leave the flavor of the meat.” Yoshida says. 

新十津川町のヴルストよしだのソーセージ▲Muenchner Wurst, “IFFA 2016” gold medal winner, is in the center of this picture. It had a delicate flavor with the slight scent of lemon. In the fluffy texture, pork skin’s collagen is mixed, and I could feel the crisp texture. 


Add the taste of northern land Hokkaido

The product gaining attention, because of the uniqueness from adding the taste of Hokkaido, is sausage with Shintotsukawa produced shiitake mushrooms. 

When I had a bite, the texture felt so smooth. The texture of chopped shiitake mushrooms felt so nice and rich aroma was left in my mouth for a period. 

新十津川町のヴルストよしだの新十津川産しいたけソーセージ▲Shintosukawa produced shiitake mushroom sausage. 

新十津川町のシイタケ▲It was in middle of preparing shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake is used after it’s dried, frozen, boiled, rehydrated, and squeezed. 

Also, “Ezo deer jelly” is Ezo deer version of corned beef. The lean meat is salted down after removing fat. This fiber-like texture had plenty of delicious juice as I chewed. 

新十津川町ヴルストよしだのエゾシカジェリー▲Ezo deer jelly

Enjoy unique tastes created with German traditional technique and taste of local with your meal and drink. 
  • “Handmade ham and sausage Wurst Yoshida” has delicious local shiitake mushroom sausages!

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Fumiko Magota